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15 Sustainable Pet Products & Ideas for Zero Waste Pet Care

As pet owners, we love spoiling our furry companions and can make a big difference when choosing to purchase biodegradable dog products that are made from recycled or sustainable materials.

It doesn’t take any major life changes to make the transition into more eco-friendly dog ownership. A few minor shifts in our lifestyle and attitude can have a huge impact on the environment and keeps encouraging pet brands and retailers to bring out more environmentally friendly options in the future.

Kazoo partnered with local recycling legends Defy Design to create an entirely unique and custom-moulded bowl for dogs and cats made in Australia.

Every eco-friendly Better Bowl is made from 100% Aussie-sourced plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

The ergonomic design makes for comfortable eating and drinking and is wide enough to allow plenty of room for whiskers - meaning no whisker fatigue for kitties or over-concentration of scents overloading them when they dine.

Each environmentally friendly Better Bowl is uniquely patterned and may vary slightly from the images, this is part of what makes them so special.

Available in 6 colours: Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Grey & White.

RRP: $35.00 from

Bugsy’s refuses to use processed ingredients, unnecessary fillers and nasty preservatives across their entire range of raw food, air dried meals, treats, meal toppers and supplements!

 Air-dried Pet Meals contain only human-grade meats, nutrient dense offal and dog-friendly vegetables.

Developed by their canine nutrition specialist, Joanne Cooper together with a PhD Nutritionist, these Dry Dog Food formulations are designed to ensure your pet has a perfectly balanced diet.

Made in Australia, each meal is 100% complete and nutritionally balanced, so you can rest assured you're feeding your pets the tastiest, most nutritious food available.

The Variety Pack allows your dog to trial all four flavours: ChickenBeefTurkey & Kangaroo whilst saving 15%.

You’ll also find Bugsy’s at Melbourne’s Camberwell Fresh Food Market four days a week!

Special Price: $93.50 (4 x 328g - Variety Pack) from

Eureka Pet Co combines local, quality, wild and ethically sourced proteins with a mix of super foods. 

Eureka Pet Co 
have created a no-nonsense, high-protein diet for dogs using Australian wild proteins such as KangarooVenison and Wild Boar, which are ethically harvested and naturally low carbon.

By gently processing these with the benefit of solar powered air- drying technology, every Eureka recipe contains everything that your dog needs in a way that is much kinder to the planet.

The food is 100% carbon neutral and certified by NOCO2 - Australia’s longest running carbon certification program.

The new subscription meal plans are customised for each dog based on weight, activity level and body condition. You’ll save 15% and receive free treats for life!

RRP: from $39 (500g) with free shipping Australia wide at

Healthy dog, greener future. My dog makes me a better human.

Feed For Thought use the power and abundance of insects to convert the food that we don’t use into a natural, sustainable, highly digestible, premium dog food.

But is it any good for our dogs and will they actually like it?

It’s the perfect balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and provides your dog the benefits of a whole protein. Vet-formulated, it’s also good for dogs with allergies to traditional protein. Dogs love it, and even if they don’t know it, they’re helping to save the planet.

So we can all choose to do good – good for our pets, people 
and the planet. Feed For Thought is a Finalist in the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards in the Promoting Sustainability category.

Available as a 1kg or 5kg Bag.

RRP: from $34-$125 (single purchase) or $28-$106 (on subscription) online at

It is worth noting that Petstock Group in partnership with Royal Canin and Terracycle recently launched a National Recycling Program offering recycling infrastructure for all brands of pet food packaging (like dog and cat kibble bags and wet food pouches).

ONE (with Everything!) has a mission to keep both pets and our planet healthy and thriving. Their insect protein treats are a sustainable carbon neutral protein source, whilst also being nutritious and delicious!

These Small Protein Bites are made in Australia from carbon neutral insect protein, helping you create a greener planet one tasty treat at a time.

Packed with protein, healthy fats and fibres and no artificial flavours or preservatives, these treats are perfect for training or for an on-the-go energy boost. These oven-baked treats have a meaty taste, with a nutty and mushroomy aroma. You'll be feeding your dog an environmentally friendly treat that is actually good for them!

Suitable for smaller breed dogs and perfect as bite-sized training treats.

RRP: $7.49 (150g) from

Pet waste can cause pollution through runoff. When animal faeces is left on the ground, rain or other water sources can cause it to enter drains and local bodies of water. Over time, the pathogens found in the excrement can then cause serious pollution to these local bodies of water.

Therefore, cleaning up after our pets isn’t just a matter of tidiness and consideration for the community, but also a matter of environmental awareness. Conscientious pet owners must pick up after their pets and dispose of the waste in appropriate areas. If you want to be especially environmentally-conscious, you may even want to use biodegradable waste bags or try composting.

Australia’s first dog leads with a built-in poo bag holder are designed in Sydney for adventurous Down Under dogs!

This all-in-one design in 6 colours lets you store a full standard sized roll of poo bags directly on the lead. The poo bag holder is stretchy and suitable for waste bags, dog treats, keys, even your AirPods.

Ziippup believes in minimising waste and maximising convenience, making every walk a sustainable breeze. This is why Ziippup dog leashes are great for your pup and for the planet!

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the ocean. To help eliminate some of this waste Ziippup are using rPET webbing (made from recycled plastic bottles) for their dog leads. The storage pouch is made from regular polyester jersey.

All packaging is made from recycled kraft paper and leads are shipped using non-plastic, compostable mailers.

RRP: $49.00 from

WalkiesAu's founder Elenor Hill is on a mission to change how we handle our dogs’ waste on walks!

Australia's first 100% recycled Poop Bag Holders are made in Melbourne.

These adorably paw-shaped poop bag holders - capable of carrying up to four loads - easily clip to your dog’s lead or a backpack.

Each bag holder is made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottle caps and completely unique, so no two will ever be exactly the same colour!

The poop bag holders make a great gift for any dog lover in your life and come in eight different colour options: red, blue, pink, black, silver, green, blush pink, golden white, and orange.

RRP: $18.00 from 

This Melbourne-based brand is proudly Australian-made and owned. My Buddy and Me was inspired by Ashleigh's pet Rocky and his ongoing struggles with skin allergies.

The entire range was developed to contain only natural healing ingredients and easily applied to the skin.

The first of its kind, My Buddy and Me are offering a Pet Dust Mite Spray.

This natural formula will kill off any unforeseen dust mites or germs embedded in your dog's bedding or furnishings. This alcohol-free formula has a gentle lemon myrtle scent.

The range also includes a Pet Lotion complemented with a Pet Shampoo & Conditioner.

Use the promo code ADL to save 15% off the entire range, until November 30, 2023.

RRP: $45.00 at

Does your dog hate baths or you’re struggling for time?

Pet Botanica
’s Dry Shampoo = CH Powder for Dogs takes away the bath time stress whilst saving time, money and water!

This beautifully scented, easy-to-use, natural deodorising powder for dogs will revive their coat and have them feeling fine and smelling fresh without water.
The fresh and calming aroma was created using a blend of soothing organic essential oils to help support those pooches that are a little stressed or anxious.

Certified Australian-made and vegan-friendly, it only contains natural ingredients and organic essential oils and humans can use it too. It can also be sprinkled on your pets' bedding or carpet for a quick refresh for spring!

Finalist in the Australian-made Product of the Year and also Pet Personal Care categories in the 2023 SHE-com awards!

RRP: $20.99 (65g) at

Australian family business Hemp Collective™️ was co-founded by the dynamic duo of Maxine and Mike Shea in the serene Byron Shire.

Their secret ingredient? Australian Hemp Seed Oil - known for its abundance of essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins - works its magic to nourish and restore your pet's coat to its natural radiance.

Crafted in Australia, the entire range is made with natural plant-derived ingredients beneficial for both your pet and the environment.
It contains no parabens, no sulfates and is free from harmful chemicals that can be harsh on your pet's skin.

Hemp Pet Care products are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, making it effortless to embrace a sustainable lifestyle whilst pampering your furry bestie!

Use promo code DOGLOVER20 for a 20% discount at checkout.

RRP: $15.95 (Shampoo Bar); from $13.95 (Pet Balance Oil); from $15.95 (Hemp Pet Balm) at

Inspired by the Founders' large Rhodesian Ridgeback, Loki Boy Lounge is a luxury day bed for dogs! 
Designed and made in Western Australia by local craftsmen, the Loki Boy Lounge is designed to be as durable as it is stylish.

The Loki Boy Lounge has an easy-lock birch timber base, making assembly a dream - no screws or tools required. The timber base requires no maintenance. Finished in a non-toxic plant-based wax, it’s safe for people, animals and the planet.

The heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas mattress cover is available in BlackCamel, Navy and Terracotta and can be fully removed for cleaning.

Made from furniture-grade materials, the bed easily supports 150kg so your dog can relax in comfort, feeling completely supported.

RRP: $1495.00 (free delivery within Perth metro area) at

Celebrate Earth Day every day by choosing the Lexi & Me Eco-Friendly Dog House!

Made from recycled polymers and reclaimed wood, this sustainable and stylish dog house is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious pet owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

UV and weather-resistant for our Australian climate, its heavy construction ensures durability, providing your furry friend with a cosy place to relax and sleep in your backyard while minimising your impact on the planet.

Additionally, the dog house is easy to assemble and clean, making it a practical choice for any eco-conscious pet owner.

The chic and sustainable Lexi & Me Eco-Friendly Dog House comes in Medium & XL.

RRP: $274.00 in stores and online at

Recently launched in Australia, Trees for Pets sparks positivity and a sense of purpose amongst grieving pet parents, enabling pet memorial tree planting as a reforestation effort.

In partnership with global reforestation organisation
Ecologi, the company simplifies pet memorial tree planting to plant trees in memory of their beloved pets while impacting as a community through reforestation at scale.

You can choose a single pet memorial tree or a memorial tree grove of 25, 100 or 500 trees planted locally in Australia or globally.

Combined with earth-friendly add-ons, such as framed pet portraits and forest-scented candles, pet memorial trees make a great gift for a grieving pet parent.

RRP: from $27.00 (Free shipping) at

About A Dog is Australia’s latest subscription-based, sustainably produced loo paper brand that is on a mission to support Aussie causes above all else and is here to change our relationship with loo paper.

Photo: @dusty.merlecollie
Being Australian made is a big deal for 
About A Dog. Every toilet roll, tissue box and paper towel are manufactured in Sydney. 

The best sustainability standards are followed which includes recycling every offcut and trimming, using FSC Certified 100% recycled raw materials, using paper packaging tape, even cleaning their vehicles with recycled rainwater and offering unwrapped roll options to reduce wastage.

Plus 50% of all profits are donated to the RSPCA NSW in support of our pets and wildlife.

RRP: from $23.00 (12 Rolls) - $65.00 (48 Rolls) at

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