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Loki Boy Luxury Day Bed for Dogs

Give your pet the greatest comfort with a Loki Boy Lounge, Australia’s luxury day bed for dogs!

Every dog owner knows the feeling... the battle for couch space. It usually ends with at least one human sitting on the floor, wondering how it came to this. And if your dog is as stubborn and as big as ours, it tends to be a losing battle.

There are all kinds of dog beds on the market and being lifelong dog owners, we’ve pretty much tried them all. 

Most of them didn’t last very long, made from cheap materials that end up in landfill. We began looking for a more sustainable alternative to the mass-produced dog beds.

This search coincided with the arrival of Loki into our lives - a very large Rhodesian Ridgeback we ‘inherited’ from our son, when he started a family. 

The couch quickly became prime real estate in our home and we knew we needed to find a solution that worked for all of us.

After extensive research and testing, the Loki Boy Lounge was born. Designed and made in Western Australia by local craftsmen, the Loki Boy Lounge is designed to be as durable as it is stylish. 

It is made from furniture-grade materials and comes with a three-year warranty on the base and mattress.

The Loki Boy Lounge has an easy-lock birch timber base, making assembly a dream - no screws or tools required. The heavy duty, water resistant canvas mattress cover can be fully removed for cleaning. 

The bed easily supports 150kg so your dog can relax in comfort, feeling completely supported.

The Loki Boy Lounge’s elevated profile allows it be placed up against your existing couch or bed to extend the space, or it can stand alone. We’ve been using the lounge at home now for over a year and it has been a game changer.

We can all stretch out in luxurious comfort, close to one another but not on top of each other! And the best part for us is the connection and close companionship with our boy that the Loki Boy Lounge offers. 

It’s been such a rewarding experience and we hope you and your furry pals enjoy the Loki Boy Lounge as much as we do!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $1495 (inc GST) for the Loki Boy Lounge at

You can follow Loki Boy Australia on Facebook at and on Instagram @lokiboyaus

MEDIA RELEASE, 5th December 2022

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