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WalkiesAu poop bag holders keep your hands and the planet clean

Reducing dog waste and plastic waste at the same time with poop-bag holders made from 100% recycled bottle caps

WalkiesAu founder Elenor Hill (together with her pooch Miss Mia) are on a mission to change how we handle our dogs’ waste on walks.

Every dog walker knows the pain of searching out that elusive bin. The fact is that dogs just don’t like to do their business anywhere near a public bin, so you’re usually left holding the smelly bag - sometimes for ages. Until now.

They’ve created a 5-star reviewed, adorably paw-shaped poop bag holder, which is capable of carrying up to four loads and easily clips to your dog’s lead or a backpack (so you no longer need to hang up your phone call or awkwardly juggle your coffee away from that bag).

And the best part? Each bag holder is made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottle caps.

Elenor says, “The sustainability element is really important to me. Plastics have one of the worst recycling rates in Australia—with any plastic piece smaller than a credit card unable to be recycled and sent straight to landfill. We think bottle caps are a great choice. I hate carrying poop bags but didn’t want to create something that would just introduce more plastic to the world. I love that these holders can be made in a way that keeps our planet clean, as well as our hands!”

The plastic bottle caps are sourced from national environmental charity Lids4Kids Australia, which has been responsible for keeping millions of plastic lids out of landfill.

They process the recycled plastic lids into plastic shreds, which are then sent to WalkiesAu HQ, where Elenor and Miss Mia are hard at work creating repurposing them into their five-star dog-poop bag holder products. 

WalkiesAu also worked with social enterprise Precious Plastics Melbourne, the Environmental Business Award and Circular Economy Innovation Finalist, who provide manufacturing solutions to local businesses. 

All manufacturing is done in WalkiesAu HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Elenor says, “It took a while to get the design exactly right, but I am so proud that we have created something that’s sustainable, strong, supports local economy, and takes plastic waste out of landfill (and the dog waste out of my customers’ hands too). 

I love hearing all of my happy customers’ reviews and especially seeing all the pictures of their dogs! Now that makes me happy.”

The poop bag holders make a great gift for any dog lover in your life and come in eight different colour options: red, blue, pink, black, silver, green, blush pink, golden white, and orange. 

Every holder is made of recycled plastic and completely unique, so no two will ever be exactly the same colour. This is the beauty created in the process of recycling.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $18.00 from

Or if you’re having a day in Melbourne’s CBD, pop by the Flavours of Langham gift store, The Langham at 1 Southgate Ave, Southbank to see them in person.

WalkiesAu also welcomes stockist enquiries. If you think your customers would love this product, please contact them here 

You can also follow them @walkiesau on Instagram and on Facebook at

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