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Porthos, Aramis and Conner: the Australian Dog Lover Review Team
Hi there, thanks for dropping by!

Australian Dog Lover was launched in October 2015 after we adopted Aramis, our second rescue Belgian Malinois and our third Belgian Shepherd.

After being a furmum for 10 years, I felt there was a lot of biased and confusing information when it came to matters of Health, Nutrition, Training with most of it being US-based with the majority of product suggestions simply not relevant to an Australian audience. The primary aim of this website is to promote responsible dog ownership (this includes encouraging adoptions) and an active lifestyle with pets.

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We love to work with brands, always aiming to put our unique spin on things and keeping all opinions our own.

Whether you are launching a new product or service in Australia, would like your company's products reviewed or would like to deliver a message or promotion to our audience we can tailor a package to suit you on the website or via our monthly free digital magazine.

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Please note that we only accept requests to review individual products if we believe these a great fit for our readers.

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Disclaimer: Any posts, advice or information contained on the Australian Dog Lover website and associated social media sites are not intended to substitute for the individual professional advice of a veterinarian or other qualified animal health and wellbeing experts.

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