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Dog Lovers Book Club - May 2024

Make a dog mum's day memorable with these Mother's Day book gift ideas!

This month's selection features our top picks of books across non-fiction, canine behaviour and relaxing options like puzzle games and colouring books. Plus some illustrated children's educational books to entertain the younger dog lovers.

Official Workbook

by Michelle Waitzman

What if you could be as happy as your dog?

This workbook is a companion to the popular self-help book Be as Happy as Your Dog: 16 Dog-Tested Ways to Be Happier Using Pawsitive Psychology. It turns the theories and suggestions in that book into easy and fun exercises that will add more happiness to your life every day. 

Each section of the workbook corresponds to one chapter in the book, representing one dog-tested way to be happier.

Dogs enjoy whatever comes their way - a chance to play, walk, eat, cuddle, or sleep. They're always ready to show you how happy they are and how much they enjoy being with you. They don't fret over things that happened in the past or that might happen in the future. A dog's default position is to be happy - right here, right now.

Author Michelle Waitzman takes a low-stress approach to self-help. There's no big life-changing program to follow and no right or wrong order to do things. You simply use the suggestions and exercises that work best for your life and give you the most joy.

Happiness is not a destination, it's a choice you make every moment of every day. Isn't it time to make your happiness a priority?

Paperback, 60 pages
Publisher: Michelle Waitzman, 1st March 2024

RRP: $23.16 from

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
A Dog a Day: 365 stories of delightful dogs to brighten every day

orting the work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Enjoy a heartwarming dog to brighten every single day of the year. From Pickles, the dog who single-handedly saved the 1966 world cup, to Pal, who found silver screen fame as the original Lassie, Battersea's A Dog a Day contains 365 fascinating stories of dogs to enjoy throughout the year.

Beautifully packaged and illustrated throughout with charming illustrations of cheeky puppies and hounds, this is the perfect book for any lover of our four-legged friends.

Produced under license from Battersea Dogs Home Limited to go towards supporting the work of UK charity Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Hardcover‏:‎ 304 pages
Publisher‏:‎ Welbeck, 12th October 2023

Price: $38.97 from

by Fiona Gibson

The perfect laugh-out-loud read for dog lovers!

A straying husband. A broken heart. And a crazy rescue dog in a town of posh pooches…

When Kerry Tambini upped sticks with her family to a new home on the coast, she couldn’t have been happier. Then husband Rob made the biggest mistake of his life…

Stranded with her children in snooty Shorling, Kerry has plenty on her plate. So how can she say no to the kids' pleas for a dog when they're missing their father dreadfully? Will adopting a wayward hound lead Kerry to a new love – or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

As she steps back into the dating world Kerry must juggle her family, her neurotic dog and try to fit in with the local pedigree mums, making her a true heroine for our time.

Paperback, 432 pages
Publisher: ‎ Avon GB, 5th March 2013

Price: $12.99 from

A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend

by Lili Chin

Dogs communicate with so much more than barks and tail wags, and misreading doggie body language makes life challenging for dogs and their humans.

This small but mighty book is your perfect illustrated guide to seeing and understanding the subtle visual cues and interpreting the behaviours used by your beloved pup to express how they re feeling. 

The more we notice and listen to what our dogs are trying to tell us, the more we can improve our relationship with our best friends, helping them to feel safe and happy.

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Octopus, 29th December 2020

Price: $15.39 from

Brain-Teasing Puzzles, Games and Trivia
by Kate May 

Whether you've already established yourself as an elite pup parent or you simply love canines and their quirks, you're certain to have a ball with this collection of dog-themed puzzles.

When your hands need a break from giving nose-boops, head-scratches and tummy rubs, or if it's raining cats and dogs outside, why not press "paws" and enjoy a puzzle or two?

From classic conundrums and quizzes to cryptic crosswords and sudokus, whether you choose to while away the hours or simply dip a paw in, there is plenty within these pages to keep your mind as strong as a dog's devotion.

Inside you will find a variety of puzzles, including:

✔️ Find the names of famous dogs hiding within word searches
✔️ Spot the differences between snapshots of common dog habits
✔️ Solve the maze to reunite the puppy with its bone
✔️ Answer tail-wagging trivia to learn about rare dog breeds

Hardcover: ‎ 240 pages
Publisher: ‎Summersdale, 1st edition, 31st October 2023

RRP: $29.99 at

50 Cute Dog Illustrations 

by Khatiba Press 

Dog mums, chase the winter blues away with this cute dog adult colouring book filled with 50 detailed designs of dogs and puppies in a variety of scenes such as a dog relaxing on the beach, wearing a hat, surrounded by flowers and more.

Suitable for adults who love to colour as it provides relaxation and stress relief. Teens who love pets like dogs will also enjoy this colouring book

Dog lovers will find different types of dogs including Labrador, Dachshund, Pug, German Shepherd and more. All designs are placed on a single side.

Paperback,‎ 104 pages
Publisher:‎ Khatiba Press, 12th May 2023

Price: $12.83 from

Life through a dog's eyes

by Elaine Jacques

Paws for thought is an exploration of life seen through the eyes of woman's best friend. 

Via a collection of short stories, we experience emotions ranging from humour, loss and love as well as the boundless energy of a soul thoroughly content with his lot in life.

Paperback, 90 pages
Published: 23rd February 2024

RRP: $18.49 from 


A Book of Bravery

by Jess Bolton 

There's so much to be anxious about in this world: meeting new people, unfamiliar sounds, and worst of all, the seagulls that try to steal your chips. Worried Whippet counters that anxiety with humour and heartfelt inspiration.

Worried Whippet
is a whimsically illustrated book that inspires you to take a cue from one anxious little dog, to muster up your courage, and step out into the world with hope. 
Follow along as one fearful little Whippet named Jess, made popular on social media, journeys out of her cosy bed to join her friends and conquer all the things that scare her most.

In these pages, you fill find:
✔️ Simple, yet profound, short stories on bravery, featuring Jess and her friends
✔️ Encouraging messages for adults coping with anxiety (that kids will also understand)
✔️ Inspiration for overcoming irrational fear and becoming a little braver every day
✔️ Musings on friendship, love, and happiness

Illustrations featuring English beaches and countryside that will translate worry into whimsy for adults and kids.

This is a fantastic gift to give for graduations, birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, National Dog Day, National Brave Day, pet adoptions, as a gift of encouragement, or for anyone who loves dogs. Keep Calm and Whippet On!

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher : ‎Harper Collins Australia, Imprint: Harper Celebrate AU, 8th December 2023

Price: $25.27 at


How a Puppy Becomes Your Dog

by Alexandra Horowitz

What is it like to be a puppy? What's going on in their minds? In this adaptation for young readers, Alexandra Horowitz answers those questions all kids have - and more!

Many people don't have the privilege of meeting their dog the day they were born. They don't know what it was like when their puppy took their first steps, or how wet their nose was, or if they got along with their siblings. 

Alexandra Horowitz is a dog scientist who had the lucky opportunity to be by her puppy's side on the day he was born, and was able to put her dog science skills to good use and study her dog, Quid's, every move, from birth until her first birthday.

Readers will delight in observing Quid's development week to week. How she begins to see and smell the world, how she interacts with her human family of five, and when she starts to develop her own personality. Equal parts scientific and adventurous, Alexandra Horowitz's deep study of her own puppy is a enticing read for readers of all ages.

Whether they're a dog person or not, Year of the Puppy will engage all readers. . . and maybe might even turn some reluctant humans into dog-lovers.

Hardcover, 224 pages
Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers, 16th April 2024
For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

RRP: $35.80 at

How Our Furry Friends Experience the World

by Stephanie Gibeault, illustrated by Raz Latif 

A playful yet scientifically precise exploration of a dog's five senses that will help readers better appreciate the canine point of view. 

Did you know that dogs have millions more olfactory receptors than humans and that their noses are built to reserve some air that they breathe in just for smelling? So why the butt sniffing? 

Actually, dogs discern a lot of information about another dog from a whiff of that region, including the dog's health and eating habits. In five chapters that explore each of a dog's senses, and an additional chapter that questions whether dogs might have senses that people don't, this middle-grade nonfiction book explains canine senses from both evolutionary and scientific perspectives. 

Sidebars offer additional information throughout the text, including hands-on activities that let readers experience a dog's sensory abilities for themselves. 

Written with an approachable tone and loaded with fascinating facts, Making Sense of Dog Senses presents readers with both curious and practical insights into their canine pals' behaviour.

Hardcover, 48 pages
Publisher: Owlkids Books Inc., 16th April 2024
For Ages: 7 - 10 years old

RRP: $40.35 from

by Abby Elise Reid Heilman, illustrated by Brooke O'Neill

All around the dog park, what do I see?

No other dogs who look like me....

Tall or tiny; slender, fluffy, or round-every dog is welcome at the dog park!
Just like humans, no two pups look quite the same, but all of them know how to have fun.

Take a romp with some furry pals in this pawsome little tale that teaches kids to love themselves and embrace one another's differences.

Paperback, 24 pages
Publisher: Warren Publishing, 16th April 2024
For Ages: 4 - 7 years old

RRP: $18.83 from

a story about social anxiety

by Dave Cohen

Pace is an adopted rescue dog who struggles with social anxiety, spending most of his time hiding behind a couch. 

Through a series of events and experiences, beautifully illustrated, he overcomes his fears to become a happy, healthy, fun-loving pet.

Each two page spread has descriptive text on the left, and a representative illustration on the right. The illustration prompts young readers with "Then, one day..." to turn the page and see what happens next.

Children struggling with social anxiety will readily identify with Pace on his journey as he deals with situations including loud noises, new and different kinds of friends, and a special learning environment. 

In the end, Pace works up the courage and becomes "The Dog in Front of the Couch".

Paperback, 34 pages
Publisher: David Cohen, 17th March 2024
For Ages: 0 - 12 years old

RRP: $15.98 at

A Bedtime Story For Kids
by Claritza Rausch Peralta, Liam D. Montiel 

Come along on a charming journey with Snowy, the playful pup who just couldn't resist taking a nibble of the moon!

This delightful bedtime story teaches us about courage and the power of imagination. Perfect for little ones who adore whimsical tales and happy endings.

Get ready to snuggle up and enjoy a story that will leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Paperback, 34 pages
Publisher: Claritza Rausch-Peralta, Large print edition, 15th March 2024
For Ages: 0 - 9 years old

RRP: $27.67 from 


Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!

Bluey and Chucky are watching the footy with their families. But Chucky's parents are on opposing teams, so can Bluey help him pick a side?

A gorgeous board book for kids of all ages about sporting rivalry and spending time with family.

Bluey is an award-winning preschool show about Bluey, a blue heeler pup, and her family. Airing on ABC KIDS, the show has amassed legions of dedicated fans and hugely popular ranges of books, toys, clothes, games and more.

Board Book, 24 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books, Imprint: Puffin, 14th May 2024

RRP: $16.99 from all good bookstores and online. 
To pre-order, visit

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