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Loyalty Pet Treats for Dogs - Review

We all know that our pets live longer through the food we feed themThese Aussie made pet treats are manufactured on the Sunshine Coast to the highest standards with no compromise on the product’s composition or its quality!

Tired of seeing only highly processed dog treats on supermarket shelves as your only option during grocery shopping? You can never be entirely sure of what is in them or where they were manufactured but when you're in a hurry, you may occasionally grab a pack hoping for the best (until the next food recall that is...).

There is a perception that buying all natural human-grade pet treats is expensive and certainly when we visit dog markets and events, we sometimes find that pricing does not reflect what is in the pack…

What is different about the Loyalty Pet Treats range?

The owners of Loyalty Pet Treats are passionate about supporting healthy food choices for all pets and real hands-on manufacturers, not simply marketers whose product is made by someone else and branded under another name. 

They can guarantee all pet treats they sell are manufactured by them - and assure you of its composition and quality!

Loyalty Pet Treats is also the only pet treat manufacturing company in the world using a unique exclusive advanced dehydration technology, following HACCP principles and Safe Food Queensland standards.

Using refrigeration, coupled with their patented Nutrieseal™ system, they dehydrate pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures to produce premium quality treats every time. The Nutrieseal™ system is designed for dehydrating food products and seal in the flavours, not just for meats but also in fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit.

The result is a diverse range of low-fat, nutrient dense treats full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Though primarily aimed at dogs, all these treats can also be eaten by cats and even ferrets!

The extensive Loyalty Pet Treats range

Only a sample of the many varieties of Loyalty Pet Treats - what shall I have first?
There are dozens of treats to choose from - including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood etc. - so even if your dog is allergic to one or more proteins, you can still find something healthy to wet his/her appetite! We were excited to come across some new and original combinations in addition to the traditional jerky and liver treats normally used for training.

1. Tasty Trainers Pure Beef

Tasty Trainers Pure Beef are made from Queensland premium beef with nothing added. Our dogs loved the pleasant natural smell so this easily became a one bite treat for a special reward and yes, this is a high value treat that commands their full attention!

2. Tasty Trainers Reef & Beef
With a low fat content of only 6%, Tasty Trainers Reef & Beef are a nutritional and healthy treat. 

As a training tool, both treats are very easy to break into small pieces and easy to keep in your treat bag or pocket without leaving you with greasy fingers..

3. Chicken Nibbles
These 100% Australian Chicken Breast Jerky were only 2.1% fat, both suitable for dogs and cats. These chicken treats are made with “human grade” quality breast meat!

Aramis has her eyes on a Quackal Duck Liver Treat
4. Quackals Pure Duck Liver
This treat is best saved for the fussy cat or (or hard to train) dog. As with all these treats, the Nutrieseal TM process intensifies the natural aromas of the duck liver and even the fussiest pet will not be able to resist this treat!

5. Lamb Morsels
These Lamb Liver Morsels are thin and crispy using only Australian grass fed lamb. 
These liver treats are easy to break and perfect for pets with sensitive tummies, food allergies and skin conditions
6. Flivers 
Fliver is 100% pure Australian natural fish and liver with no binding agents, no additives, no preservatives. Mouth-watering for your pet and one of our dog's favourites! Very easy to break into small pieces for training, but a crunchy chewy treat if fed in a large piece.

7. Seafood Gems
The most common benefit of consuming green lipped mussels is the high concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have also showed it was an effective treatment for chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis in dogs.

Now if you're after value for money for your pooches, we would also highly recommend the following treats...

8. Chewy Roo treats 

These are made of 100% pure kangaroo meat and the company’s best sellers. Our dogs clearly agreed as these were the first to go! The texture of these long roo strips will help scratch off dental plaque residues and assist in preventing the build-up of tartar. It was great fun watching them tearing off long strips as some pieces were quite large so this treat may be best suited to the medium/large dog breeds and active chewers.

9. Duck wings are aromatic (no off-putting processed smells here) and definitely the drool making treats! As they are flight bones, these are softer and suitable even for an older pet with worn teeth, so our senior dog could happily partake! 

They're a great chew for the gums and teeth with the added benefits of being a delicious, healthy and nutritional snack. A digestible longer lasting treat - though with Malinois every morsel tends to be inhaled rather than chewed!

What We Really Liked

We did appreciate the effort that has gone into designing some colourful modern packaging which clearly labels all the ingredients, nutritional value and exact weight in each pack and also lets you see what's inside when you turn them over...

Most varieties are available in larger size packs which are more economical if you have larger dogs or a multi-dog household. Many treats are available starting from 100g all the way up to a 1kg bag depending on the flavours.

Despite the fact that there are no preservatives, additives, or binding agents all these treats will last 12-15 months if kept dry (no need to refrigerate) so our recommendation would be to get samples of each variety to mitigate postage costs if you're interstate.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $5.72 (100g Lamb Liver Morsels); $9.02 (100g Fliver); $27.55 (500g Chewy Roo); $56.63 (500g green-lipped mussels) but there are dozens of varieties and pack sizes available.

For more information and to order (delivery is available nationwide), please visit

Disclaimer: Product gifted by Loyalty Pet Treats for the purpose of this review

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