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Dog Lovers Book Club - October 2023

The October 2023 selection of the Dog Lovers Book Club is out with our favourite picks of releases for dog lovers of all ages. It is never too early to start planning this year's Christmas presents for dog lovers!

Hilarious Advice for Understanding the Pups and Downs of Life with Your Furry Four-Legged Friend

by Sophie Johnson, illustrated by Tatiana Davidova

A hilarious, fully illustrated book full of tongue-in-cheek advice for surviving life as a dog parent, the perfect gift for any dog lover!

You have the best dog in the world, it’s true. But there’s no avoiding the fact that, perfect and adorable as they may be, there are certain elements of being a pup owner that you could do without. That smell they bring in when they’ve rolled in possum poo. The nibble-marks on your furniture. Their fur stuck to absolutely every black item of clothing you own.

Luckily, this no-nonsense guide is here to teach you all the tricks you'll ever need to help you navigate life with your furry friend, so you can focus on the positives like giving them head-scratches and nose boops every time they prove they’re a good doggo at heart.
With the pearls of wisdom contained in this book, you'll become a pro dog parent in no time!

Hardcover, 96 pages
Publisher: Octopus, 3rd October 2023

Price: $19.40 from

Learning the Important Stuff from Our Best Friends

by Hersch Wilson

A heart-warming meditation on the powerful presence of dogs in our lives and the transformative lessons they can teach us about love, loyalty, grief, and more.

"When in doubt, walk your dog"
is the first of many valuable maxims in Dog Lessons, a heartfelt reflection on what dogs can teach us when we open ourselves to listen and learn.

After sixty-plus years living and working with dogs, Hersch Wilson shares self-deprecating stories and light-hearted musings on a life filled with fur-covered furniture, unexplained messes, and destroyed property.

The resulting compendium of dog wisdom - from universal values like loyalty and curiosity to practical lessons on napping, playing, and avoiding a serious fight - is not only poignant but eminently good advice.

Hardcover, 288 pages
Publisher: New World Library, 5th September 2023

RRP: $46.14 from

Expert Advice on Giving Your Dog Their Best Life

by Ace Tilton Ratcliff

An essential guide to caring for your dog, filled with expert-backed tips and nuggets of advice to help every dog owner understand what their canine companion needs in order to be happy and healthy.

In the Little Book of Dog Care, life-long dog lover and veterinary practice owner Ace Tilton Ratcliff delivers a must-have primer for every dog parent. 

What should you do when your dog is scared during a thunderstorm? How can you make clipping their nails less miserable? When do they like to eat? What can’t you feed them? Endless questions, expert-certified answers.

Thoughtfully divided into chapters that focus on a specific aspect of care, from sleeping to grooming and beyond, these tips and tricks are applicable to any breed of dog. By the last page, every dog owner will better understand what their dog might be feeling - and how to best assist, using your enviable opposable thumbs.

Hardcover, 208 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Simon Element, 20th September 2023

RRP: $33.75 from

On the Trail of the World's Most Seductive Scent, with Dreamers, Schemers, and Some Extraordinary Dogs
by Rowan Jacobsen

A captivating exploration into the secretive and sensuous world of truffles, the elusive food that has captured hearts, imaginations, and palates worldwide-now in paperback.

The scent of one freshly unearthed white truffle in Barolo was all it took to lead Rowan Jacobsen down a rabbit hole into a world of secretive hunts, misty woods, black-market deals, obsessive chefs, quixotic scientists, muddy dogs, maddening smells, and some of the most memorable meals ever created.

Truffles attract dreamers, schemers, and sensualists. People spend years training dogs to find them underground. They plant forests of oaks and wait a decade for truffles to appear. They pay $6,000 a pound to possess them. They turn into quivering puddles in their presence. Why?

Truffle Hound is the fascinating account of Rowan's quest to find out, a journey that would lead him from Italy to Istria, Hungary, Spain, England, and North America. 

Both an entertaining odyssey and a manifesto, Truffle Hound demystifies truffles-and then re-mystifies them, freeing them from their gilded cage and returning them to their roots as a sacred offering from the forest. 

It helps people understand why they respond so strongly to that crazy smell, shows them there's more to truffles than they ever imagined, and gives them all the tools they need to take their own truffle love to the next level. Deeply informed, unabashedly passionate, rakishly readable, Truffle Hound may spark your next great culinary passion...

Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury, 3rd October 2023

RRP: $34.99 at

Adoption Tales of Remarkable Rescue Dogs

by Greg Murray

Adorable, candid photographs and the inspiring stories of over 60 rescue dogs and the humans who gave them their forever homes.

Meet Killian who is obsessed with clothes and just has to find the right outfit each morning; Jet who snores louder than a human; and Roger, who came to his family from a puppy mill and learned that people can be kind and loving.

Gotcha Day! spotlights the adoption tales of over 60 adorable rescue dogs and their new forever families. The unique personality of each pup shines through the candid photos by animal advocate and photographer Greg Murray, and their humans let us in on their inspiring stories, funny quirks, and all the many things that make them special.

Hardcover, 160 pages
Publisher: Gibbs Smith, 26th September 2023

RRP: $35.25 from

Life, Loss, and Loving My Dog So Much I Didn't Want Kids (... Until I Did)

by Taylor Wolfe

From the popular TheDailyTay blogger and influencer, a hilarious and highly relatable memoir of a midwestern twenty-something whose path to motherhood is born from a wonderfully co-dependent relationship with her Hungarian Vizsla, Harlow.

Birdie and Harlow are two very familiar names for followers of Instagram personality Taylor Wolfe. Birdie is Taylor's daughter, and Harlow is Taylor's dog.

This is a book about how Taylor's path to motherhood began with Harlow, and how she went from dog mum to baby mum. Meant to be a last-minute anniversary gift for her then boyfriend (and now husband), Harlow turned out to be the best snap decision Taylor ever made - the beginning of a lifelong friendship that transformed her life. Harlow becomes the perfect companion for navigating her insecurities and awkwardness in a world that thrives on conformity.

With humour, warmth, and a generosity of spirit, Taylor recounts falling in love and learning to live with the demanding and irresistible Harlow, and the laughter and loss she encountered along the way. She looks back on the decade in which she went from a new college graduate in Kansas City hungry for independence to a thirty-something writer, uncertain if she wanted or was even fit to be a mum.

Taylor's twenties are achingly familiar - full of challenging pitfalls and wonderful surprises, sad days and silver linings. There is discovery and growth, in which she realizes life is too short to spend your days in a crate (or a cubicle), that parks are meant to be enjoyed, and most importantly, that yes, she wanted to be a mum.

Through it all, Taylor laughs at herself, at her weird jobs, the small apartments, and the utter failures and reminds all of us that life is about learning and that families come in every shape and size.

Hardcover, 272 pages
Publisher: Harper San Francisco, 19th September 2023

Price: $52.75 from


by Carolyn Crimi

A heart-warming — and heart-tugging — middle grade novel about love, loyalty, and what it means to be part of a family—from author Carolyn Crimi, with adorable illustrations by Melissa Manwill

Miss Lottie’s home was for second chances.

When she adopted Gus, Roo, Tank, and Moon Pie, Miss Lottie rescued each member of the pack—including herself, her helper, Quinn, and her reclusive cat, Ghost—and turned them into a family. But when a new dog, Decker, arrives and tries to hoard Miss Lottie’s heart and home for himself, the pack’s future is threatened.

At first, Gus, the insecure pack leader, only notices little things, like tiny Moon Pie being kicked out of the bed and Ghost acting spooked (then again... Ghost is a cat). But things soon go from bad to worse as Decker’s presence causes disharmony in the group.

When Decker convinces Moon Pie to embark on an impossible journey, it’s up to Gus to gather his courage, rally his splintered pack, and bring the little dog home. And with coyotes and cars on the loose, the pack must push through obstacles and dangers to reunite with Moon Pie before he can get hurt—or, nearly as bad, get his heart broken.

Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 14th September 2023
For Ages: 8+ years old

Price: $19.70 at

by Katie Viggers

Do you know the difference between a sight and a smell hound?

Can you tell your Pug from your Poodle?

From faithful family pet to wild pack animal, discover all there is to know about our canine friends (and their wild relatives) in this charming compendium of dogs from author/illustrator Katie Viggers.

With quirky illustrations and fascinating facts, A Book of Dogs is the perfect introduction for children to this much-loved animal.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Laurence King Pub, 19th September 2023
For Ages: 4 - 6 years old

RRP: $44.47 from

Paws for Safety
A Kid's Guide to Safe Dog Interactions
by Jennie Chen and Giselle Nevada

Discover Porter and Midge: Paws for Safety - an exciting and educational book teaching kids how to be safe around dogs.

Join lovable Mastiff Porter, friendly Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Midge, and their owners CJ and Lora as they guide kids through safe and respectful dog interactions using engaging rhymes and charming illustrations.

This book emphasizes approaching dogs calmly, seeking permission before petting, and communicating in ways that make dogs feel secure and loved. A definite must-read for any child who loves dogs and wants to become a responsible and caring pet owner.

Hardcover, 38 pages
Publisher: Raise the Woof Press LLC, 24 October 2023
For Ages: 3-12 years old

RRP: $34.09 (Hardcover); $22.22 (Paperback).

Available for pre-order from

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