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This month, we're looking forward to cooler days for our walks and cooler nights for reading snuggled up to our dogs and cat!

With a focus on better understanding our canine companions and raising them for character and attitudes, enjoy browsing our March 2024 Dog Lovers Book Club.

And How to Be a Better Human

by Jessica Pierce

A guide to cultivating a shared life of joy and respect with our dogs.

Who’s a Good Dog?
is an invitation to nurture more thoughtful and balanced relationships with our canine companions. By deepening our curiosity about what our dogs are experiencing, and by working together with them in a spirit of collaboration, we can become more effective and compassionate caregivers.

With sympathy for the challenges met by both dogs and their humans, bioethicist Jessica Pierce explores common practices of caring for dogs, including how we provide exercise, what we feed, how and why we socialise and train, and how we employ tools such as collars and leashes. She helps us both to identify potential sources of fear and anxiety in our dogs’ lives and to expand practices that provide physical and emotional nourishment. 

Who’s a Good Dog? also encourages us to think more critically about what we expect of our dogs and how these expectations can set everyone up for success or failure. 

Pierce offers resources to help us cultivate attentiveness and kindness, inspiring us to practice the art of noticing, of astonishment, of looking with fresh eyes at these beings we think we know so well. And more than this, she makes her findings relatable by examining facets of her relationship with Bella, the dog in her life. 

As Bella shows throughout, all dogs are good dogs, and we, as humans and dog guardians, could be doing a little bit better to get along with them and give them what they need.

Hardcover‏: ‎ 304 pages
Publisher: ‎University of Chicago Press, 6 November 2023

Price: $33.08 from

How to Heal Your Relationship with Your Dog and Raise a Sound, Strong, and Spirited Companion (At Any Age) 
by Souha Ezzedeen 

Get to the root of your dog’s behaviour by building a deeper relationship with The Way of Life Method. Even the most loved dog can drive their owner crazy with behaviour issues. Between the time and money spent on tools and training methods that go nowhere, it can feel like you and your pup are doomed to a life of anxiety, reactivity, and dog aggression.

Getting to the root of your dog’s problem behaviour starts with looking at your way of life.

Dog trainer and relationship coach Souha Ezzedeen draws on nearly two decades of experience with man’s best friend to invite owners to think differently about their relationship with their dog. 

Not just another dog training book, this guide takes a revolutionary approach to raising dogs and addressing their problems by pulling from the instinctual lessons of mother dogs and wolf packs. Get a new understanding of why dogs are having such trouble and cultivate a deeper and more harmonious bond.

Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy to the family or dealing with a challenging canine companion, you will:

  • Establish a positive relationship with your dog using a three-stage program.
  • Focus on mindsets, boundaries, socialisation, and dogs’ natural instincts as you complete reflection questions and practice essential exercises.
  • Learn your mindset’s hidden power when you uncover your goals at each stage.
  • Get a better grasp of mother dogs and wolves in nature to create a way of life that your dog instinctively understands.
  • Perfect your connection with your canine by understanding how to raise dogs for character and attitude instead of training them for skills or behaviours.
  • Put priority on your relationship with your dog and heal the bond with your family companion, regardless of their age, breed, or background. The Way of Life Method goes beyond conventional training to help you design a way of life where you and your dog connect and thrive.

Paperback, 331 pages
Publisher: ‎Way of Life Publications, 19 October 2023

RRP: $32.99 from


Perspectives on Our Canine Relationships

by David L. WeimerAidan R. Vining

Archaeologists, anthropologists, and evolutionary biologists study the origins of our relationship with dogs and how it has evolved over time. Sociologists and legal scholars study the roles of dogs in the modern familyVeterinarian researchers address the relationship in the context of professional practice, yet economists have produced scant scholarship on the relationship between humans and dogs. 

Dog Economics
applies economic concepts to relationships between people and dogs to inform our understanding of their domestication. It interprets their contemporary role as both property and family members and explores factors that affect the demand for dogs as well as market failures of the American puppy market. 

Offering economic perspectives on our varied relationships with dogs, this book assesses mortality risks and addresses end-of-life issues that commonly arise. 

It develops a framework for classifying canine occupations, considers the impact of pet insurance on euthanasia, and assesses the social value of Guide Dogs.

Paperback, 216 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 1st February 2024

RRP: $35.75 at

101 Easy Enrichment Activities for a Healthy, Happy, Well-Behaved Pup

by Chelsea Barstow

Go beyond training and tricks with enrichment activities to improve your dog’s mental health from TikTok dog enrichment specialist Chelsea Barstow.

It’s time to take a big step beyond the regular old sit, stay, and roll over with your dog. Canine enrichment can help reduce stress in your dog as well as give them a constructive way to drain their energy. 

We all know what it’s like to be bored at home, and with a dog, boredom leads to trouble. With Happy Dog, you will learn simple ways to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them occupied whenever they need. 

From rolling treats in a towel, to playing the Find It game, a variety of lick mats, creating obstacles your dog must navigate, going on an adventure walk, and canine puzzles, there are tons of ways to help keep your dog mentally (and physically) happy and healthy.

Hardcover, 224 pages
Publisher: Adams Media, 14th February 2024

RRP: $22.49 at


A Danny & The Dog Detectives Story
by Roo Berry

If you've ever wondered what would happen if Sherlock Holmes met Dr Dolittle then this story is for you. Follow Danny and his food-obsessed best friend, Sam the Labrador, on a suspense-filled and occasionally humorous journey, as they try and help their furry friend solve a mystery.

Join Danny and Sam on their first case as they try their hands (and paws) at being dog detectives and make new friends along the way. The different breeds of dogs show off their special skills that make them perfect for sniffing out clues and chasing down leads. 

The beautiful illustrations bring the canine characters to life and make this book perfect for parents and children to read together, your dog may even want to listen too...

This adventure is perfect for kids of all ages, junior detectives, anyone who loves to solve mysteries, animal lovers, pet owners and anyone interested in dogs and their behaviours.

Paperback, 80 pages
Publisher: The Self-Publishing Partnership Ltd, 11th January 2024

Price: $28.13 from

by Cam Higgins, illustrated by Ariel Landy 

In this adorable eleventh book of the Good Dog series, Bo eagerly waits for the new baby chicks!

Springtime has arrived at the Davis family farm! With the warmer weather comes mud playtime, new blooms, and new hatchlings in the chicken coop! When Bo is tasked with guarding the eggs, he promises the chickens there won’t be any horsing around. 

But when his best puppy pal, Scrapper, shows up with the zoomies… well, things become eggs-tra difficult.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Good Dog chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

Paperback, 128 pages
Publisher: Little Simon
13th February 2024
For Ages: 5 - 9 years old

Price: $14.75 from

Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen

by Candace Fleming, Eric Rohmann (Illustrator)

For fans of Balto and other real-life dog stories, here's a heavily illustrated middle-grade novel about a canine movie star of the 1920s, dramatically told in both words and pictures by an acclaimed author and a Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator.

When movie director Larry Trimble travels to Berlin searching for his next big star, he finds Etzel, a fierce, highly trained three-year-old German Shepherd police dog.

Larry sees past the snarls and growls and brings Etzel back to Hollywood, where he is renamed Strongheart. Along with screenwriter Jane Murfin, Larry grooms his protege to be a star of the silver screen - and he succeeds
, starting with Strongheart's first film, The Love Master, which is released in 1921. Strongheart is soon joined by a leading lady, a German Shepherd named Lady Julie, and becomes a sensation.

But when Strongheart is accused of an unthinkable crime, can he summon his best acting skills and clear his name?

Touching, charming, playful, and based on real events, this moving tale by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Eric Rohmann tells all about "the wonder dog" who took America by storm.

Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: RHUS Children's Books, 12th March 2024
For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

Price: $19.69 from

A Step by Step Guide to Getting Your First Dog
by Autumn Rose, illustrated by Sheng Mei

If you ever wanted a pet but your parents don't, then this is the perfect book for you. 

You will learn, step by step, ways to build up what it takes to raise a companion, from how to feed them to how to love them. 

"How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Dog" helps to teach children like you responsibility while aspiring to adopting a fluffy or feathery companion.

Paperback, 30 pages
Publisher: Tellwell Talent, 5th August 2021
For Ages: 6 - 12 years old

RRP: $30.46 from Amazon Australia

Best Buddies #1
by Vicky Fang, illustrated by Luisa Leal 

Best friends Sniff and Scratch NEED to reach a yummy-smelling pie, in this laugh-out-loud, full-colour book perfect for beginning readers!

Sniff is a dog. Scratch is a cat. And they're best friends... most of the time! In these three hilarious short stories, Sniff and Scratch find creative ways to reach a pie on the kitchen counter, Sniff panics when Scratch gets stuck in a box, and they meet a strange new dog and cat just like them.

These silly, pet-themed stories feature color-coded speech bubbles and easy-to-read text throughout, making this book a perfect choice for new readers!

Part of Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, plenty of humour, and full-colour artwork on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency.

Paperback,‎ 48 pages
Publisher:‎ Scholastic Inc., 17th October 2023
For‎ 4 - 6 years old

Price: $14.76 at

by Norman Bridwell

Read all about Clifford's BIG ideas! Classic Clifford reissued with stickers! It only takes a little to BE BIG!

Clifford loves to help Emily Elizabeth, but his big red paws break eggs instead of painting them. Luckily, Clifford helps Emily another way--in her dreams! 

A bucket of Easter-egg dye creates the most colourful Clifford adventure yet, and gets Emily ready for an unforgettable holiday. Fun Easter stickers included! 

The BE BIG campaign invites everyone, big and small, to take action and raise awareness for how Clifford's Big Ideas can make the world a better place.

Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Inc, 1st January 2011
For Ages: 4+ years old

Price: $17.90 from

Aussies encouraged to adopt a pet in need this March

This March 2024, the Petstock Foundation is celebrating a milestone: 10 years of National Pet Adoption Month, an initiative that helps find loving homes for pets in need of adoption.

Over the past 10 years, the Petstock Foundation's National Pet Adoption Month has helped find loving homes for 40,000 rescue pets across Australia and New Zealand, but there are still more animals in need of homes. 

There are currently over 8,000 pets at shelters, rescue groups, pounds and vets across Australia awaiting adoption [1], and with the rising costs of everyday expenses, sadly it is predicted that this number will continue to rise. With a mission to improve the lives of people through the strong bond we experience with our pets, the Petstock Foundation is encouraging people to adopt or foster a pet this National Pet Adoption Month (NPAM), to open your heart to a pet in need, and experience the positive impact a pet can bring to your life.

Research [2] indicates that 36% of Australian adults have reported feeling lonely, showing we have a need for more connection and companionship in our communities. Universally [3], 97% of people agree that having a pet positively influences one’s life, and improves the mental health of the owner and those around them (95% agree). 

Zym and Rayla (Cats) with owner Liam - Photo Credit: Eugene Hyland for Petstock NPAM

Pets are seen to offer emotional support (81%), companionship (80%), and are seen as family (76%). So, adopting a pet can not only give a pet in need a loving home, it can also improve our mental health by decreasing feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

These findings are supported by studies that show companion animals have been found to bring substantial health benefits to people both physically and mentally [4], and an association between all types of pet ownership and lower experiences of social isolation, particularly for children [5].

If you’re considering adopting, like over 25% of Australians [6], but are hesitant of bringing an animal with poor behaviour traits into your home, fear not. Animal Behaviourist and Petstock Foundation ambassador, Dr Kate Mornement says it shouldn't put you off. 

“Many rescue animals have been surrendered for reasons other than their behaviour, and many have undertaken basic training, so I would encourage people to not be deterred from adopting for these reasons. In my experience, an adopted animal can adjust and learn how to fit into your life, with a little training and patience”.

“If you’re still concerned, why not consider adopting a different kind of animal. Guinea pigs, birds and rabbits also make wonderful pets, and are particularly great companions for children to help teach them kindness, compassion and how to care for animals. 

Buzz (Rabbit) with owner Valeria - Photo Credit: Eugene Hyland for Petstock NPAM 2024

Or if you are not currently in a position to adopt, you could consider fostering a pet in need. Most animals in foster care have their food and medical expenses paid for by the rescue organisation, and it’s a great way to see if your family is ready to commit to a pet long term,” says Dr Kate.

Fostering a pet or welcoming a different kind of animal into your family could provide immediate relief to the rescue community. There are currently over 730 [7] adoptable pets advertised as needing foster carers on the PetRescue website, which is currently Australia's largest searchable database of rescue pets. There’s no shortage of different kinds of animals to consider welcoming into your home either. You’ll find over 490 [8] interesting species of animals including guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, horses, sheep, rabbits, and more, all currently available to adopt today, also listed on PetRescue.

“Our family has fostered a number of dogs, as well as a small Conure parrot we fostered before we had kids. After that, we knew we were ready for a pet, and we adopted our foster dog Lenny, who is now a huge part of our family,” says Dr Kate.

Jessica Curtis, Petstock Foundation Strategic Manager says, “There are so many wonderful benefits of pet ownership, including reducing feelings of loneliness, opening up opportunities for social interaction, and increased overall happiness. Pets and people truly are better together, and to get involved in National Pet Adoption Month, we’re asking Australians to adopt or foster a rescue animal, or donate to the Petstock Foundation to support rescue pet charities across Australia”.

Animal lovers are encouraged to visit or head to their local store in March to find a rescue pet that needs a loving home. 
On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March, selected Petstock stores will have rescue pets available for adoption or fostering in store.

Visit to find out more.


Key Details:

  • National Pet Adoption Month takes place in March 2024 and is an initiative by the Petstock Foundation
  • Over the past 10 years, National Pet Adoption Month has has helped rehome 40,000 adoption pets
  • Animal Behaviourist and Petstock Foundation ambassador, Dr Kate Mornement, says “in my experience, an adopted animal can adjust and learn how to fit into your life, with a little training and patience”
  • On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March, visit selected Petstock stores to meet rescue pets available for adoption or fostering.

How can you get involved:

  • Visit to learn how you can adopt, foster or donate to a pet in need throughout the month of March.
  • On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March, visit selected Petstock stores to meet rescue pets available for adoption or fostering. Note, the current cat vaccine crisis may impact in-store cat adoptions.
  • Donate in store or online - funds will go to the Petstock Foundation to support partner rescue pet charities across Australia

Lead image: Richard (dog) with owner Darcy - Photo Credit: Eugene Hyland, accessed 7 December 2023
2 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2023) Australia’s welfare 2023 data insights, catalogue number AUS 246, AIHW, Australian Government. Link
3 Survey conducted by Vibrant Insights on behalf of Petstock, N = 1000, December 2023
4 - 5  Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2023) Social isolation and loneliness, AIHW, Australian Government, accessed 30 November 2023.
6 Survey conducted by Vibrant Insights on behalf of Petstock, N = 1000, December 2023
7 - 8, accessed 15 January 2024

About the Petstock Foundation

The Petstock Foundation is a registered charity that exists to empower a better future for pets and people. Since its inception in 2007, The Foundation has raised more than $10 million to date and has found homes for more than 40,000 rescue pets. Petstock Foundation is contributed to by the fundraising initiatives of the Petstock Group, donations by business partners and team members as they come together for the pets that inspire them. 100% of funds raised go towards The Foundation to support its charitable partners and projects with all operating costs covered by the business.

About National Pet Adoption Month

The Petstock Foundation is encouraging Australians to support rescue pets this National Pet Adoption Month, the 10th year of the initiative. Unfortunately, thousands of pets enter the rescue cycle each year through no fault of their own. This National Pet Adoption Month, we want people to open their hearts to a pet in need, and in turn experience the positive impact a pet can bring to their everyday life. Pets and people: we’re better together.

Whether Easter is a big deal in your home or not, dogs are always happiest with their favourite people around.

Easter gift baskets are a long-standing tradition so why not make your dogs their own special baskets this year? Here is a curated list of our favourite 2024 Easter Gifts for Dogs: from doggy menu and crunchy treats to plush and enrichment toys plus ideas to dress to impress!

Indulge your dog in a whimsical culinary journey with The Saltiest Dog's Rainbow Rabbit Royale, a three-course special edition Easter meal!

The Entrée is a bed of orange traffic lights composed of succulent mango, crisp carrot, crunchy celery, and zesty ginger, all delicately intertwined with premium rabbit mince with a delightful surprise atop – duck giblet "Easter eggs", adding a playful touch to every bite. 
To top it all off, a sprinkle of their Seed Me Mix adds a nutritious crunch.

The Main Course is a fusion of pink and green fish mince, artfully coloured with beetroot and Supergreens vegetables. Complemented by tender emu and venison chunk in a rich bone broth sauce, each mouthful will leave your dog's taste buds dancing with delight. This feast concludes on a sweet note with Dessert: a creamy and refreshing serving of Blueberry Dog Yog.

The Rainbow Rabbit Royale is a culinary masterpiece that promises to delight and satisfy even the most discerning canine palate. 

NB: this is a frozen item, only for delivery in metro Melbourne & regional Victoria.

Receive 20% off the cost of your meal by using the code AUSDOGLOVER at checkout!

RRP: $39.95 (pre-order only) at 

Hop into the festivities with The Treatery's Easter Trio and Goodies treats! 

 Credit (& lead image): DK Imagery
The Limited Edition Easter Trio is full of joy with a mix of Fruit & Nut, Coconut Rough, and Doggie-Friendly Choc Mint, sure to make your pup’s tail wag. 

And let's not forget the Easter Goodies - an assortment of cute, baked cookies in festive shapes made with superfood ingredients. Available for a limited time, these treats are the perfect way to include your dog in the Easter celebrations. 

Grab them now and make this Easter egg-stra special! Use the promo code EASTERADL to save 20% off all Easter products until March 31.

RRP: from $6.00 at

There is baking and then there is art! Like Alice, your dog would definitely Follow The White Rabbit down the hole to sample these delicious treats from Barkery Lane. This bespoke selection of Easter Treats includes:

✔️ 1 x Bliss Blossom Lollipop
✔️ 1 x Bunny Lane Biscotti
✔️ 1 x Dirty Carrot Cake Cookie
✔️ 1 x Funfetti Candy Hunt Mini Eggs (x5)
✔️ 1 x Hot Cross Bun
✔️ 1 x Lady Petal Cottontail
✔️ 1 x Neapolitan Dream Truffle
✔️ 1 x Red Velvet Bowtiful Bikkie
✔️ 1 x Remarkable Master Rabbit Rabbit (Left or Right Facing)
✔️ 1 x Secret Garden Shortbread

Every order is packaged with great care and love in a little gift box with ribbon, just to make your furry best friend feel extra special!

RRP: $55.00 at

Jojo and Lola's have gorgeous Easter Noodle Gift Boxes and a delicious Easter Treat flavour! 
Perfect to bring as a present for the Easter week-end, these are decorated with beautiful grosgrain bunny ribbon, topped with a bob-tail bunny pick in your choice of colour.

They are filled with a tissue-wrapped packet of the delicious Limited Edition Carrot Cake Chompers.

These are a great gift idea and are perfect for dogs of all ages. The gift boxes are also available for the kittycat in your life!

Why not add some of their unique flavours of Jerky Chompers or Gourmet Chompers to your order?

Brisbane dog lovers can find these at the Carseldine Farmers Markets every Saturday from 7am - 12pm.

All orders over $35 will receive a 20% discount using the promo code DOGLOVER until April 1!

As Easter approaches, make the celebration truly inclusive for your furry companions with Huds & Toke's delightful range of Easter-themed Dog Cookies

These hand-decorated pastel-coloured Easter BunniesEaster Eggs, and Easter Cookie Mix Dog Cookies are specially crafted with love and care for your beloved pets. 

Each cookie is a delicious, all-natural nutty delight, coated in low-fat yogurt frosting that won't melt away, ensuring a tasty treat for your dog.

These cookies provide an enriching chewing experience that promotes dental health, and are designed to soften gradually, ensuring longer-lasting enjoyment for both pup and parent alike. 

Rest easy knowing that these cookies are free from artificial preservatives, added sugar, salt, and chocolate – making them a safe, wholesome treat, made right here in Australia.

RRP: $2.70 - $10.99 at PetO stores or online at 

Elevate your small dog's Easter with Let's Pawty On The Hunt Easter Dog Gift Box, uniquely personalised with your pup's name! 

Packed in a hamper-style box, complete with a ribbon, it's filled with engaging plush toys, delicious healthy treats, plus an over the collar bandana. 

All gift boxes are carefully curated and considered, each gift box is designed just for your four-legged friend. Check out their complete Easter range and discover goodies for dogs of all sizes. 

Enjoy a unique 15% discount on the  entire Easter collection using code EGGSTRA15 at checkout but only until April 2!

RRP: $76.95 at 

Does your dog love being the centre of attention? He will get it in spades wearing one of these creations from Melbourne-based Fluffy Pup Club!

He will stand out wearing the ‘Chick Magnet’ Dog Top Hat with lace glitter fabric, speckled Easter eggs, mini flowers, foliage and ribbon!

Or turn him/her into a giant rabbit with a ‘Bunny Blue' or ‘Aqua Gingham Bunny’ Easter bundle which includes a bunny ears headband and bowtie.
Headbands are handmade to order to fit dogs of all sizes so ensure you check the size guide carefully.

For a softer look, you could choose the ‘Sweet Eggscape’ Easter Dog Flower wearable as a crown or on top of their collar.

RRP: from $32.00 at

Introducing the stunning DOGUE Gingham Bed & Blanket Collection - a chic and on-trend addition to your pup’s sleep space.

Designed in Australia and handcrafted in Bali, the 
DOGUE beds are made from 100% premium cotton for maximum softness. 
Filled with hypoallergenic Dacron polyester, they will resist mould and stains for long-lasting use.

The matching Gingham Dog Blankets are 100% premium cotton with a fleece backing great to snuggle down with or for travelling this Easter break! All DOGUE Gingham is fully machine washable. 

Both beds and blankets are available in two pastel shades.

Use the code DOGLOVER20 for 20% off the entire DOGUE Gingham collection.

RRP: from $89.99 - $199.99 at 

Get egg-cited for Easter and spoil your furry friend with LOVEPUP's colourful dog accessories.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia choose from dog bandanas, bow ties and sailor bows featuring unique designs:
Eggstravaganza, Rainbow Glitz or Bunny.

These accessories are not only totally adorable and easy to wear, but also made with super soft materials to ensure your pup will love wearing them time after time.

Sizes range from XS - XL and they also take custom sizing/design requests. No matter what size your pooch, LOVEPUP’s Egg-cellent Easter dog accessories will make sure your dog is looking their cutest!

Use your promo code DOGLOVER20 to save 20% off the entire Easter range..

RRP: from $12.00 - $24.00 at

LOVEPUP also donates a portion of every sale to Second Chance Animal Rescue

The Buddy & Belle Comfort Me Bunny is a cute pet accessory crafted with care.

This dog toy mimics a mother's heartbeat, easing separation anxiety and aiding sleep. 

It offers a plush, huggable comfort for your pet, especially puppies. 

Perfect for Easter, the Comfort Me Bunny embodies the spirit of nurturing care, making it an ideal gift for pet owners looking to provide their furry friends with a soothing companion during the holiday season.

RRP: $36.88 from

Nothing says Easter like a hot cross bun, and now your furry friend can join in on the fun safely! 

While you're busy munching away, you're dog can squeak till their hearts content with this hot cross bun dog toy. 

FuzzYard Easter-themed toys are super plush, addictive and designed locally in Australia at FuzzYard by their team of creative Easter bunny helpers and part-time dog whisperers. 

Each toy has been fitted with a squeaker for added enjoyment, making FuzzYard toys the pawfect non-chocolate gift this Easter!

RRP: $11.95 from

The All For Paws Meta Ball Holey Egg is an 
egg-shaped ball that offers hours of fun with a naturally durable design for the pups who like to play a little rough. 

The toy is made with grooves and gaps where you can add a paste or treat for added engagement. The wobble and erratic motion will engage your dog's chasing instinct!

It also offers extra safety, as the gaps ensure constant airflow even for the more exuberant pups. Made from safe and non-toxic materials, this toy is suitable for dogs of all ages and easy to clean with a simple wipe down.

RRP: $11.99 at

Even on a strict budget, your pets can join in on the fun thanks to the BIG W Easter Pets range of toys for dogs and cats and pet fashion accessories. They even have Easter-themed Pyjamas for the whole family!

Your dog will have hours of Easter fun with the Perfect Pet Easter Plush & Rope dog toy. Featuring adorable bunny, carrot and Easter egg designs, it's the perfect seasonal toy for playful pups. 

There's also an Easter Hot Cross Bun dog toy with squeaker or Tails Easter Plush Carrot dog toy for fetching and tugging!

For dogs who don't like wearing costumes, you can choose from the Oscar & Friends Bow Tie with Carrot or Bunny print, which makes a dapper fashion addition to your dog's collar or one of the Tails Easter Pet Bandanas.

RRP: from $5.00-$9.00 at BIG W stores and online.