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Dog Lovers Book Club - November 2023

Can't bear the idea of a Christmas morning without unwrapping a pile of real books? Plus it's such an easy way to get started on your Christmas shopping, so dive into our latest selection of our Dog Lovers Book Club!

Christmas will be here before you know it so don't miss our 25 Christmas Gift Ideas to Spoil your Dogs!

The Definitive Visual Guide

by DK

A celebration of the canine world, combining history with practical information on dog breeds, health, care, and training

Explore the history and variety of our most faithful companions in this visual guide to over 400 different dog breeds.

From Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers, from gun dogs to designer breeds - and from Beethoven to Toto - for centuries, dogs have been adored for their unswerving loyalty, and this new edition of The Dog Encyclopedia provides the perfect celebration of the special relationship that binds humans with our four-legged friends.

Starting with their history, evolution, and anatomy, this lavishly illustrated book puts on a show of dogs in art and advertising, sport and service, and religion and culture, as famous dogs in fiction line up alongside heroic helpers. 

The catalogue introduces more than 400 dog breeds arranged in traditional categories, from primitive and working dogs to companion dogs and scent hounds. 

Each and every entry includes glorious photographs and fact-packed profiles detailing the individual character, compatible owner traits, and breed-specific advice. 

The third part of the book offers expert information on everything from exercising and feeding your dog to grooming and puppy training, along with a section on care to help you identify and deal with any canine health problems.

Combining fabulous photographs with information on the latest breeds, historical facts, and advice on every-day care, The Dog Encyclopedia is an indispensable owner's guide and a useful reference for professionals.

Hardcover, 360 pages
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley, 22nd August 2023

Special Price: $42.25 at

by Evi O, Andrew Grune

Rather than leaving your four-legged friend at home when seeking a nature adventure, Dog Trip Melbourne offers 52 getaways that both dogs and their people can enjoy, all within a 130 km radius of the CBD.

Escape the urban chaos with sandy escapades at the beach, splash about in waterfalls or bound through tranquil coastal rainforests. Every adventure has been tested, photographed and given an enthusiastic paw of approval. 

Presented in a user-friendly format, the collection includes maps showing walking routes and facilities, on and off-leash information, and a guide to trip highlights. Fire up your adventurous spirit and get those tails wagging with Dog Trip Melbourne.

Paperback, 240 pages
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Australia; Main edition (31 October 2023)

RRP: $34.99. Available from 

For a chance to Win 1 of 5 copies of Dog Trip Melbourneenter our competition here before 07/11/23!

by Sarah Hope

The Cornish sea air, old friends, and cuddles with a cute pup...

Sometimes you're just where you need to be...

After a difficult break-up, Poppy is keen to put the past behind her and what's better than some relaxing time with her aunt in the picturesque Cornish village of West Par?

But life at her aunt Flora's Dogs' Home is anything but relaxing. When a poor little pup is stranded at the gates, Poppy takes them for a check up at the local vet, hoping against hope they'll be fine.

And there she meets Mack: the vet who is so charming and experienced with the dogs, but selfish and - dare she say it - money-grabbing with his clients.
But underneath that cold exterior, she's sure there's more to the story. If only she could convince him to open up. Because without him, the future of Wagging Tails isn't so assured...

Paperback, 274 pages
Publisher: Boldwood Books Ltd, 18th October 2023

Price: $26.24 at 

by Ruth Shaw

Heart-warming and charming stories of dogs and books from the bestselling author of The Bookseller at the End of the World.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes visit Ruth Shaw's three wee bookshops in Manap?uri in the far south of Aotearoa New Zealand. Local dogs, holiday house dogs, travelling dogs: many have great stories, be they funny, sad, strange, bemusing, quirky or sweet.

Woven throughout are tales of the very special Hunza, the dog who worked with troubled teens alongside Ruth when she was a youth worker.

This is a window into the wonderful world of Ruth and her generous love of people, books and dogs. It's a must-read for dog fans, book fans and anyone who loved her first book, The Bookseller at the End of the World.

Hardcover, 272 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin NZ, 24th October 2023

Special Price: $28.50 from
by Lucas Riera, illustrated by Grace Helmer

True stories of 19 inspirational 'dogs with jobs'. Learn how dogs can help us in many ways: they can be assistance dogs, firefighters, rescuers, carers, companions to the elderly...

Dogs are more than just members of our families and faithful companions - they can be heroes too!

Not only are dogs incredibly cute, they are also really clever with different breeds having unique traits that can be very helpful in risky situations. This book is a tribute to the abilities that dogs have to help us, and the 19 amazing stories of inspirational doggy heroes are perfect for young readers.

Written in collaboration with the Affinity Foundation (France & Spain), an organisation focussing on helping abandoned pets and raising awareness about how great an impact pets have on humans, each of the brave dogs covered is even more impressive than the last.

You'll read about: Dogs who help the elderly, unhoused people and people learning hard lessons in prisons by offering their canine compassion. Working dogs who are part of the police department, fire brigade, and mountain rescue.

Hardcover, 48 pages
Publisher: Welbeck, 24th October 2023

Price: $14.95 (pre-order) at

Over 200 Pawsome Canine Facts for Dog Lovers

by Willow Creek Press

You might think you are a dog expert, but how much do you really know about Man's Best Friend? 

Challenge your canine knowledge, from how many breeds does the American Kennel Club recognise, or what is the tallest dog breed, to how do you know if your dog is content or relaxed. 
If you're having a ruff day, this collection of barking good jokes, paw-some trivia, and belly-rubbing fun is the ulti-mutt way to feel better in no time. I

Includes quotes, true or false questions, Facts about Famous Dogs, Know Your Dog Breed trivia and more!

Hardcover, 112 pages
Publisher: Willow Creek Press, 18th September 2023

RRP: $27.90 from 

A Visual Reference Guide to Sketching 100 Animals Including Popular Dog & Cat Breeds! (with over 800 illustrations)
by Sadao Naito

A one-of-a-kind visual reference with sketch studies for 100 different animals.

Loaded with hundreds of tips and examples, this sourcebook contains sample sketches of a hundred different animal species - including mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and fish. 

In addition to notes, sidebars and anatomical diagrams, there are step-by-step drawing exercises, watercolour painting tutorials and an artist's gallery containing the author's own artworks that will surprise and inspire you to further develop your own drawing skills.

This unique reference work includes creatures from all branches of the animal kingdom:

✔️ Land Mammals including dogs, cats, monkeys, bears and horses
✔️ Amphibians & Reptiles including komodo dragons, lizards and crocodiles
✔️ Marine Mammals including dolphins and whales
✔️ Birds including eagles, owls, cranes, parrots and penguins
And dozens of others!

Author Sadao Naito is an award-winning wildlife illustrator. He is a member of the World Wildlife Fund, the Wild Bird Society of Japan and the International Society of Animal Artists.

Paperback, 176 pages
Publisher: Berkeley Books3rd October 2023

Special Price: $28.50 at
by Kristyna Litten

A visual celebration of the huge variety of dogs found across the world, from those you already know and love to those that may surprise you. As the book takes the reader on a journey around the world, it reveals dogs with the most important jobs, breeds with unusual features, record-breaking dogs and more.

What is the oldest breed of dog? Can dogs sniff out illnesses? Which breed has six toes?

Including a stunning central gatefold that opens out to reveal all 80 dog breeds and where they come from, this book is a visual celebration of the huge variety of dogs found across the world, from those you already know and love to those that may surprise you. As the book takes the reader on a journey around the world, it reveals dogs with the most important jobs, breeds with unusual features, record-breaking dogs and more.

Focus spreads will explore subjects such as the canine family, dogs' superpower sense of smell, and how dogs became man's best friend.

72 pages
Publisher: Welbeck10th October 2023

Special Price: $24.90 from

by Roel Seidell

A funny picture book with curious cats and a whole lot of dogs. For animal lovers ages 4 years and up.

Kitty has never seen a dog before, so Cat tries to explain what they look like. 

As she does, Kitty learns that some dogs are big, and others are small. Some are bald, and others are hairy. In fact, they all look very different . . . but whatever their appearance, in some ways they're all quite similar. 

After all, they're all dogs!

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Clavis Pub, 24th October 2023
For Ages: 4 - 9 years old

RRP: $39.80 from 

by Leda Schubert, illustrated by Paul Meisel 

For dog people of all ages, a jubilant ode to our canines and the many things they love with wild abandon – especially YOU!

From the yard to the park, from school to the market, from one end of the day to the next, dogs are full of joy. Ears flapping out the car window! Tug of war with a rope toy! Sprawling out on the sofa! Getting those “good dog” treats! Wherever they go, whatever they see, dogs love it all. But what do they love most? Guess! 

This delightfully chaotic book from Leda Schubert and Paul Meisel portrays dogs of all shapes and colours in a laugh-out-loud celebration of our very best friends.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, 27th October 2021
For Ages: 3 - 7 years old

Special Price: $12.50 from

A Tale of Big Dogs and Little Penguins

by Diane Jackson Hill, Craig Smith (Illustrator)

On a tiny island lives a waddle of
Little Penguins. But their numbers are dwindling. Swampy Marsh knows what to do, but no one will listen. Soon he can count the last few penguins on the fingers of one hand. The desperate townsfolk give Swampy, and his friends Max and Mimi, one chance.

Will his solution work? Will Swampy save the Little Penguins of Middle Island?

A warmly funny account of one man’s quest to save a penguin colony, with two very unusual helpers. This true story 
which features both human and animal heroes, is based on events that took place on Middle Island, Warrnambool and have become well known to the public. 

Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: Museum Victoria (Australia), 1st June 2016
For Ages: 3+ years old

Price: $18.25 from

A Celebration of Fascinating Facts and Amazing Real-Life Stories for Dog Lovers

by Carlie Sorosiak 

Written by bestselling children's author Carlie Sorosiak, this gorgeous treasury of fascinating facts and amazing real-life stories is the perfect gift for dog lovers.

Throughout human history dogs have been by our side, pawprints following our footprints wherever we roamed. In this treasury of fascinating facts and amazing real-life stories, discover everything you ever wanted to know about our very best friends.

From tracing the evolutionary history of dogs to explaining the science of doggy senses, find out how pups communicate, whether they understand us, and if they really love us back! 

Meet the hounds of ancient history, worshipped as gods, and painted in works of art from the stone age to the modern day, and explore the stories of real-life doggy heroes, dogs with jobs, and how dogs help humans every day.

A gorgeously illustrated gift book for every dog lover to treasure.

Hardcover, 96 pages
Publisher: Nosy Crow, 14th September 2023
For Ages: 6 - 9 years old

Special Price: $24.90 from

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