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AI set to revolutionise pet profile writing for rescues

PetRescue launches an innovative AI feature to revolutionise pet profile writing to help save more animals

PetRescue, an animal welfare charity connecting rescue pets with potential adopters via Australia’s largest adoption platform (, has leveraged Machine Learning (ML) to accelerate the ability for the rescue community to help thousands more pets each year.

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the team at PetRescue has introduced a prompt-based feature designed to help write a pet’s profile, helping to relieve workloads and speed up the adoption process.

“Rescue organisations often struggle with limited resources, and writing engaging pet profile content can be a time-consuming task,” explained Patima Tantiprasut, PetRescue Managing Director.

Entering a few bullet notes of a pet’s personality traits is all that’s needed for the AI Bot to generate a compelling profile in three-quarters of the time it would normally take. It saves pet rescue organisations time to focus on more important things, like rehabilitating the pets in their care and managing adoption enquiries to find good homes for pets.”

The AI feature not only helps rescue organisations save time, but also efficiently creates the draft with editable content for engaging and informative pet profiles that could increase the chances of pets finding homes faster.

"Tasks like creative writing can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for rescue organisations who are already stretched for resources. We want to help make things as easy as possible for the rescue community who are busy helping pets,” said Tantiprasut.

“As powerful as it is, the AI Bot could never replace the task completely because every pet is beautifully unique. But by reducing the time they spend writing pet profiles, rescuers can have more capacity to care for and help more pets, ultimately leading to more pets finding loving homes faster.”

Pilot AI feature released to members for feedback

After training the PetRescue AI Bot to learn how to write pet profiles, it’s since been released as a pilot feature to member rescue organisations with the goal to continue improving and developing its capability with use. PetRescue is inviting feedback from its Australian member rescue community during these early stages and plans to continue evolving the feature further into the future.

“The new feature is already receiving positive reviews from rescue organisations who have praised the simplicity and ease of use of the AI Bot. And as the feature continues to evolve with each use, it is set to become an even more valuable tool,” said Tantiprasut.

PetRescue member Maneki Neko Cat Rescue’s founder Samantha McKernan knows well how challenging and time- consuming it can be to write profiles for cats but understands the crucial role it plays in increasing the homeless felines’ chances of being adopted.
“PetRescue's AI Bot is already making a significant impact and has the potential to save our volunteers so much time,” said McKernan.
“By providing a few key points, the bot generates a compelling profile that engages potential adopters. This frees up volunteers to focus on caring for cats in need. The AI Bot is a game-changer in our mission to support cat welfare and increase adoptions!”

AI Bot or Human?
The profile of Barbados the cat was created by PetRescue’s AI Bot for Maneki Neko Cat Rescue using just a few dot points.

Compare it to Queenie’s pet profile written by humans at Maneki Neko.

Tantiprasut explained, “For pet profiles, we will keep training the bot to learn to optimise the languages to best describe and bring out the best features for individual pets. Finding the most effective profile formula and including descriptive, emotive language that can increase the connection that a potential adopter can have with the pet to increase the chances of getting adopted.”

"We're excited to keep exploring the possibilities with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Innovations like the AI Bot that can help with time-consuming tasks are going to help transform the way we work, enabling the rescue community to help even more pets in need.”

The new AI Bot feature is just one of the many ways that PetRescue is leveraging the latest in technology to help find a home for every pet.

“We're only just scratching the surface with the technology! There are endless opportunities where it can help multiply capacity and ability to help more people and pets!” said Tantiprasut.

“AI can potentially be able to help adopters show their best sides in their adoption applications as well. The area that we're exploring is being able to analyse the data at scale and identify trends and anomalies. Typically, this takes a lot of time to translate data and insights into fast action.

Understanding the trends, changes, movements and challenges helps us to ensure the work we do can help as many pets as possible.”

About PetRescue

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity with a vision of a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. Every day, the not-for-profit organisation delivers free pet search and adoption services to thousands of pet seekers.

Since the PetRescue website launched in 2004, it's been the first connection for more than half a million rescue pets and their new families. PetRescue has also earned the title of ‘Australia’s most visited charity website’ and has grown to become the nation’s largest searchable database of rescue organisations and rescue pets.

MEDIA RELEASE, 27th February 2023


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