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Dog Lovers Book Club - February 2024

Is the return to the office getting you down after the summer break? Other than taking your dog for a long walk, a great book provides the best escape from life's stresses... 

Find your next page turner in our February 2024 selection of the Dog Lovers Book Club plus some delightful children's books to encourage kids to read for pleasure.

by Simon Rowell

After gunshots echo through the summer night on Mount Macedon, Detective Sergeant Zoe Mayer and her loyal service dog Golden Retriever Harry race to the summit at first light. 

What they find looks like a grisly murder-suicide: an alleged fraudster named Piers Johnson, and his lawyer Antony Peterson, both dead from bullet wounds, a gun lying nearby.

Something about the scene doesn’t stack up. There are plenty of suspects, but no one seems to be telling the truth. Zoe’s instincts are ignited, as the pressure to find and charge the culprit becomes intense. 

And that’s when Peterson’s teenage daughter Sarah is snatched off the street. The Good Dog is Zoe’s toughest assignment yet, a murderous conspiracy of greed, deceit and violence. She knows that Harry may be her only chance to crack the case.

This is the third outing for Detective Sergeant Zoe Mayer, whose defining characteristic is a bad case of PTSD triggered by helicopters and drones. You should read the first book in the series to find out why; however you don't need to have read the first two instalments (The Long Game and Wild Card) to enjoy this gripping thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.

Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: Text Publishing30th January 2024

RRP: $34.99Visit for a list of stockists.

A Trainer's Insights on Reactive, Aggressive or Anxious Behaviour

by Linda Scroggins

When a pet dog injures a human or other dog, the owner is left in a state of fear and confusion. If a dog wreaks havoc and destruction on a home, the owner is left feeling helpless. If an owner finds a dog uncontrollable, or if a dog becomes aggressive and a threat to the community, the dog becomes the one that is at risk for injury or death. 

Families living with these behaviourally challenged dogs may become isolated and wonder if there is help for their dog. The reality is there are thousands of families facing these issues.

This book explains the process for helping dogs with behaviour problems in plain language. Calling on her years of experience as a certified canine behaviour consultant, the author highlights the journeys of past clients through a series of vignettes broken up by chapters that contain informative and researched guidance. 

While it is not meant to be a how-to training guide, the book lets people with reactive or anxious dogs know they are not alone. And for those that lose the battle, it walks with them through that final journey.

Paperback, 277 pages
Publisher: McFarland & Co Inc, 12th January 2024

RRP: $60.83 from

A Melanie Travis Canine Mystery

by Laurien Berenson

Melanie Travis is taking a much-needed break from the dog show circuit for a romantic Valentine's trip with her husband Sam, but when someone at their cosy Berkshires inn has an unexpected date with death, Melanie must slip into something sleuthier for the weekend...

Melanie is delighted at the prospect of three uninterrupted days alone with Sam (and, of course, her prize-winning Standard Poodle, Faith). They're booked at the White Birch Inn, a picturesque New England resort nestled at the foot of a snow-covered mountain. The inn has a full slate of couples activities planned for the busy Valentine's weekend, but the first night of festivities feature an event that isn't on the program- murder.

As a person of interest in the case, Melanie tries to sneak a little detective work into her romantic getaway. But with the resort nearly sold out for the holiday weekend, there's no shortage of suspects, and Melanie's secret sleuthing is already attracting the wrong kind of attention. Her Valentine's trip is heating up faster than the chocolate fondue... just not in the way Melanie hoped. 

But if she doesn't catch the cold-hearted killer soon, another innocent victim will get the kiss of death... 

Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Kensington Cozies, 24th January 2024

RRP: $21.43 from

Paws in the City

by Stefanie London

Can you ever really forget the one who got away?

August Merriweather has always been good with animals. In fact, she’s known as Manhattan’s Dog Whisperer. ‘Men, on the other hand? Not so much. She’s been falling for the wrong guys ever since her regrettable crush on Keaton Sax, older brother of her best friend, Leah, and the biggest jerk face this side of the Hudson.

Now an emotionally closed off widower, Keaton has become one of the most formidable men on Wall Street, but August knows his secret. He’s not driven by sales targets and bonus checks " Keaton just wants to give his family the security they never had. So when Leah asks Keaton to wrangle her over-the-top, dramatic Husky at a weekend talent competition, Keaton says yes and begs August to help him win the event for Leah.

Between obstacle courses, Molly’s Husky temper tantrums and a cabin with just one bed, August is having a blast. Away from the pressure to have a ‘perfect life’ with the ‘right guy,’ she finds herself relaxing and getting to see the softer side of the man she once loved. Is this just a temporary truce? Or could Keaton finally be the right guy at the right time?

Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 3rd January 2024

RRP: $17.24 from

by Dr Claire Stevens

Being a responsible and educated dog owner is no easy task. 

Owners often feel overwhelmed trying to make the right decisions for their cuddly canine, and that’s no surprise when they are faced with difficult choices regarding pet insurance, vaccinations, diet, surgery, medical procedures and so much more. 

This book helps owners make sense of all that and supports them in truly being their dog’s best friend. The expert and user-friendly advice from a practising Australian vet includes: a complete canine care guide following the life stages of a dog; practical advice on all aspects of caring for your furry friend; canine behaviour and training; and coverage of the common canine diseases.

This expert and user-friendly book supports owners in truly being their dogs’ best friend. Dr Claire advises on: the life stages of your dog; all aspects of caring for your furry friend, including pet insurance, vaccinations, diet and general health; behaviour and training; common canine diseases; and so much more.

Paperback, 320 pages 
Publisher: Woodslane, 1st May 2020

RRP: $8.95 from


by Lisa Taylor

Little Sock Dog is the happiest, waggiest dog in the world. He lives in the countryside, near to the beach. Come with him on all of his amazing adventures.

He loves to run at the seaside, but will he win the beach race?

He helps out at weddings, dressed up to the nines in his best cravat. But who will be the Best Man? Surely not!

Sock dog enjoys the funfair too. He looks after his brother and sister as they go on all of the daring rides. I wonder which ride is his favourite?
Sock dog loves Christmas time. He's always looking out of the window for guests to arrive, but who is that, and what's that jingling sound?

He's just an adorable, precious pup. Snuggle up and enjoy all of the tastes, sights, and sounds of the Sock Dog adventures. You will think you were really there!

Paperback, 52 pages
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd., 5th January 2024

RRP: $28.30 at

by Richard Harris

A heart-warming story about Alfie by Richard Harris, 2019 Australian of the Year and key member of the international cave-diving team that rescued the Wild Boar soccer team in Thailand.

Alfie is not the bravest dog, he is scared of magpies, swimming in the sea and things with noisy wheels like skateboards and wheelbarrows! 
But maybe there is something else he’s good at?

Alfie loves his family and is always looking for ways to help or make them happy, from wake-up licks to sharing his favourite toy. One day at the park when he comes across a small boy who is sad, 

Alfie discovers that his true talent might be the thing that comes most naturally to him, his kindness.

Hardback, 32 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: Puffin,  6 February 2024

RRP: $12.92 from

Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!

Bluey and Bingo are having a family BBQ. Bingo is helping, but with so much to do, will she ever get time to relax?

A gorgeous board book for kids of all ages.
Bluey is an award-winning preschool show about Bluey, a Blue Heeler pup, and her family. 

Airing on ABC KIDS, the show has amassed legions of dedicated fans and hugely popular ranges of books, toys, clothes, games and more.

Board Book, 24 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: Puffin, 6th February 2024

RRP: $14.99 from

by Little Genius Books

Big Fun for little learners! With 96 pages engaging, age appropriate activities, the SMART TO SCHOOL series takes the "work" out of "workbook" and keeps learning fun!

A fun variety of activities specially designed to help young children learn to write, count, think logically and develop observation skills. 

The bright and clear illustrations make each activity easy to understand, inviting young children to delve into them and learn with ease. Task-specific learning objectives are listed at the top of every page. 
As a bonus a wipe-clean page is included, encouraging children to practice again and again.

Paperback, 96 pages
Publisher: Little Genius Books, 18th July 2023
For Ages: 3 - 4 years old

RRP: $24.40 at

by Kelly S. DiPucchio, Brian Biggs (Illustrator)

Charlie thinks his dog, Norman, has got it good: he gets to spend his days lounging on the couch or playing fetch, and he never has to do any homework. 

But when Charlie makes a wish to be a dog instead of a boy, things get a little topsy-turvy!

New York Times best-selling author Kelly DiPucchio's signature humour and New York Times best-selling illustrator Brian Biggs' bold, playful art come together in a hilarious tale that proves that the grass always does look greener on the other side (even if that side involves drinking from the toilet!).

Now available as a paperback with stickers, this picture book is full of comic encouragement for young students.

Paperback, 40 pages
Publisher: Hachette Children's Books, 12th September 2017
For Ages: 4+ years old

RRP: $17.25 from

Finding Dash 
by Drone to Home 

The adventures of Monty & Mo - Finding Dash Printed Book for Drone to Home. This  book follows the adventures of Monty & Mo, with Travis the tracker dog even making a special appearance! This book will be part of a series and will no doubt be a book loved by children too! 

Be the first to start collecting the Drone to home book series! This book has been produced by Chameleon for Drone to Home and for every sale, £1 will be donated to Drone to Home, the rest covers the cost of producing the book. 

Publisher: ‎ Chameleon Design and Print Ltd; Limited Edition (1 January 2023)
For Ages: ‎ 3 - 12 years

RRP: $24.42 at

by J L Greger (Author), Virginia Reaves (Illustrator)

Even a little dog has dreams. Join Elf, a Papillon dog, as he dreams of flying in a hot air balloon.

Come Fly With Elf is a picture book for pre-school and kindergarten children and their grandparents and parents.

J. L. Greger is an educator from the University of Wisconsin-Madison turned novelist. Her interest in children's literature was sparked when she did pet therapy in paediatric wards in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The star of this book is her real dog Elf.

Paperback: ‎ 28 pages
Publisher: ‎Bug Press, 8th May, 2023
For Ages: 2-12 Years

RRP: $33.00 at

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