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For the first time in Thailand, a research team from Chula's Faculty of Veterinary Science (CUVET) is the first to have successfully developed a method to culture dog pancreatic cells from stem cells and cell transplantation technology. 
They aim to test the method in the lab and sick animals suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes affects not only humans but also our pets with as many as 5-10 % of the cases found in cats as well as dogs. Treatment with insulin injections is still not very effective. For this reason, a research team from Chula's Faculty of Veterinary Science has collaborated with Bio ink Co. Ltd., one of Chula's spin-off companies, to develop a method for pancreatic cell culture from stem cells and cell transplantation technology for the first time in Thailand.

"Diabetes in humans and pets share some similarities though the knowledge on the treatment is far apart. 

Using stem cells and advanced forms of technology to treat diabetes in human beings has become a trend, so we try to apply this technology to animal treatment as well," Assistant Professor Dr. Chenpop Sawangmek, Department of Veterinary Pharmacology Science, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University and co-founder of Bio ink Co. Ltd. described the motivation that led to this project.

"Diabetes is a chronic disease and complications can be fatal to our pets. 

The inability to control sugar levels can also cause the deterioration of various organs in the bodyThis is a cause of much suffering for the pets as well as their owners, not to mention the financial burden."

Stem cell innovation in the treatment of diabetes in animals

According to Assistant Professor Dr. Chenpop, the type of diabetes mostly found in dogs is type 1 diabetes where the body lacks beta-cells to create insulin resulting in insulin deprivation in their bodies. For type 2 diabetes, mostly found in cats, the body still has beta-cells but there is a deficiency in insulin secretion or insulin resistance. Treatment for the two types of diabetes is therefore different.

Dr. Sirirat Nantavisai and Dr. Watchareewan Rodprasert co-founders of Bio Ink Co. Ltd. enumerated that for this research, the Veterinary Stem Cell and Bioengineering Innovation Center (VSCBIC), a research unit of CUVET, and Bio Ink Co, Ltd. focused primarily on the type 1 diabetes in dogs as the currently used insulin injections treatment for dogs is not very effective.

"During the research process, we will create dog's pancreatic cells which one might call insulin-producing cells (IPCs) derived from canine mesenchymal stem cells (cMSCs) while developing transplantation technology to use in replacing pancreatic cells that have been damaged or destroyed. The cells that have been produced can efficiently create and secrete insulin."

Dr. Watchareewan further explained that when used along with the double encapsulation transplantation technology, this method produces strong cells and prevents them from damage and deterioration while also preventing rejection from the immune system.

Stem cells and the hope for treating diseases in human beings and animals

At present, the research team has developed canine cell tissue for stem cell extraction and multiplication. It has also been successful in creating the process of inducting cells along with transplantation technology. This platform has been successful and is now ready to be tested for its efficiency and safety in both lab and sick animals.

It is estimated that within 3 years it can be used as an actual form of treatment in animals.

"Stem cells can be adapted for use in various ways. If we can successfully develop cells from stem cells, in the future all organs can be directly replaced by cells or tissues. We are studying these options along with creating prosthetic bones to replace damaged bones or accelerate their repair along with producing eye cornea which is a collaborative research project between the faculties of Medicine and Engineering," said Assistant Dr. Chenpop.

Plans for producing medical products from stem cells

With knowledge in bioengineering and stem cell technology, the Faculty of Veterinary Science VSCBIC research unit and Bio Ink Co. Ltd. now have plans to develop stem cell products like cell therapy and stem-cell-derived products to treat pets soon. 

One example is the exosome product that can be used for sick pets or administered to damaged organs for rehabilitation and repair. 

It can also be adapted to treat such diseases as cancer, liver or kidney disease, and diseases stemming from organ deterioration, infections, or illnesses related to the immune system. The products are expected to be tested on lab animals within the year and in no more than two years will be offering them commercially.

For those interested, kindly contact

About Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University sets the standard as a university of innovations for society and is listed in the World's Top 100 Universities for Academic Reputation, in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings 2021.

MEDIA RELEASE, PR Newswire, Bangkok, 2nd December 2022
Give your pet the greatest comfort with a Loki Boy Lounge, Australia’s luxury day bed for dogs!

Every dog owner knows the feeling... the battle for couch space. It usually ends with at least one human sitting on the floor, wondering how it came to this. And if your dog is as stubborn and as big as ours, it tends to be a losing battle.

There are all kinds of dog beds on the market and being lifelong dog owners, we’ve pretty much tried them all. 

Most of them didn’t last very long, made from cheap materials that end up in landfill. We began looking for a more sustainable alternative to the mass-produced dog beds.

This search coincided with the arrival of Loki into our lives - a very large Rhodesian Ridgeback we ‘inherited’ from our son, when he started a family. 

The couch quickly became prime real estate in our home and we knew we needed to find a solution that worked for all of us.

After extensive research and testing, the Loki Boy Lounge was born. Designed and made in Western Australia by local craftsmen, the Loki Boy Lounge is designed to be as durable as it is stylish. 

It is made from furniture-grade materials and comes with a three-year warranty on the base and mattress.

The Loki Boy Lounge has an easy-lock birch timber base, making assembly a dream - no screws or tools required. The heavy duty, water resistant canvas mattress cover can be fully removed for cleaning. 

The bed easily supports 150kg so your dog can relax in comfort, feeling completely supported.

The Loki Boy Lounge’s elevated profile allows it be placed up against your existing couch or bed to extend the space, or it can stand alone. We’ve been using the lounge at home now for over a year and it has been a game changer.

We can all stretch out in luxurious comfort, close to one another but not on top of each other! And the best part for us is the connection and close companionship with our boy that the Loki Boy Lounge offers. 

It’s been such a rewarding experience and we hope you and your furry pals enjoy the Loki Boy Lounge as much as we do!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $1495 (inc GST) for the Loki Boy Lounge at

You can follow Loki Boy Australia on Facebook at and on Instagram @lokiboyaus

MEDIA RELEASE, 5th December 2022

Spirit of Christmas | Greyhounds Foster Care 2-Day Event

Why not open your heart and home this Christmas and take a beautiful greyhound home for the holidays and truly give back?

For the first time, GAP NSW will hold a two-day Foster Care Event! On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December between 9 - 3 pm, there will be over 30 beautiful Greyhounds waiting to meet you at GAP NSW's beautiful NEW Londonderry Adoption Centre.

Become a Greyhound Foster Mum or Dad and your kindness this Christmas could help our hounds find homes faster.

We are asking you to give a Greyhound the biggest gift of all, valuable 'Pet Preparation'! This is a great way to experience having a Greyhound without adopting or committing to full-time pet ownership.

In the process, you'll be doing something special – helping to prepare a Greyhound for its fur-ever home — giving that dog an exceptional Christmas gift that will change its life forever.

30+ beautiful Greyhounds will be waiting to meet you

It's not that tricky! As a foster parent, you will introduce your Greyhound to domestic life – living inside and out, meeting new people and pets, tackling weird and wonderful experiences like stairs and slippery surfaces, noise from the television, the kitchen… just everyday life.

Come to GAP Western Sydney to our "Spirit of Christmas, Foster Care Event" and learn more about what it means to become a foster mum or dad! GAP will hold 'Greyhound foster care' educational seminars on both days.

To learn more and meet the team without committing to fostering or adopting, please join us at 382 The Driftway, Londonderry, on Friday 9th or Saturday 10th December, between 9 - 3 pm. The date choice is yours!

GAP NSW officially opened its new Adoption Centre in Londonderry, NSW, on July 28, 2022

Greyhounds As Pets foster carers are provided with everything they need to get started:

✔️ Collar
✔️ Lead
✔️ Dry food
✔️ Bowls (if needed)
✔️ Bedding (if needed)

Choosing to foster a dog is a very rewarding experience for both the Greyhound and its carers. Over this period you will play a critical role in helping one of our foster dogs to begin to adapt to life as a pet. 

Your Greyhound may initially seem a shy and reserved character. As you become more familiar to each other and they start to become accustomed to your home their personality will shine through. It is amazing to be part of this experience.

And remember, the GAP team will only be a call away throughout your fostering journey! If you are ready to foster now, contact us at or call 1800 696 377.

Register here for this event. Or just register if you happen to find a Greyhound on our website that you are interested in fostering!

Please note if you happen to fall in love with a dog on the day you visit us — adopting a Greyhound will also be an option at our special Christmas December rate of $100 (normally $250.00). Please let our GAP team members know on the day!

MEDIA RELEASE, 2nd December 2022

With International Animal Rights Day on Saturday 10th December, 2022, the team at Kip are fighting for the rights of dog owners across New South Wales by calling for dogs to be allowed to travel on all public transportation.

Currently in NSW the ability of pets to travel on buses, light rail, ferries, and taxis rests on the fickle decisions of the drivers and crew members. Pets that are allowed to travel must be restrained in a box, basket, or other container, which problematically inhibits all large dogs from public transport.

Pets are prohibited completely from all trains and coaches, making it difficult for dog owners commuting to and from work on public transport to care for the needs of their furry friends.

“Dogs are an integral part of many people’s lives, and it is only right that they should be allowed to accompany their owners in their day to day lives. This isn’t just about animal rights, it’s about the rights of more than half of Australians,” said Will Roxburgh, a Managing Director at Kip.

With pandemic pups making up one fifth of all Aussie dogs, Australia’s dog ownership numbers have reached record highs according to the latest survey by Animal Medicines Australia [1]. Pet owners now account for 69 per cent of Australian households and the pandemic pet surge has caused a nine per cent increase in just two years.[2]

Dogs are more than just pets; they are much beloved family members of over half of the nation. With these furry four-legged children only growing in popularity as a choice of pet, it is a basic need for dogs to be involved in their owners’ day-to-day lives outside of the home.

“At Kip we have seen an influx of pet owners seeking doggy day care services, especially since the Covid puppy craze. However, with many owners relying on public transport for travel, the current restrictions are an unnecessary burden”, Mr Roxburgh said.

One of the key values of the NSW Transport is to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to NSW’s transport needs [3]. With the post-Covid public transport requiring greater flexibility in the way dog owners can travel with their four-legged friends, NSW Transport must meet the public’s needs.

“Dog owners are facing a significant challenge with face-to-face work becoming the norm again. The last thing we need for pet parents is for there to be additional barriers to accessing essential animal services, such as doggy day care and veterinary treatment”, said Mr Roxburgh.

With both Victoria and South Australia allowing small dogs to travel with their owners on trains, trams and buses in a suitable animal container and larger dogs to travel with their owners on trains, as long as they're on a lead and wearing a muzzle, New South Wales’s requirements are falling behind.

About Kip

Kip provides doggy day care and pet boarding services and is committed to providing pets the best quality care and enrichment. Their day care centres are designed to offer dogs socialisation in a safe, enriching and fun environment. Their pet boarding centres are focused on replicating quality care pets get at home. It’s doggy day care and pet boarding with a difference — with loads of enrichment activities under the guidance of their highly-trained staff.

For more information, please visit

[1] Source: Animal Medicines Australia, 2022, Pets in Australia Survey
[2] Source: Animal Medicines Australia, 2021, Pets and the Pandemic: A Social Research Snapshot of Pets and People in the COVID-19 era
[3] Source: Transport for NSW, 2022, Culture and Values

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st December 2022

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Come and celebrate the festive season at The Rocks on Saturday 3rd December, with views overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House at a Christmas themed Pound Paws Dog Day event!

Pound Paws is delighted to be partnering with The Rocks and Placemaking NSW for their Christmas Wonderland Activation throughout the month of December. 

To kick off the festivities, Pound Paws Dog Day event will launch on Saturday the 3rd of December from 10am-2pm. Locals and dog lovers can be treated to a variety of paw-some festive activities, whilst celebrating the wonderful companionship we share with our pets.

It’s time to celebrate the howl-idays and boy, has Pound Paws got a jolly day out planned for you!

Expect everything from free Santa Paws Photo Sessions for you and your pooch, followed by a Rescue Dog Adoption Parade showcasing dogs looking for a home in time for Christmas.

There will also be a live performance by the beloved Leo Sayers, singing the classic ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’.

Looking for a Christmas present? Dog lovers and owners will be treated to a boutique Christmas-themed pet market, with festive gifts guaranteed to get pooches tails waggin’! 

Shop from a range of organic dog treats, Christmas dog accessories, Barkuterie Boards & stocking fillers.

The event is run by Pound Paws with a mission to raise awareness about pet adoption to the local community, in support of Animal Rescue Sydney, a local dog rescue group who will be bringing dogs available for adoption. 

By hosting these Dog Day events, it allows rescue groups to connect with potential adoptees and find a potential home for their rescue dogs, as well as raise much needed funds. 

Pet education is also key at this event, with a focus on responsible pet ownership and pet health, proudly sponsored by Pet Health Insurance Services

Don’t have a dog? No problem, this event will have dogs available for adoption from Animal Rescue Sydney, as well as the opportunity for you to connect with fellow pet lovers and owners on the day. Expect Dawes Point Park to be fill of waggin’ tails!

Dogs also have the opportunity to strut their stuff on the stage, showing off their best Christmas costumes or tricks, to go in the draw to not only make their fur-parents proud, but win some seriously cool prizes too! 

There will be a VIP Judging Panel, including the likes of Christa Billich (as seen on Housewives of Sydney & Director of Billich Gallery), Manolo Pigmop (Doggie Influencer), Crystal Lynn (Fur-mum to Manolo and star in Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians) and Leo Sayers (International Musician).

The event will kick off from 10am, so make sure to get down early to get involved in all the fun!

Come on down to Dawes Point Park on Saturday the 3rd of December and cheers to a barkin' good time!

When: Saturday 3rd December 2022, from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Where: Dawes Point Park, The Rocks

For the latest details, please visit the Facebook Event page.

Entry is free, register your attendance here

About Pound Paws:

Pound Paws is an Australian based charity which provides a modern online approach to the re-homing of pets in Australian pounds and rescue centres. They operate via an online search engine which allows users to search for their dream pet in pounds and rescue centres across Australia. They also actively assist rescue centres and pounds by hosting dog adoption events around Australia.

To find your next pet, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st December 2022

As our beloved pets get older they can become more inclined to numerous health issues, including doggy dementia - otherwise known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD).

CCD is a type of dementia that is 52% more likely to develop in our pets every year after their tenth birthday.[1]

To learn more about this heartbreaking health condition and how to delay its onset, we enlisted the help of PETstock VET Dr Tara Morris.

Not all ageing dogs will develop CCD, but it is important to take some simple steps throughout their earlier years to delay the onset. Just like with human dementia, the symptoms can affect your pet's quality of life so being able to recognize symptoms when they present themselves is just as important as providing a little extra love and support if they are struggling.

Keeping your dog mentally active:

One of the best ways to support the prevention of dementia in our much-loved pets is to introduce some daily activities to activate and challenge their brain.

Enrichment-based activities like slow-release food dispensing toys and snuffle mats, help to build up cognitive skills by allowing your pet to think in a fun and positive way.

✔️ Problem-solving tasks are key here - think food puzzles and introducing or rotating their existing toys rather than having them all available, otherwise they will get bored. An exciting game for both yourself and your pooch, try hiding treats throughout the house and backyard and then encourage the search to begin!

✔️ Another helpful tool to prompt the mental stimulation of our dogs of all ages is ensuring that they are regularly socialised with other pets. Just like their human counterparts, sometimes meeting new people or furry friends can be a little tiring. Because of all the effort and excitement exerted in social interactions, it is a sure way to keep the mind active, particularly for our elderly pets.

Although socialisation can be pivotal to helping to delay the onset of CCD, do avoid placing your pets in any overly stressful social settings that could result in your pet being mentally exhausted and traumatised due to a stressful interaction.

Keeping your dog physically active:

Exercise is closely linked to brain function and mental well-being for both pets and their owners. Although this is common knowledge amongst pet owners, it’s important that physical activity is implemented as a daily activity in the household.

In his sunset years, Conner's walks became
increasingly shorter with multiple pitstops
Whether it be going for a walk in the great outdoors, playing fetch in the backyard or even throwing a frisbee for your pooch to collect - it can all be beneficial to delaying the onset of CCD.

Once your elderly pet has already been diagnosed with CCD, gentle to moderate exercise will allow the blood to flow freely, ensuring more oxygen runs to the brain. 

Remember to take it slowly, and give your senior pet plenty of time to sniff and take in nature at their own light pace.

Equally as valuable as regular exercise is feeding your pet a balanced and nutritious diet, which means refraining from giving them one too many leftovers from the dinner table! 

Consulting with your vet about the recommended diet for your dog's specific breed and characteristics can be incredibly helpful to gain insight into not only what your pet needs on a nutritional level, but which foods to avoid going forwards.

At 13 years old, it also came difficult for Conner to chew in addition to all the symptoms listed below...

Signs and symptoms of CCD:

Keep an eye out for behaviours such as disrupted sleep, increased confusion (forgetting usual routines), a sudden surge of ‘accidents’ at home, decreased desire to play and also increasing levels of irritability

If you are growing concerned, it is always best to visit your local vet for expert advice. It is also important that your pet regularly visits the vet for check-ups from a young age, so that any abnormal behaviours or conditions can be analysed and diagnosed accordingly.

What to do once your pet has been diagnosed with CCD:

As there is sadly no cure currently for CCD, the best thing for pet parents to do is to make sure that their senior pet is comfortable and showered with love and affection

Whether this means ensuring that they are surrounded by their own comfort items such as toys and blankets, or adjusting items within the home, including drink and food bowls and beds, so that they are easily accessible for a potentially confused and tired furry friend. 

As the disease progresses, allow for an appropriate amount of help from each family member so that your pet can complete tasks that may have once been easy, but are now becoming more difficult.

Current treatments for doggy dementia:

There are a number of ways to treat your pet’s diagnosis of CCD, including:

1. various vet-prescribed medications
2. dietary changes
3. modifications to daily behaviours and 
4. making adaptations to the surrounding environment

The best way forward is often combining multiple treatments which can work to ensure your dog can enjoy the rest of its days at ease. 

An example of combining treatment methods may include daily medication prescribed by your vet, consuming specialty food to hopefully slow the progression and developing an easy-going everyday routine so that your pet feels comfortable and at ease.

As of 2022, biotechnology company Skin2Neuron has conducted a study that aims to rebuild and replace lost brain cells in our CCD-ridden pets. 

So far, over half of the dogs within the study have had their CCD reversed, and more than 80% have seen clinically meaningful change.[2] Despite these improvements only lasting for two years currently, such studies are welcome in a space where there are few effective treatments available to our senior pets.


[1] Yarborough, S., Fitzpatrick, A., Schwartz, S.M. et al. Evaluation of cognitive function in the Dog Aging Project: associations with baseline canine characteristics. Sci Rep 12,13316 (2022).

[2] Rachel Arthur, 27 June 2022. ‘A new Alzheimer’s treatment is on the horizon: Cell therapy reverses dementia-like syndrome in dogs’, Bio Pharma Reporter,

About Dr Tara Morris:

PETstock VET
Head Veterinarian, Dr. Tara Morris started her career in 2012 and has since obtained further certification in emergency medicine. 

Tara is dedicated to helping sick and injured pets and has spent much of her career working nights and weekends.

This experience has helped her gain valuable skills, particularly with complex medicine cases and ultrasound.

To find your local PETstock VET, visit

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Give the ultimate gift this Christmas and volunteer to become a Guide Dogs Puppy Raiser!

This festive season, Guide Dogs are calling on Victorians to give the ultimate Christmas gift to those living with low vision and blindness by signing up to become a Volunteer Puppy Raiser. 

Currently, Guide Dogs are looking for up to 20 volunteers across areas such as Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong to help care for the labra-dorable pups, nurturing their development ahead of their formal Guide Dog training.

Over twelve months, Volunteer Puppy Raisers not only get to experience the joy of watching the pups grow and thrive through their training (all with full support from Guide Dogs Victoria) but know they’re playing a critical role in transforming the young pups into trainee Guide Dogs — who will one day provide essential independence and freedom to people who are blind or have low vision.

Guide Dogs Victoria’s Puppy Development Team Leader, Naomi Wallace:

"The work we do at Guide Dogs Victoria wouldn’t be sustainable without the assistance of our Puppy Raisers. By volunteering as a Puppy Raiser, members of the community can help us to train and raise our beautiful dogs who go on to ensure Australians who are blind or have low vision lead a life without limits.”
“Puppy Raisers need to have a fully fenced yard, be away from home no more than four hours at a time and have access to a car.
“Raisers must also be able to attend training days in their local area so the puppy can learn basic skills such as sitting nicely when being groomed, walking calmly on a lead and developing good house manners - all of which sets them up to develop the skills they’ll need to change a life.

“We are looking for people that are home most of the time, who are interested in putting effort into training and socialising the dog. What you will get in return is a fantastic experience.”

Melbourne-based Loretta has been a Puppy Raiser with Guide Dogs Victoria for five years. Loretta is currently raising Nash, who is 9 months old and is currently undertaking his training to eventually become a Guide Dog. 

"The Puppy Raising process is amazing. Not only do I get the joy of looking after a new puppy, but I also get to be part of the incredible community at Guide Dogs. I have met so many dedicated people who are doing a fantastic job at supporting people with low vision or blindness.”

"Through raising puppies, I have realised how crucial this stage of the Guide Dogs training program is and how valuable the work done by all the team is during this journey. 

I thoroughly enjoy the process, the dogs never cease to amaze me with what they are capable of, their ability to understand feelings and offer support from a young age is astonishing. The hard work truly pays off because the end results are so rewarding, seeing the difference they go on to make in someone’s life.

"Volunteering with the Guide Dogs team has also been a delight, they offer support every step of the way, as well as being very generous with their time and the supplies they provide. Puppy Raising has definitely been one of the most fulfilling things I have done.”

While Puppy Raisers are responsible for everyday activities such as grooming, house training and exercising their pups, Guide Dogs Victoria provides a strong support network.

Naomi Wallace: “We provide the food, veterinary care, flea and tick prevention and you will have a dedicated Puppy Development Adviser on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance to our Puppy Raisers.”

“We want our volunteers to know that we’re here to support them on what is truly such a rewarding journey. We want our pups to have the absolute best start in life so they can go on to provide life changing assistance and independence to those living with low vision or blindness.”

It takes over two years and costs $50,000 to raise breed, raise and train each Guide Dog. Like all the organisation’s services, Guide Dogs are provided at no cost to those who need them.

You can find out more, and apply to become a Puppy Raiser by visiting the website:

MEDIA RELEASE, 30th November 2022

Santa Paws is coming to town and with only 3 weeks left till Christmas, it's time to get your final Christmas presents organised, thanks to this Christmas 2022 selection of our Dog Lovers Book Club!

Just a note that some of these titles may now be delivered after Christmas so don't delay making your selection (or have a back-up title to avoid disappointment)!

by Laura Greaves

True Blue tales of clever and courageous canines.

Some say Australia was built on the sheep's back, but it's just as true to say our nation was built in the dog kennel - after all, it was the dogs that were rounding up the sheep.

Everyone believes their dog is the best and they’re not wrong. Dogs don’t have to do anything in particular to qualify as amazing. They are amazing just by virtue of existing. 
And yet, there is something extra special about the fourteen courageous canines that feature in Amazing Aussie Dogs. These are the stories of some of our most remarkable canine companions, embodying the spirit of hard work, mateship and larrikinism.

Dogs like DJ the Border Collie, who survived for days after falling into floodwater near Lismore. Kimmy the Kelpie, who sold for a record-breaking amount at a working-dog auction. 
Basil the Rottweiler, who defied the misconceptions about his breed and saved a drowning child. And Lexi the Jack Russell Terrier, who learned to 'drive' a ute through the paddocks on her farm.

Our faithful four-legged friends save us from peril, inspire works of art and offer unwavering loyalty. In Amazing Aussie Dogs, Laura Greaves brings to life these inspirational true stories of our homegrown heroes.

Trade Paperback, 288 pages (also available as Audiobook and ebook)
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: Michael Joseph, 29th November 2022

RRP: $34.99 from all good bookstores and online. For more details and stockists, visit

For a chance to Win 1 of 4 copies, enter our Giveaway by Wednesday 7th December!

by Jody Crossley

The Bear Project is an inspirational story of great love about an amazing bond between a human and a little Jack Russell named Bear. Bear was small in stature but had a larger-than-life personality and an even bigger heart.

For anyone who is or has grieved for the loss of their pet, this will truly pull on your heart strings. It will move you and make you realise you are not alone in this grief-stricken journey.

This story will make you smile and cry, and touch your heart, but it also will highlight the true bond between a human and their pet companion.

Pets are such an integral part of our lives. They can reach people on levels other people can't, including health professionals.

This book highlights the true gifts that our pets are and give you a better understanding of how they can make a difference in a person's life.

"Bear, your legacy lives on. You were the best gift ever. I am truly grateful for every single day we spent together. Forever in my heart, never forgotten."

Paperback, 224 pages
Self-Published: 10th October 2022

Price: $38.50 from; $41.95 from

A Memoir
by Mark Doty

A literary memoir of what it means to have a truly special dog in you life. Originally published for International Dog day, this will be a perfect gift for all dog lovers.

Why do dogs speak so profoundly to our inner lives?

When Mark Doty decides to adopt a dog as a companion for his dying partner, he finds himself bringing home Beau, a large Golden Retriever, malnourished and in need of loving care, to join Arden, the black Retriever.

As Beau bounds back to life, the two dogs become Mark Doty's companions, his solace, and eventually the very life force that keeps him from abandoning all hope during the darkest days - their tenacity, loyalty and love inspiring him when all else fails.

Paperback. 240 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: Vintage Classics, 15th November 2022

RRP: $22.99 from all good bookstores and online. 

For more details and stockists, visit

by Steve N Lee

He'd lost so much he wanted to die. But a stray dog changed everything.

Left for dead in the gutter, Rio struggles to his feet and lurches into the shadows for a place to hide. Life has always been brutal, thanks to a monster of an owner, but at least he’d had food, a bed, a place to call home. Now…?

Ben’s life ended when he lost his family. Drink no longer dulls the pain; therapy is a joke; friends have moved on. He’d had everything, yet now…?

But when the broken man meets the broken dog, they discover something neither had ever dreamed could exist… a reason to go on.

In a story as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking, Where the Echo Calls explores how hope can be found in the most unexpected of places if only we have the courage to look for it.

Paperback, 284 pages
Publisher: Blue Zoo, 16th October 2022

Price: $27.98 from

by Elliott H. Costas

Born at a pirate radio station on the Gulf of Mexico, nine-pound Shih Tzu Micawber learns HumanSpeak after listening for hours to 1960's rock 'n' roll. But for Micawber, being able to talk like a human isn't enough. The plucky pooch soon teaches himself how to read and write and develops an interest in literature and the law.

After completing his Memoirs of a Law Dog, the erudite Shih Tzu Micawber is back for more adventures in The Law Dog Chronicles, a collection of four stories. Follow along as Micawber transforms into a daring pugnacious pooch in order to survive a spy mission, and with the help of a young girl on the autism spectrum, prevent the outbreak of World War Three in "Micawber Goes Abroad".

Join the furry crusader in the courtroom as he battles to gain legal recognition for his HumanSpeak abilities in "Micawber Gets Legal". 

In "Micawber Meets the Captain", heroic Micawber and his dear friend Captain Jack describe how they meet each other while saving an innocent man from being convicted of a crime that he did not commit. 

"Micawber's Fantasy" plants readers beside Micawber at his desk as he overcomes writer's block while imagining a visit with his literary icon, Samuel Johnson.

Paperback, 236 pages
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing, 1st November 2022

Price: $31.73 from

by Kerry Martin

Maybe you do need to get out more… with your beautiful dogs and not just down to the local beach, park or bush trails. Dogs are family too and they love exploring new places with their loved ones.

Dog Tales of Australia presents over 290 pages packed with real locations, real world advice and real experiences, perfect for when you really want to share some special times with your very special holiday-bound hounds.

Long story short, Dog Tales of Australia offers you:

✔️ Inspiration – a personal selection of our inspiring adventures, favourite eye-opening images & ideas and locales to chase, catch and drop, into conversations with friends and family.

✔️ Options – setting your sights on the perfect location for you and your family is far from the only choice that needs to be made. This is your guide to all things packing, prioritising and picking activities that suit the whole (fur) family.

✔️ Opportunities – with great planning comes real opportunities to enjoy what you’ve seen, learned and always dreamt about – taking your beautiful dog or dogs on an adventure you’ll all cherish forever.

RRP: $39.00 (pre-launch offer only until December 4) or $30.00 (eBook) at 

52 dog-friendly nature adventures

by Evi O, Andrew Grune

Sydney boasts some of the most breathtaking walks in the vicinity of the city, but not all are dog-friendly. Rather than leaving your four-legged friend at home when seeking a nature adventure, Dog Trip Sydney offers 52 getaways that both dogs and their people can enjoy, all within a 120 km radius of Sydney's CBD.

Escape the urban chaos with sandy escapades at the beach, splash about in waterfalls or bound through tranquil coastal rainforests. Every adventure has been tested, photographed and given an enthusiastic paw of approval. Presented in a user-friendly format, the collection includes maps showing walking routes and facilities, on and off-leash information, and a guide to trip highlights.

Fire up your adventurous spirit and get those tails wagging with Dog Trip Sydney.

Paperback, 240 pages
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd, 25th October 2022

Price: $24.90 from


by Anne Rooney, illustrated by Lucy Rose

Explore the animal kingdom like never before with the Animal Atlas from Lonely Planet Kids. Unfold maps to reveal animals from every continent and lift the flaps to see their unique environments and habitats.

Discover a world of animal facts, life-size photos and creature features-from a bear's paw and a baby turtle to an anteater's tongue and a goliath birdeater, the world's heaviest spider. EEK! All drawn to scale so you can measure yourself against them.

You'll find animals living on freezing ice caps, high on snowy mountain peaks, in parched deserts and down in the dark depths of the ocean. They fly through the air, crawl among trees, burrow into the earth, plunge through the seas, and prowl the forests-and range from the tiniest of insects too small to see without a magnifying glass to the blue whale, which is longer than three buses!

The book is divided into seven sections: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Oceania & Antarctica-each with a map of the major environments as well as illustrated and photographic depictions of some of the animals living there.

Are you ready for this round-the-world animal adventure?

Hardcover, ‏ 32pages
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids, 8th November 2019
For Ages: 9-12 years old

RRP: $12.00 from

One dog’s inspiring journey of hope

by Katherine Cobb, Nadia Ilchuck (Illustrator)

Weeza’s Great Escape was inspired by a heartwarming true story of courage, hope and the power of kindness.

A little hound who just wants love. When she ends up in a pack of meanies, can this big-hearted dog find the courage to sniff out a better life?

Anxious, afraid and hungry most of the time, all Weeza wants is a loving family. When her owner takes her to the woods, she’s expected to hunt deer…but soon finds herself in world of trouble. Without thinking, she bolts into the unknown.

Now she’s all alone. And even though Weeza left behind a life she dreaded, at least it was one she knew. But if she’s brave enough to try, will this sweet hound find a special family that welcomes her gentle soul?

Paperback, 28 pages
Publisher: Bandito Publishing, LLC, 11 October 2022
For Ages: 6-10 years old

RRP: $22.50 from

A Tale of McHenry and Finn McCool

by Dennis Averill, Maryam Nazargol (Illustrator)

Every child, young and old, dreams that their pet has hidden magical powers.

The Dogs that Helped Santa Save Christmas brings this dream to life by telling the tale of two adorable puppies, McHenry and Finn McCool, who use Christmas magic to help Santa save the day in a way that wins the hearts of children and adults alike.

Paperback, 38 pages (also available as Hardback)
Publisher: 2nd November 2022
For Ages: 3 - 8 years old

Price: $15.25 from

Life Lessons from Chip the Dog

by Dev Petty

The comic duo that brought you I Don't Want to Be a Frog is back, with Chip the dog, a hilarious new character who's got some "wisdom" to share.

Are you a dog in need of advice? Fear not: Chip the dog is ON IT in this super-silly guide to living your best canine life. 

Chip is seven; he knows things. Like what to eat (important papers, the fancy bird the humans cooked for the fancy dinner, Grandpa's teeth), and what not to eat (bees). He won't get those mixed up, will he?

Pet lovers will see their own goofy fur-friends in Chip's earnest yet ridiculous antics, and readers who love funny animal stories will find their next favourite book buddy with Chip the dog, who's patiently waiting to eat your homework and slobber on your clothes.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: RHUS Children's Books, 31st May 2022
For Ages: 3 - 7 years old

RRP: $32.99 from all good bookstores and online. For details and stockists, please visit

by Corinne Fenton, illustrated by Tracie Grimwood

When Lionel arrives, Maverick is unimpressed.

Is there enough love to go round for the two of them?

Told from the older dog’s point of view, we see how initial jealousy can blossom into genuine friendship and love. A delightful book that celebrates inclusion and friendship.

Award-winning Corinne Fenton is a writer with a passion for picture books that warm the heart. To date, all her picture books have featured an animal hero (The Dog on the Tuckerbox, Little Dog and the Christmas Wish, Little Dog and the Summer Holiday etc.). Corinne has rescued so many strays over the years that she now never leaves the house without a pet lead.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: New Frontier Publishing, 1st June 2022
For Ages: 3-6 years old

Price: $22.50 from

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