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Guide Dogs encourages Gifts in Wills

Leave a lasting legacy: Guide Dogs encourages charitable gifts in wills

In honour of this year’s ‘Include a Charity Week’ (September 4-10), Guide Dogs Victoria & Guide Dogs NSW /ACT have named a litter of puppies the “W” litter, encouraging people to leave a meaningful legacy by making Gift in Will donation for someone with low vision or blindness.

The litter of puppies will be introduced to Guide Dogs supporters at a virtual event held on Wednesday 6th of September, who will be invited to then follow the litter’s journey to becoming a Guide or Therapy Dog.

The “W” litter of Willa, Wilma, Wilkie, Willoughby, Wilbur, Wilson, Wilfred, and Wiley also includes Kelly, a pup who was named by the family of Adrian Van De Bunt, who left a Gift in his Will to Guide Dogs, highlighting the power of a legacy living on, even after someone has passed.

Carolina Royans, niece of Adrian and Executor, says that giving someone the opportunity to contribute to a cause they were passionate about means their wishes will live on.

“My uncle left a life-changing gift in his will to Guide Dogs, a cause that he was extremely passionate about,” Carolina says.
“Including a charity in your will is a beautiful way to leave lasting legacy, something even more special than a tangible gift - a life-changing contribution long after you have gone.”
For one week each September, organisation Include a Charity amplifies the gift of giving in your will, raising the profile of charitable organisations and encouraging people to leave a positive impact on society through Estate contributions.

Sally Biles, General Manager of Planned Giving for Guide Dogs Victoria & NSW/ACT, explains the impact of gift in wills.

“Any size of bequest is a wonderful way to create incredible change. Gifts in Wills play a significant role in funding the breeding, raising and training of Guide Dogs together with many other services, and it is clear to see that such an important and heartfelt gesture will enable people living with low vision or blindness to lead an independent life of their choosing.”

For more information on Include a Charity week and Guide Dogs Gifts in Wills Program, visit the links below:
  • Click here, to register for the "Behind the Harness" virtual event on Zoom

MEDIA RELEASE, 4th September 2023

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