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Air Bark’n’Bark Pet Minding Platform

Air Bark’n’Bark: a new innovative pet minding service for people travelling with dogs

Australian start-up company ‘Air Bark’n’Bark’ announced today that their new mobile App ‘Air Bark’n’Bark’, launched in April 2023, has reached 1250 registrations and is growing everyday.

Air Bark’n’Bark is an exciting new App that offers a unique solution for anyone travelling with a dog to connect with other travellers and local services for dog minding. An ideal solution for the grey nomad or family taking a year out to travel Australia with their beloved dog.
Pepsi and Luci love travelling!
Example of User Profile on the App

“As dedicated dog lovers who love to travel, we’ve experienced first-hand how difficult it can be when you need to find a dog minding service while on the road” says Abbey Wehrung, Marketing Director and co-founder at Air Bark’n’Bark “so we are building a network of ‘minders and finders’ to connect for dog sitting services. 

We want you to make the most of the places you visit and not have to consider surrendering your dog or re-home them because it’s too hard”.

Features and benefits of the App include:

✔️ Using GPS location maps, users will be able to see minders in the local area

✔️ Users can plan ahead, by searching a specific location

✔️ With a 5-paw rating system, users can be reassured their dog is safe

✔️ Users can offer reciprocal dog sitting, so a win for those on a budget

✔️ Provides opportunity to make money on the road while spending time with a lovely dog

✔️ In-App messaging service connecting Users to simply organise dog minding

✔️ The App facilitates the connection - users make the arrangement and set their own fees

✔️ There is no booking fee

Whether you’re off for a weekend, a fortnight or you’re planning a longer trip, there’s nothing better than travelling with your four-legged friend in our great country.

Air Bark'n'Bark allows travellers to connect with each other and local services for dog minding, either on a fee-based basis or reciprocally, ideal for those close to national parks wanting to see the local attractions.

How Does Air Bark ’n’ Bark Work?

The App allows you to view the profile of other Users or you can search an area and plan ahead

If you’ve ever used an online dating app, Air Bark ’n’ Bark will seem spookily similar - but with a canine twist!

Before you can get started, you’ll need to register as a user and be accepted. Once Air Bark’n’Bark have confirmed your membership, you’re all set to get started.

By looking on the map you’ll be able to see other users in your area and connect via the in-app messaging service, or you can search for different locations if you prefer. If you are planning ahead for your travel, this can be a handy tool.

About Us

Our app is only 5 months old, so you’ve found us early - congratulations!

For Air Bark ’n’ Bark to be effective, we need to build up a functional network of dog lovers across Australia, particularly grey nomads, remote workers, families on the road, or anyone who’s just enjoying the van life! We have already over 1250 registered users and we are growing everyday. So come and join the travelling dog loving community.

More and more people are travelling Australia with their dogs, like Lucy.

We are constantly working to improve the app and welcome feedback from our users to resolve any issues and make this the best dog minding app in Australia.

Price & How to Join:

Our app is extremely affordable. You can subscribe for 1 month for $4.97 - great for those short term holidays. 
There is a 6-month option for $16.97, which is perfect for those on long service leave, or maybe you want to be a permanent Minder or doing a lap of Australia, then our annual subscription for $27.97 is the right choice. 

No percentage cut is taken from any minding fee, nor do we charge a booking fee.

To learn more about Air Bark’n’Bark visit our website at

Follow us on Facebook at or @air.barknbark on Instagram.

MEDIA RELEASE, 5th September 2023

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