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Dog Lovers Book Club - August 2023

From a light-hearted Australian fun fiction novel to a practical guide to puppyhood and a supportive book for pet parents navigating end of life decisions plus the latest illustrated books for young dog lovers, enjoy our top picks of book releases for this August 2023 Dog Lovers Book Club.

by Amy Hutton

The most uplifting rom-com you’ll read this year – a fresh take on the friends-to-lovers trope, brimming with heart, joy and puppies!

Sera loves owning a pet shelter – even if it’s often tricky to make ends meet, and her mother thinks she's wasting her life. Thankfully, she can always rely on her steadfast best friend, Toby, who just happens to be the local vet.

And then famous actor Ethan James enters the scene. After Sera 'saves' Ethan from a friendly German Shepherd, he confesses to a terrible fear of dogs. A canine co-star is all that stands between Ethan and the role of a lifetime – and he wants Sera to help him overcome his fear. As they bumble through a series of training sessions together, sparks fly and Sera's surprised to find herself falling for Ethan. But not half as surprised as she is when Toby starts acting like a jealous boyfriend.

Now Sera's juggling six dogs, a litter of kittens, a horse, a sheep, and two men intent on outdoing each other. But she'll have to figure out what her heart truly wants ... before her life goes completely to the dogs.

Trade Paperback: 320 pages. Also available as eBook.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia, 2nd August, 2023

RRP: $32.99 from all good bookstores and online. For details & stockists, visit

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by Nikki Catley

With August 28 being Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, t
his book is for anyone who understands the immense love and joy a companion animal can bring but who may also be currently crippled by the devastating thought of beginning end of life discussions and processes. 

For anyone struggling to decide if the time to offer the ultimate gift of peace (euthanasia) to your fur baby is now or impending, this book may assist you in preparing the best way possible. 

You may never be 100% sure of your decision and that's okay but planning is certainly the key for the best outcome for all.

Paperback, ‎ 53 pages
Independently published, 23rd March 2022

Price: $16.81 from

by Shay Kelly

A dog-centric, practical approach to raising puppies.

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time, but caring for them and raising them into happy and content member of the family is, often, not without its challenges.
Shay Kelly transfers his scientific knowledge into user-friendly information which guides the reader through puppyhood in a way that respects the pup's needs and builds enduring, healthy, relationships.

From the moment the puppy leaves the care of their mother and comes to live with us, they become our responsibility. Our job is to continue their nurture and guide them to live happily in this human-dominated world. Our job is to build a relationship we can be proud of.

Paperback, 170 pages
Independently published, 6 May, 2023

RRP: $26.68 (Paperback); $11.99 (eBook) from

Two RAF Heroes take to the skies in World War Two

by Anthony Richardson

The amazing true story of a Czech airman and his Alsatian puppy who braved the dangers of World War Two together.

On February 12, 1940, Jan Bozdech and his fellow crew were shot down above no-man’s-land between the Maginot and Siegfried defence lines in northern France.

They made their way to a deserted farmhouse and it was here that Jan first met a four-month old orphaned puppy who would stay by his side for the rest of the war.

In their journey across Europe, Jan and his dog, named Antis, would never waver in their mutual loyalty and devotion. After the fall of France they would flee to Britain and join the RAF, flying numerous bombing missions over occupied Europe and Nazi Germany while evading enemy flak and fighter planes.

For Antis’ services during the conflict he received the Dickin Medal, commonly known as the animal VC, from the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals for bravery during the Second World War.

One Man and His Dog is the remarkable story of Jan and Antis’ dramatic adventures amid the perils of war. It is without doubt one of the greatest dog stories of all time.

Paperback, 293 pages
Publisher: Sapere Books, 19th May 2023

Price: $20.89 from

The story of a dog who wanted more and to give more
by Jan Kuperman

The Dog Code Decoded is the moving story of a wise old dog who breaks out from the restraints of his everyday life. He sets out on a mission to live the life he had always yearned for.

This is Old Dogs' quest to leave his dog code along the way. But what does the Dog Code mean, and why it is so important in a dog's life? Old Dog will take us on his final journey, one filled with stories from his fellow canine friends.

He takes one special friend, Young Pup, under his guidance, sharing his knowledge and experience about humans along the way.

The Dog Code is a poignant insight into man's best friend, a dog's life based on unconditional love and loyalty.

Through Old Dog, we share these amazing qualities and learn the true meaning of compassion and empathy through a dog's eyes.

Paperback, 144 pages
Publisher: Independently published, 7th September 2022

Price: $12.42 from


by Claire Corrigan

Written by Claire Corridan and beautifully illustrated by Elettra Cudignotto, this book aims to involve children in dog ownership, by guiding them through the process of taking the dog to visit the vet.

Shadow’s Trip to the Vet promotes both preventative and emergent veterinary care in animals by teaching children how to recognise when their pet is feeling unwell and what to do to help them.

Thinking about reducing stress levels in animals – how to recognise stress, how to respond to a stressed animal and learning what to do to help – will improve knowledge and encourage empathy for both animals and people.

Paperback, ‎56 pages
Publisher: ‎ 5m Books Ltd, 30th June 2023
For Ages: ‎ 7 - 9 years old

RRP: $27.43 from 

by Carolyn Crimi

A heart-warming and heart-tugging novel about love, loyalty, and what it means to be part of a family — from author Carolyn Crimi, with adorable illustrations by Melissa Manwill

Miss Lottie’s home was for second chances.

When she adopted Gus, Roo, Tank, and Moon Pie, Miss Lottie rescued each member of the pack—including herself, her helper, Quinn, and her reclusive cat, Ghost—and turned them into a family. But when a new dog, Decker, arrives and tries to hoard Miss Lottie’s heart and home for himself, the pack’s future is threatened.

At first, Gus, the insecure pack leader, only notices little things, like tiny Moon Pie being kicked out of the bed and Ghost acting spooked (then again...Ghost is a cat). But things soon go from bad to worse as Decker’s presence causes disharmony in the group.

When Decker convinces Moon Pie to embark on an impossible journey, it’s up to Gus to gather his courage, rally his splintered pack, and bring the little dog home. And with coyotes and cars on the loose, the pack must push through obstacles and dangers to reunite with Moon Pie before he can get hurt—or, nearly as bad, get his heart broken.

Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 18th July 2023
For Ages: 8+ years old

RRP: $24.50 from

by Natalie Leski, illustrated by Victoria Brown

"Meet Humphrey, Pinky, Macy and their friends. Six different dogs with six different important jobs.

Humphrey the seeing-eye dog helps to navigate obstacles, Pinky is a therapy dog in a primary school, and Macy is a beloved pet.

We also meet a police dog, a sniffer dog, and a medical assistance dog, who all teach young readers about the important roles dogs have in the community, and how to interact with them when they meet them."

Paperback, 20 pages (also available on Kindle)
Self-published, October 2020 (now in its 3rd edition)

RRP: $20.00 + ($3.00 postage) from

by Molly Horan

Zoe isn't allowed to have a dog of her own, but fortunately the neighbourhood pooches inspire an awesome idea!

It's an age-old problem-Zoe wants a dog but can't have one. But that doesn't stop her from befriending all the dogs in her neighbourhood-and appreciating each one's charms and quirks. 

She knows which pups give high-fives, enjoy being read to, and love music. And she also knows she's good at solving problems, so when a visit to the community garden inspires a brilliant doggy idea, it's time to celebrate! Young animal lovers will appreciate Zoe's predicament and love her paws-itively pup-filled solution.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Penguin Group USA, 13th June 2023
For Ages: 3 - 7 years old

RRP: $38.50 from

FDR's Canine Companion

by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk

Meet the Scottish Terrier who won the hearts of a US president and the American people.

In 1940, Fala came to live with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the White House. The little dog played in the grass outside the Oval Office, attended important meetings with the president's advisors, and even dined with the president.

But as America was drawn into the conflict of a world war, life at the White House changed. Fala accompanied the president across the country and around the world, waiting with him for the return of American servicemen and an end to a terrible war.

Author Elizabeth Van Steenwyk offers young readers a glimpse into American history and the life of an American president through the story of a loyal dog. Michael G. Montgomery's full-colour illustrations capture the indomitable spirit of Fala and the nation and president who loved him.

Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: Random House US, 25th July 2023
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

RRP: $22.80 from

by Gina Dawson, illustrated by Bima Perera

Lester loves books, children, and his job as a library dog. Children wait eagerly for their turn to read to him, and Lester s the perfect listener.

But Lester does more than listen to stories. He inspires children to read with confidence, helps them deal with emotions, sorts out squabbles, teaches responsibility, and makes everyone laugh. 

At a time when more and more schools have library and school dogs, Lester the Library Dog is a perfect fit for school, preschool, and public libraries. This book shows a day in the life of one library dog and the impact he has, whilst emphasising the team effort and responsibility of having a dog in a school community.

Hardback, 32 pages
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, 20th February 2023
For Ages: 3+ years old

RRP: $19.95 from all good bookstores or directly from the author.

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