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Wolfhouse Dog Daycare & Adventure Campus

Wolfhouse recently opened its doors in Eagle Farm (Brisbane) offering something very unique to all the dogs that enrol with them!

Delivering a fresh approach to dog daycare and training, this facility would be more accurately described as a dog adventure and education campus - sprawled over nearly 1000m2 - 
with a premium American wilderness-themed area!

“We are all for dogs and this means we will accept even dogs who have prior behavioural issues” explains co-Founder Josh Woodhouse. “Both myself and co-Founder Riss - our Campus Dean and Head Trainer - are passionate about fostering and volunteering for rescue organisations.

Together, we handled some pretty tough cases with backgrounds that absolutely ripped out our hearts, however after gradual exposure to certain experiences in a controlled environment where they felt safe to learn, we were able to rehabilitate these dogs back into happy, balanced and socialised dogs, ready to start their own adventure with their forever family.

One day behind a desk at our former corporate jobs, we were struck with this idea to create a place of safety, education, experience and adventure using activities and elements from the wild, in true dog style. This satisfies the primal heart in all dogs which in turn helps us unlock the mind to work on a deeper level with these dogs.

Our facility is all about adventure with a constantly changing campus, including scents from wild animals (this week is an American Coyote!) and education. Team members have experience in handling everything from general behavioural issues, rehabilitation in rescue dogs and also introducing complex skills seen in service and assistance dogs to the family environment.

How can your dog join the Wolfhouse pack?

All newcomers to this Sanctuary must complete an Initiation Ritual. The enrolment form gives the team all the critical info they need to ensure your dog gets the best possible start as a new pack member!

The key to creating happy packs of puppers that are constantly changing on a daily basis lies in this initial assessment. Unique to Wolfhouse, it's a foundation step in providing safety and security for all dogs, including the staff’s own who come each day.

Discover the amazing facilities on the Campus

The campus is a behemoth with nearly 1000m2 that can more than compete with your local suburbia dog park! Dogs need space to stretch their legs and zoom at full noise wherever they choose. The campus is designed with the perfect balance of engaging habitats and open plains to meet every energy level’s needs.

The fitout blends the industrial backdrop with the wildness of nature. Whenever possible natural elements were used - clean recycled, filtered water for the plunge pool, local mountain rocks and river stones mixed with the pine and hardwood timber.

The Territories

As an output of the Wolfhouse Initiation Ritual, your dog will gain access to one of these three core territories.

The Library

The smallest of the core territories, this is a place for rest, recovery and relaxation. It is best utilised for that part of the day when your dog’s energy is at its lowest.

If your treasured pupper is accepted, he or she will enjoy leather bound recliners, beds made for royalty, clean rugged flooring and the very finest in canine art, literature and a daily updated musical banquet. This exclusive area is not open for all attendees, only those who are compatible with other philosophers of similar kind...

Riverstone Pass

Described by the owners as their most engaging territory, Riverstone Pass delivers the true essence of the wild. It includes the extraordinary Globe Lagoon which is truly a ball haven, the Smells of the World Signpost, a suspended wooden rope bridge, tee-pee and tunnels with the aptly named Riversto
ne stream flowing through the centre, bordered by mountain rock and forested with trees.

Riverstone Pass is available for all of our dogs throughout a full day of care. 

Pioneer’s Wilderness

The largest territory on campus - more than twice the size of any of the others - is perfect for the high-energy types to burn their energy mentally and physically through these high octane adventures!

Your dogs can frolic through open meadows, scale Mt. Wolfhouse, explore the X-Elemental obstacle course, become acquainted with the scents of predators and prey from around the world, then crash in forest beds under the shade of the towering pine tree forest!

Waterfall Springs

Waterfall Springs is a water zone designed for cooling and introducing dogs to the water. It is a closed zone only opened at certain points during the day and is also used heavily in the rehabilitation process to build trust and confidence between dog and human. Waterfall Springs is due to open by the end of August 2017.
Solitude Den

The Solitude Den is a space void of all loose dogs and a very important space for those dogs on the road to rehabilitation.

It allows trainers to teach and expose the dogs at their own pace and then retreat to a secure and protected ‘den’ that is all their own. The dogs that need this space are able to completely relax whilst they are recovering for the next step in their rehabilitation process.

Wolfhurst 500 Raceway

This territory runs down the facility on the perimeter and is designed for all dogs to do what comes naturally… RUN… as fast as they can! 

Puppers of all shapes and sizes have a crack and the leaderboard is updated every day with bragging rights on display for any throw downs track side.

This territory is strictly for high energy dogs that need extra motivation to be challenged physically. It is another zone that is only opened to specific dogs during key times in the day (as dictated by temperature).

Training & Education

The Wolfhouse approach to dog training and education approach is progressive and positive and based on their extensive experience in rehabilitating dogs with a much less fortunate start than most. 

It starts with the initial assessment process, crafted to provide an in-depth and detailed WAP (Wolfhouse Aptitude Profile) report. This enables the team to understand which part of the campus is your pup's best fit, how they learn, what motivates them, how they respond to particular stimuli and how they interact with unfamiliar humans and dogs.

"Wolfhouse's vision is to be one of the world's leading examples of canine sanctuary and enlightenment through adventure and education. If Wolfhouse can change our little corner of the world and help some of these dogs with issues before they enter the rescue system, we just might get to a point where we are enlightening enough dogs to make a difference to our society" concluded Josh.

Soon to come to Wolfhouse are Grooming and Hydrobath services onsite as a well as a Loyalty Program.

Contact Details

Wolfhouse is open from Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 7:00pm

Address: Eagle Farm Campus, 2/31 Harvey Street North, Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009 

For more information, please visit

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