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Chica+Co launches Wellness dog supplements

Simple, Real & Honest: Science-backed Superfood Canine Supplements that Taste Great

Man’s best friend has a new best friend! 

Brisbane-based holistic canine nutrition company, Chica+Co, has just released a range of tasty organic meal supplements designed to fortify and heal our canine companions.

About Chica + Co

            Co-founder Audra Jimenez with
             her Dachshund Monks
Creator and Founder, Audra Jimenez, developed the natural range in response to her own dogs’ health needs, and as an alternative to the often-bitter laboratory-made synthetic vitamins and mineral supplements on the market.

Audra had been involved with the dog showing world since she was a kid and spent her adult life fostering abandoned dogs (and cats and birds and possums and whatever else fell out of a tree and into her lap) and rehoming them. She volunteered as a Vet Nurse Assistant for some time for the RSPCA and now holds Certificates and Diplomas in Canine Nutrition, Raw Feeding and Companion Animal Nutrition.

"Our ex-puppy farm girl Chica came to us as a sickly little pup nearly 11 years ago. After trying every type of food on the market she still was not a happy girl, vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy were a common occurrence. 

After a year we finally had a diagnosis; acute Pancreatitis - a condition that was slowly killing her. After months of research, I finally designed a diet that met all her needs and allowed her the good health she deserved. This was the day Chica+Co was born.
"My dream is simple - to give every dog the opportunity to live their best healthy lives. You are what you eat and the same goes for your pooch!" said Audra. 
Little Baeya came to us at 8 weeks from a reputable breeder. At 10 weeks of age she dislocated her hip and front shoulder playing. Scans showed she had been born with severe skeletal deformities - the vet’s prognosis was dire - a full hip replacement at 12 months and an ongoing medical plan to keep her pain free as possible as Osteoarthritis was predicted at a very young age. Her ear canals are malformed and prone to blocking causing chronic balance issues. She has hyper-mobility in all of her joints, is able to bend her neck right back to touch her back which is just plain creepy - hence her nickname of 'Monkey' or 'Monks'! We set about treating her with all the medicinal foods we could research and find. 
"She is the reason for so many of Chica + Co's products in our range - joint mobility, reduction of inflammation and pain-easing ingredients" explains Audra.
In collaboration with her Vet, Audra designed and built a full body brace that locked her in place. She wore a human newborn nappy with a tail hole cut out as the basis of the brace, and wore it for 23 out of 24 hours a day for the first six months of her life. 

Basically we her little skeleton was 'bonsai'd' to make sure her sockets did not slip and slide. At 6 years of age, little Monks is now pain-free, energetic and living happily."

Introducing the Chica+Co Wellness pet supplements

“At Chica+Co, we wanted to feed our own pets healthy nutritional supplements to combat the various skin and health issues they had, but supplement labels often read like a chemical cocktail,” she said. 

“As part of our daily interactions with our customers we found that, like us, our fellow pet parents also wanted a tasty and organic alternative to the synthetic supplements and multivitamin additives on the market.”

Jimenez said through the market research they conducted it became very clear that pet owners wanted supplements that not only provided the nutritional profile requirements their pets needed but were actually something they wanted to eat.

“As a species-appropriate food advocate, I teach my clients that Mother Nature provides solutions if we just stop to look,” she said. 

“So, with that in mind, I set out to research and develop a range of natural blends – Optimal Gut Health Bone BrothHealthy Bones SupplementSuper Greens Meal BlendSkin Soother Blend and a 2-Seed Curcumin Blend – that harness the curative powers of superfoods to cure a range of common ailments.”

Two Seed Curcumin Meal Supplement - close-up

The ingredients used are certified human-grade organic with the range specifically designed to target a range of common health issues from gut microbiome support, post-injury regenerative support, joint health, free-radical cellular damage, chronic skin issues and allergy support.

Importantly, the products contain no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives, and labelling cuts through industry marketing jargon and an over reliance on chemical additives to showcase what super foods can do.

“Our dogs are our family, and it’s fair to say we want to give them the absolute best, Chica+Co Co-founder Jose Jimenez said. “Our customers often question us in disbelief when they read our ingredient labels which, in most cases, are very short.”

“To put it plainly, you’ll see real food not synthetic names or numbers because they just aren’t there,” he said. “We developed and perfected these produces over six years… and, for those that question the veracity of the range, the four-legged proof is running right round in front of us.”

Chica+Co’s locally sourced and made Wellness range comes complete with refillable jars and recyclable refill pouches to help customers reduce their carbon impact, one pawprint at a time.

Price & Where to Buy:  

The products are available at select pet supply outlets or online.

RRP: from $19.95 (120g) at

You can follow Chica+Co on Facebook at or
@chicandco on Instagram

MEDIA RELEASE, 31st July 2023

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