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There was an interesting increase in traumatic ligament/tendon damage and fractures over the COVID-19 lockdown period according to Pet Insurance Australia.

“We certainly saw a spike in claims over the January– December period in 2020*,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “Claims have also increased for cruciate ligament conditions.”

With the world in desperate need of interaction, many have taken to pounding the pavement with their proud pooches. However, this could have come at an expensive cost for many unsuspecting pet owners. Excessive play sessions at home could also be one of the reasons for the increase in ligament, tendon and fracture-related claims.

“Excessive exercise can increase pressure on ligaments, tendons and bones, and can lead to damage, ruptures, and fractures,” Crighton warns. “It’s important that pet owners do not over-exercise their dogs and take note if their pet seems stiff or is showing any signs of lameness.”

It is recommended that pet owners go slow particularly when exercising an older dog, or a pet who is not accustomed to exercise.

Building the speed and time spent walking/running gradually rather than in one burst. Pet owners also need to take care when playing with their pets. 

Overly jumpy puppies can get quickly excited when playing which may lead to painful injuries.

“Play is incredibly important to the human/dog bond, but owners do need to take care with older pets, large pets, and puppies,” Crighton says. “Choosing a game that doesn’t encourage too much leaping is recommended to prevent ligament and tendon injuries.”

Large breed dogs, such as Great Danes, can be susceptible to ligament injuries particularly as small puppies. Due to the sheer size of the dog and how quickly they grow, joint care is paramount to prevent expensive and painful injuries. Large breeds, and super small ones, should be prevented from rough play and jumping from high areas to protect growing joints.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a whirlwind of demand for puppies of all shapes and sizes. New pet owners need to be cautious when exercising their growing pups to prevent injury.

Exercising your pet is vital for good health and wellbeing,” Crighton says. “It’s a good idea to speak to your vet about exactly how much exercise your dog needs regarding their breed, size, and personality. Some breeds are built to run and play, while others are not.”

Pet Insurance Australia also notes that the spike in tendon-related incidents could also be a result of pet-owners being home more often during the Covid pandemic.

“As we spend more time with our pets, it could also be a case that more owners are becoming aware of their pet's intermitted limping episodes and seeking veterinary advice,” Crighton says. 
Dogs are masters at masking their pain so this could also be another reason for the claim increase.”


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Pack #3: Natural Conditioning Shampoo with Evening Primrose
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  • Ideal for flowing coats, coats that are dry, coarse or too wiry.  PLUS

#4. Plush Puppy® T.L.C
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Sony Pictures Animation launches a new Hotel Transylvania Franchise short film dubbed 'Monster Pets'

In Monster Pets, Drac’s lovable, monster-sized puppy, Tinkles, has more energy than ever and just wants to play ball!

Unfortunately, Drac is too busy juggling his duties at the hotel, so he is determined to find a monster pet companion for his huge furry friend. After a series of mismatches, Drac’s plan goes awry when Tinkles chooses a very unlikely companion.

Executive produced by Hotel Transylvania’s franchise creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, along with Michelle Murdocca; directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon, written by Jennifer Kluska and produced by Christian Roedel; the short film is launching online to celebrate National Pet Day this Sunday 11th April 2021.

"What would it be like if the Drac Pack all owned pets? We couldn't be more excited to jump back into the world of Hotel Transylvania, and explore all the fun and lovable frustrations of pets through a monster lens,” said Monster Pets directors Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon. 

“What happens when your Golden Retriever is 5 stories tall? Or your Chihuahua breathes fire? Being able to introduce an all-new group of characters in Monster Pets who are just as funny and weird as the Drac Pack was an absolute blast. We hope audiences enjoy the short, and look forward to seeing the monster pets make an appearance in the upcoming Hotel Transylvania: Transformania!”

"This short has been a labor of love from the teams at Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks, and we're pleased that we can bring heartfelt laughter to families around the world in this time,” added Christian Roedel, Monster Pets producer. 

“The Hotel Transylvania franchise is all about family, and it has been an honor to work alongside our newest members Jennifer and Derek, the amazing directing duo who will take the reins for this exciting new chapter."

And don’t miss the final chapter of the franchise, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, coming soon to cinemas.

About Monster Pets: A Hotel Transylvania Short

Directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon. Written by Jennifer Kluska. Produced by Christian Roedel. Executive Producers are Michelle Murdocca and Genndy Tartakovsky. The film features the voices of Brian Hull (Dracula), Derek Drymon (Tinkles/Zombie/Gillman), Jennifer Kluska (Toots), Genndy Tartakovsky (Blobby/Puppy Blobby) and Jon Olson (additional monster pets).

About the Hotel Transylvania Franchise

Sony Pictures Animation’s $1.3 billion family film franchise Hotel Transylvania, follows Dracula, Mavis and all their monster friends and their adventures at Hotel Transylvania, a lavish five-stake resort where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them. The first film debuted in cinemas in 2012, followed by two sequels Hotel Transylvania 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation, which were released in 2015 and 2018, respectively. The final chapter, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, is scheduled to debut in 2021.

MEDIA RELEASE, Culver, City, Calif. – April 9, 2021

They say laughter is the best medicine, but what about the power of a cute puppy?

After weekly visits from Pippi, a five-month-old cocker spaniel, the aged care residents at Arcare Seven Hills have experienced first-hand the joy and laughter a dog can bring.

Brought in by her owner, Arcare Seven Hills Enrolled Nurse Elysse Hunter, Pippi (lead image) has quickly become an honorary resident in Jupiter, the Dementia community at Arcare Seven Hills, and even has her very own special spot reserved in the lounge!

“I started bringing Pippi in after I first got her in February, as I thought all of the residents would enjoy seeing and interacting with her,” Elysse says.

Little did Elysse know that Pippi’s presence would play a crucial role in keeping residents socially connected, particularly during the height of the pandemic, when volunteers, families and friends were not always able to visit.

“Some of the benefits we have seen in our residents has been reduced feelings of anxiety and agitation when Pippi is around,” Elysse adds. 

“We also find that Pippi can be a driver for engaging conversation, with some of the residents actually recalling personal accounts of their own pets, bringing back many fond memories for residents.”

When the residents see that Pippi is here to play, they eagerly finish up what they are doing to come over for pats and cuddles! Among those smitten with Pippi is Arcare resident, May Denronden (79yo), who lived with dogs all her life.

Seven Hills Residence Manager, Bhisan 'Bish' Shrestha also brings in his new puppy Alfie, a three-and-a-half-month-old Cocker Spaniel.

Alfie is still learning to navigate the world and socialise with other people and dogs. To help him get accustomed to his surroundings, General Services Manager, Alysha Ansell brings Alfie around in her trolley a sight which draws many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from residents and team members.

“Due to COVID, we haven’t been able to bring volunteer dogs in, so this is a small initiative to keep pet company going. Our residents love pets and their visits bring so much happiness and smiles to their daily life,” says Bish. “I hope to make Alfie a regular addition to the team at Arcare Seven Hills soon.”

With pet visits proven to be beneficial to seniors to support social connectivity, facilitated pet visits/outings and ‘bring your dog to work’ initiatives are employed regularly by Arcare residences and team members across its 42+ aged care residences in NSW, VIC and QLD. Not just dogs but cats, birds, rabbits, chickens and even horses (on occasion) are used at various residences.

Prior to COVID-19, Arcare Civic Manor (VIC) was a part of a chicken hatching program in which the residents cared for the eggs through their incubations period and upon hatching.

Arcare Waterview (VIC) also has its own birds and a bunny which live in the residences full-time and are cared for by the residents and team members.

Arcare also hosts regulated Pet Therapy sessions with trained pets and professionals. 

However, since COVID-19, Arcare has seen a drastic drop in the number of volunteers nationwide, meaning less opportunities for the residents to engage with the wider community and stay socially connected.

As the country moves to a new ‘covid-normal’, Arcare is hoping to see new faces (and paws) join their volunteer program to facilitate pet visits once volunteers are approved to return to physical visits.

For more information or to register your interest as a volunteer, visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 9th April 2021

Pooches prepare to hit the pavement for Million Paws Walk: Walk This May

The RSPCA's much-loved Million Paws Walk dog walking event is back in 2021 with a virtual alternative: Walk This May – and sign-ups are now open.

Because of COVID-19 developments, the RSPCA will hold Million Paws Walk as both a physical and a virtual event, where dog lovers will walk their pet for 30, 45 or 60 minutes a day throughout the month of May to raise money for the RSPCA and be a hero for dogs in need.

There will also be a handful of local events taking place in South Australia and one community walk in Darwin; however people from across the country can sign up for the virtual walk on the Million Paws Walk: Walk This May website.

Million Paws Walk: Walk This May celebrates a mutual love of animals while keeping owners and pets healthy and safe as they hit the pavement in their own backyards and neighbourhoods.

“Much like last year, COVID-19 restrictions have affected our ability to hold physical walks”, said RSPCA Australia CEO Richard Mussell.

“Even whilst actively practicing social distancing and maintaining good hygiene, it is still so important to actively entertain and exercise not only ourselves, but our pets.

“Events like Million Paws Walk are even more crucial in such challenging times, as we depend on fundraising and donations to continue the life saving work that we do.

“I encourage everybody to make the best of and cherish the companionship of your beloved pets during this tough time, and to please continue supporting the work of the RSPCA where you can. Some 30,000 precious pups that are homeless or victims of cruelty or neglect come through our shelter doors every year, which is why events like this, and the heroes that make it possible, are so important.”

In the lead up to the event, participants are encouraged to fundraise online and through merchandise sales available on the Million Paws Walk: Walk This May website. This will contribute to supporting the RSPCA’S work within the community, including caring for and re-homing some 112,000 animals that depend on us each year.

#MillionPawsWalk and #MPWDOGSQUAD will be used across social media to allow walkers to share images and routes.

Detailed information, registration forms, fundraising progress and merchandise are available for individuals to view and purchase at

Liberty Foundation Launches Rehoming Service for Ex-Research Animals 

Coinciding with World Laboratory Animal Week (19-24 April 2021) a special rehoming service will open its doors to Australians wanting to support animals coming out of research facilities.

Liberty Foundation is Australia’s first service dedicated solely to rehoming the full range of animals from science and research, as pets and companions.

The launch week is significant for another reason, according to founder and director of Liberty Foundation, Paula Wallace: “We think World Laboratory Animal Week is a good time to let everyone know that we are here and to take a moment to remember that there are many animals in laboratories around the world, including here in Australia.

“The good news is that an increasing number of them are finding a new life outside of research as pets and valued members of families and communities around Australia.”

Ellie enjoyed some time in foster care
before going to her forever home
Liberty Foundation
started rehoming in late 2017 and since that time has found loving forever homes for more than 350 animals from research facilities. 

They include rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, dogs and catsIt has rehoming agreements in place with a number of large research establishments in New South Wales and plans to expand nationally.

“We have built up the charity to a point where we can officially launch as a professional, effective and sustainable service that puts the needs of animals at the forefront of everything we do,” said Ms Wallace.

“Our activities to date have proven that these animals can achieve a very high quality of life and transition well to life outside the research establishment.

From the 19-24th of April we’ll be encouraging members of the public to find out more about Liberty Foundation through our website and other channels. We will be releasing special videos every day on Facebook and our YouTube channel that demonstrate the values of our organisation: compassion, inclusion, joy, hope and love.”

There are literally millions of animals used for research and scientific purposes in Australia each year, across a wide range of species from livestock to natives and companion animals. They are used in a range of settings such as universities, hospitals, agriculture, medical and veterinary research and government facilities.

While it’s difficult to ascertain how many animals might be suitable for rehoming from the millions used each year for scientific and research purposes, it is estimated that there may be around 1,000 dogs and 500 cats each year in NSW, along with thousands of smaller animals.
Jonty after his first tentative steps at his new home has now become a confident, affectionate boy

“It is safe to say that most of these animals would have been euthanised. While there are some progressive research establishments already rehoming their animals, the vast majority are humanely killed when they are no longer needed,” Ms Wallace said.

“We have had the support of some very proactive research establishments that have come onboard to try something new and to provide more sustainable outcomes for the animals in their care.”

Liberty Foundation was recognised last October at the Jetpets Companion Animals Rescue Awards, taking out the category of “Outstanding New Rescue Group”.

The organisation works on a foster/adopt model and places animals within the community. It hopes to establish a sanctuary in the future with the support of donors and people joining the organisation for an annual membership fee.

“People can go to our website and join up as a member right now. It’s a way to show your support and stay connected with us through our regular email newsletter,” Ms Wallace said.

“Animals in research are part of our community, they are not forgotten, they are not invisible, they are beautiful and they are part of us. It is up to us to provide a place for them to live out the course of their natural lives in peace after their time in research. In many cases, they have nowhere else to go.”

You can find out more about Liberty Foundation at 

You can follow them on Facebook at 

Watch their latest compilation video here: 

Some information on the use of animals for scientific and research purposes:

On average, in the ten years between 2008-2017, the number of animals used for scientific and research purposes in Australia was 6.4 million annually. The most recent figures, from 2017, suggest around 7 million, but the numbers have been rising in recent years.

If you consider national figures from 2017, the number of animals used (some of whom could be suitable for rehoming as companion animals) included mice (1,471,837); rats (124,472); guinea pigs (8,653); rabbits (4,768); cats (2,587) and dogs (11,368). There are many more species that could also benefit from rehoming such as birds, pigs, goats, sheep, horses and reptiles.

Anecdotally, it has been suggested there may be around 1,000 dogs available for rehoming in NSW each year and a lesser number of cats, around 500

However, these figures are only educated guesses. With current collection of statistics from state governments, which are not nationally consistent, it is difficult to ascertain how many of these animals may be available for rehoming each year. 

MEDIA RELEASE, 7th April 2021

In the last 12 months, many of us have been bonding with our pooches at home, and as a result, new data shows an increasing number of couples now plan to make them part of their wedding day.

With over 7,897 posts on Instagram, the hashtag #dogringbearer is becoming increasingly popular, whilst Google data shows a 71% search increase for the term ‘dog ring bearer’ since lockdown began.

But how do you train your dog to be a wedding ring bearer? 

And what’s the best way to avoid a hiccup? Steven Stone Jewellers (UK) teamed with Certified Animal Behaviourist, Caroline Wilkinson, from digital pet coaching service, Barketplace, to reveal everything you need to know.

She said: “Choosing to have your dog as your ring bearer is a great way to include them on your wedding day. Your pet plays a huge role in your life and gives you a lifetime of love, so it’s no wonder you want to return the favour.”

Jess and Damien's wedding with their Huskies Ayra and Jasper. Photo Credit: By the Pauls 

Any type of dog has the potential to be a great ring bearer, however you will need to do some training if they don’t know basic ques or are anxious around large crowds. As wedding restrictions are set to lift later this year, I expect more couples will want to involve their pets, after spending so much time bonding with them during lockdown.”

Which basic commands does your dog need to know?

If your dog doesn’t respond to basic commands or they’re known to pull on a lead, you’re probably going to need to spend some time on training before you brave the aisle.
Caroline reveals what commands to consider practicing a couple of months before the wedding.

Expert advice: “If you’re planning to keep your dog off the lead, teaching them to respond to “wait” will allow them to stay calmly at the end of the aisle away from you, until it’s time for them to perform. They will also need a good recall - so you can call them to you - or a “send away” cue - so that the person in charge of them for the day can ask them to go to you at the right time.

“A sit or a down might also be useful so that your dog can hold a static position while you unhook a pillow or box from their back. And finally, if you would like your dog to hold the ring box or basket, then you would also need a “hold”, “bring” and “drop” cue.”

If know your dog gets nervous with people staring at them, start practicing recall in busier locations where there are lots of people. This will help acclimate your dog and will give you a sense of their readiness.

Should you keep your dog on a lead?

Jess and Damien's wedding with their Huskies Ayra and Jasper. Photo Credit: By the Pauls 

If you know your pooch is too stubborn to learn new commands, then the alternative option is to keep them on their lead and have a bridesmaid or groomsman walk them down the aisle.

Expert advice: “Having your dog on a lead will be useful if they are unlikely to follow instruction and will get easily distracted. You might also want one of the wedding party to be responsible for walking the dog down the aisle, and a lead means that your dog will hopefully follow that person instead of stopping to say hello to each guest.”

How can you keep your dog calm if they get over-excited?

Your wedding is exciting for you, so imagine how exciting it must be for your pet. With extra guests comes extra attention, meaning if they’re not used to fuss and they’ve only been spending time with the people living in your household lately, there’s a chance they’ll jump up and run wild. The last thing you want is paw prints on your wedding dress, so how can you keep them calm?

Expert advice: “Remember that this event will be just as exciting for your dog as it will be for you, so ensuring that your dog is used to being around more people and feels comfortable ahead of the wedding will help them remain calm.

You can also prep some long-lasting chews for them to enjoy during any “waiting around” time - chewing is great for creating calm feelings for our dogs.

Having someone they trust on hand to be their carer for the day means they can step in and take the dog for a walk or some quiet time if needed - you might want to use a professional here who isn’t also a guest at the wedding, then they can be focused solely on your dog’s wellbeing.”

How can you stop them from barking?

Alongside wagging tails, with excitement comes barking. Barking is last thing you want your dog to do at your ceremony, but why does it happen? And how can you keep them quiet?

Expert advice: “Barking will usually present itself if the dog is feeling over-excited, frustrated or anxious. You need to ensure that your dog feels comfortable in the environment they’re in. 
To avoid barking, ask guests to allow your dog some space, instead of smothering them with strokes and attention.

“You can also ask the person who’s responsible for your dog on the day to have plenty of small treats ready to reward quiet moments and for scattering on the floor for your dog to sniff if they get overwhelmed.”

What is the safest way to secure the rings to the dog?

Once you’re feeling confident that your dog is ready to walk down the aisle, it’s time to think about how you’re going to secure your wedding rings to them. You don’t want them to irritate your pooch, or risk them becoming detached halfway down the aisle, so it’s vital you choose the best method.

Expert advice: “The easiest way to secure the rings to your dog would be to have them attached to the back of your dog’s harness.
“This will allow you to easily remove the rings when they reach you - and also means you don’t need to teach them to carry a basket or box to you. Just make sure there’s nothing hanging down from your dog’s neck that they can either trip over or potentially want to chew, which could risk swallow hazards.”

If you also want your dog to wear something cute, like a bowtie or dress, practice with them in the outfit and make sure they like it and are comfortable. By the big day they should be accustomed to whatever outfit they are wearing.

How can you stop them from peeing during the ceremony?

Regardless of how well behaved your dog is, there’s one thing you can’t control, and that’s the natural urge to mark their territory. So, is there a way to stop your dog from peeing at the altar? Or even worse, on your mother-in-law? Thankfully, our expert has some tips for managing this problem.

Expert advice: “If you know your dog likes to leave their scent behind when in new environments, it might be that they're feeling a little overwhelmed. Scent-marking can make a dog feel more comfortable in situations they aren't familiar with.

“Make sure your dog has had a short walk prior to the ceremony - and that they've been encouraged to pee a few times outside of the venue just beforehand too. If you can, allow your dog the chance to visit the venue in advance of the big day - so you can see how comfortable they are there. Whoever is walking your dog down the aisle, can also keep their nose focused with a handful of tasty treats so they've got something different to think about than marking on the nearest chair.

“Once your dog's role is complete, ask the person in charge of them to take them back outside for a nice sniff around until it's time for a few photos.”

MEDIA RELEASE, 7th April 2021

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Two legs, four legs and a waggly tail... What’s the difference? 

They’re both your sole focus and you’re their mum! Bask in maternal love for your furkids with these pawsome gift ideas for Mother's Day 2021. 

Designer Pet Portraits are a special gift for any dog owner that captures a special moment of your pet and lasts a lifetime.

Each portrait is hand-designed to capture your dog's unique personality and character.

Another option is the recently released Custom Pet Phone Cases so you can literally take your furry friend with you, everywhere you go!

These Custom Pet Portrait Prints are printed on museum quality paper and comes in a range of sizes (A4-A1). They also use the high-quality ‘giclĂ©e’ printing method which helps to produce that premium fine art finish.

A perfect last-minute gift idea for Mum, these gorgeous pet portraits are made in Australia and can be designed and delivered in as little as 5 working days with express shipping available Australia-wide.

Save 30% off fine art prints for a limited time only.

Price: from $59-$129 at

Woof & Wolf create personalised and stylish dog breed prints.

These are a wonderful keepsake for your own dog and also make a thoughtful and lasting gift for dog lovers. 

All are printed on quality A4 textured card and feature a hand-drawn illustration by the Woof & Wolf team.

Learn about your dog’s interesting history and temperament as well as stories of famous dogs of the same breed.

They have a range of breeds ready to order and are also able to create custom breed and pet memorial prints. Why not get in touch with any special requests in the lead up to Mother’s Day?

RRP: starting at $29.99 (free shipping within Australia) at

We know that burning (most) essential oils is a no-no when you have pets but these pure soy candles by Melbourne-based Cider and Basil are dog-friendly!

Their "Dog, Netflix, Weekends." luxurious warm and woody scented candle with Australian Sandalwood & Vanilla is perfect for a relaxing night in with your beloved pets and a glass of wine. 
It will add warmth and help you wind down along with your favourite series!

The distinct top notes are Bergamot & Lemon Peel, with middle notes of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Patchouli and blended with Vanilla

All candles provide around 35-40 hours of burning time.

RRP: $29.99 at

Wild Woolly Heads make adorable miniature replicas of your dog right here in Australia! 

Each piece is handcrafted to highlight the uniqueness of every dog. 

Made with handcrafted clay noses, glass eyes, and 100% Aussie/NZ wool to support local wool farmers. These creations are heirloom quality and leave a small footprint on our planet like the dogs they represent. They are fun to own and also support people in their grief of losing a pet. 

Often gifted to people going into smaller accommodation who can’t take their beloved dog, or going into hospital and fretting about leaving their dog. These dogs have travelled far and wide with overseas students, grey nomads and backpackers taking their pooch on holidays with them so as not too miss them too much.

Use your promo code LOVEMUMS to also receive a free handmade leather collar as a mother’s day gift.

RRP: $260.00 (free shipping) at

This Universal-Fit Access Liner will keep mum’s car clean and stylish and it comes with its own Storage Bag.

Made from extremely durable, abrasion-resistant fabric, this liner provides maximum protection for the back of your vehicle's rear seats while keeping fur, dirt, sand and many of life's other messes out!

This is the only Liner (patented) on the market to feature universal access to rear seat anchor points via two head to head YKK Zippers centred between the headrest straps while maximising protection for the back of your seats.

This luxury quilted Access Liner offers a new level of style and practicality while ensuring your dogs have a comfortable padded space to relax in. The rubber-mesh covering the entire underside provides superior anti-slip protection.

The centre pocket incorporated into the backseat section provides convenient storage for travel essentials. The Large size includes a Bumper Guard and fits most SUVs.

RRP: $169.00 from

For the dog mum whose dog never leaves her side, why not give your pet a ride with a view with the PetSafe® Happy Ride™ Quilted Booster Seat?

Available in 2 sizes, this comfy and adjustable booster seat elevates your small dog to the perfect height to see out the window and watch as the scenery passes by.

The quilted microsuede pairs with a quilted pad liner for an extra-soft, stylish and comfy drive. A safety tether is included and attaches to your dog's harness, providing a safer ride for everyone in the vehicle. 

The headrest strap, lower seat strap and seat belt loops provide three attachment points for stability that can help dogs with car motion sickness or anxiety to enjoy a calmer, smoother drive. Easy to install on any front or back seat.

RRP: from $98.99 at

Whether you’re heading out for a coffee or taking a leisurely stroll this Mother’s Day, your four-legged buddy can join you in comfort and in style! 

Featuring drink holders and a handy storage compartment, the Pet Gear Jogger No Zip Pet Stroller is the perfect gift for active and adventurous pet mums.

For pets that are injured or simply prefer to be carried, this fully equipped pet stroller has all you need. Padded for extra protection, the jogger offers senior pets the ability to explore the outdoors with their owner comfortably. 
The overhead protection means pets can stay dry and protected in rain, hail or shine.

RRP: $303.99 from

Whether you are looking for a gift for mum, friends or yourself, you'll find lots of ideas in the Pet Lovers range available from MaxxWell Australia

Their Pet Lovers range includes a great selection of pawprint design jewellery for dog mums with the A, B & C (Anklets, Bracelets & Charms) of pawprint jewellery! You'll also find dog-themed earrings, pendants and more pawprint jewellery for dog lovers.

This functional jewellery is made from nickel-free, skin-friendly stainless steel. Some items also feature cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals for that extra bling. 

Think outside the box when it comes to uses of the pendants and anklets (wear them as bracelets!). 

Some items are also suitable to be worn by your dog on their collar.

RRP: starting from $40.00 at

Cooper and Kids
have just launched a new range of clothing for dog lovers! These tops make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for every incredible dog mum out there! They are designed in Australia by a crazy dog lover for dog lovers because they know that “Dogs really do Make us Happy!” 

They are high-quality, stylish and comfortable and are made from 100% Cotton. The range currently includes:
  • Paw Print Singlets
  • Dogs Make Me Happy T-shirts
  • Dogs Make Me Happy Long Sleeves
  • Paw Print Jumpers
RRP: $39.95-$89.95 (shipping Australia-wide) at

Made from a super cute dog print canvas and featuring a range of quirky slogans, these totes created by Australian registered animal charity Paws for Change are a great carry-all for shopping, gym, the beach or anywhere!

They are generously sized (50cm wide, 38cm deep) and crafted in a waterproof canvas with full waterproof lining so they’re durable and easy to clean.

Choose from one of their many slogans like “Namaste Home With My Dog”, “I Kissed A Dog And I Liked It”, “I Don’t Care Who Dies In The Movie As Long As The Dog Lives”, “Dogs Are The Best People” etc. or why not create your own?

RRP: $34.95 at

One of our favourite things is the Poochette, an innovative 5-in-1 walking bag created by Wag and Me to make dog walks easier and a lot more enjoyable!
This stylish neoprene bag is versatile, strong and convenient. It comes with a lead, that converts to a shoulder strap! With easy access to the fully insulated compartment where you can store your treats and keep them fresher for longer, ideal for the hot Australian summers. 

The Poochette can also hold your keys, phone and even a ball! It also has a dog waste bag dispenser for quick access. 

Why not get more out of your bag and turn it into a waist bag - perfect for dispensing treats during training too! This little gem can do it all! 

RRP: $44.95 (in Red, Navy or Black) at

Time to get those tails wagging with the latest
 Dog Lovers Tea Towel by Australian designer Burbia.

Featuring our iconic Aussie
 breeds like Kelpies and Cattle Dogs to the popular Labradors without forgetting our beloved Bitza, there are dog breeds from all over the world. 

Made from 100% linen in a classic Navy & Honey colour, it measures approx. 50cm x 70cm. 
The perfect gift for the dog loving mum always busy cooking a storm. 

If mum is more of a cat lover, there’s a Cat Lovers Tea Towel for her too!

RRP: $24.95 at

Dog Mum Box is a new gift box and subscription service for Australian dogs and their mummas and they’ve just released their themed Autumn “Golden Crunch” box, available during April and May.

Each box contains 5-7 themed products curated from other small Aussie businesses, which gives subscribers the opportunity to try handmade products from a range of local makers without having to find them and choose from their catalogue or pay for postage!

Usually offering a selection of doggy treats and toys, and matching human accessories, the Dog Mum Box subscription is delivered bi-monthly and the specific gifts included are kept as a surprise for you and your dog to unbox together on delivery day!

Previous boxes and single items are also available for individual purchase, so you can add an extra toy you’ve had your eye on to your next box or grab some treats from your favourite local businesses for your pupper to enjoy!

Our readers can enjoy 15% off subscription boxes or individual gift boxes using the code AUSDOGLOVER

RRP: $65.00 - $70.00 from

Peticular is a fantastic one-stop-shop to find unique gifts for dog lovers this Mother’s Day! 

This adorable Dirty Dog Kitchen Sponge Set from Fred is ready to get your dishes im-paw-sibly clean whilst having fun! RRP: $10.95

Sticky notes don’t have to be boring. Adopt the Dippy Dog Sticky Note Dispenser who will lovingly gaze up at you from your desk, whilst dispensing helpful notes! RRP: $14.95

For coffee lovers, this Dogs Before Coffee boxed mug from Annabel Trends reminds everyone that dogs rule! It comes presented in a beautiful box and makes a perfect gift for any crazy dog lover. RRP: $17.95

Bring a bit of style to the perennial gift of socks! These Pawsitive Vibes Only boxed socks make a lovely gift with a heartwarming quote inside. RRP $15.95

There are also cards, stationery, puzzles & games and more to cater for all states and budgets. Best of all, there’s free shipping on orders over $100

Shop now at  

Is mum a lover of all things fine, namely hounds and wines? Then a Grape to Glass private boutique wine tour around the Hunter Valley Wine country with her dog/s may be just the ticket to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Grape to Glass
are a family-run business that is fully accredited with Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association.  Tour guides are experienced, local wine lovers who will plan your tour and be with you the whole day.

All tours are 100% pet-friendly and can be customised for specific requirements (e.g. vegan, organic) or special occasions.

You’ll visit premium boutique wineries, breweries and distilleries with freebies and discounts such as chocolate and wine pairing, vineyard and gourmet picnic lunches and complimentary cheese platters! 
These 'Signature' Boutique Tours include all your tasting fees. 

$10 from every pet-friendly tour is proudly donated to Dog Rescue Newcastle.

RRP: from $109 pp (group of 6) - $189pp (for 2) at

Why not treat the whole family to a special week-end getaway including your dog/s? 

There are dog-friendly rooms at all Ovolo Hotels properties across Australia and unlike regular pet-friendly hotels that 'allow' dogs, Ovolo Hotels offer you an indulgent experience, complete with amenities (and treats!) to pamper you and your dog like a true VIP.

Each pet-friendly room (up to two 2 pets per room) is decked out with a plush dog bed, a no-mess eating and drinking mat, separate food and water bowls. Whilst mum tucks into her snacks, your V.I.Pooch can enjoy a designer ‘Doggy Bag’ full of drool-worthy dog toys, healthy dog snacks and handy poop bags to bring along on your walks, hikes and adventures all around town.

RRP: from $359.00/night (2 guests plus 1 or 2 dogs) at

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and this book is a must have for any dog mum! Dr Alex Hynes is an emergency veterinarian and director at Animal Emergency Service in Brisbane.

This book offers simple, concise and helpful information on the most common emergency illnesses and injuries for dogs. 

Through her years of emergency experience, Dr Alex Hynes wants to share her knowledge with dog owners including symptoms to look for, potential causes of illnesses, prevention and support, how to perform CPR, how to transport your dog to the vets, as well as what to expect when you arrive at the hospital.

You'll learn the first steps in emergency care for your furry friends including: Why is my dog vomiting? What foods are toxic to dogs? How can I tell if my dog is in pain? and much more...

RRP: $29.95 at

Puppies are wonderful, but there is something truly special about an old dog. It’s the grey muzzle and salt-and-pepper eyebrows; the face that says ‘been there, sniffed that’. More than anything, it’s the lifetime of love, laughter and licks. 

Most dog lovers wish their four-legged friends could live forever, and yet senior canines are surrendered to shelters and rescue groups in heartbreakingly high numbers. But every day, all over the world, elderly dogs are doing incredible things.

Dogs like Maya, a rescue dog who pioneered the technique used to save koalas after the Black Summer bushfires. Or Haole, who continued working as a surf therapy dog while battling cancer, and eighteen-year-old Holly, who survived for days lost in the Australian Outback.   

From saving lives and breaking records to leading online movements and surviving against the odds, stately seniors are wringing every ounce of joy and adventure from their lives. 

Any dog mum will enjoy meeting these geriatric tail-waggers in Extraordinary Old Dogs, proving there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet! 

RRP: $34.99 from all good bookstores and online retailers