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AWL NSW Mobile Vets visiting North-West NSW

The Animal Welfare League NSW Animal Care Truck is heading to North-West NSW

Australia’s biggest vet service on wheels will roll into Mudgee, Lightning Ridge, Bourke and Cobar this month, offering free veterinary health checks, vaccinations and microchipping.

This will be the eighth regional trip in 2023 for the Animal Welfare League NSW clinic team, proudly supported by the NSW Government. The Australian first tour aims to bring this free service to pet owners in NSW who have animals in need of basic vet care. We aim to target communities that may need access to these services due to financial constraints and the rising cost of living.

Over the upcoming trip, we will be at the following locations and times:

Monday 11 September
12pm to 4pm
Mudgee Showground, Douro St entrance

Lightning Ridge:
Wednesday 13 September
8am to 12pm
Corner of Agate St & Kaolin St

Thursday 14 September
9am to 1pm
Showground on Renshaw Drive

Friday 15 September
9am to 1pm
Cobar Shire Council, Lewis St carpark

Animal Welfare League NSW Chief Executive Officer Stephen Albin said the country tour - which will include visits across the State over the next three years - was a new service that will deliver pet care where it is most needed.
“The Animal Welfare League NSW is dedicated to ensuring every pet has the basic care of a health check, microchipping and vaccinations,” he said.

“If a dog or cat is lost, then microchipping is the best way for a pet to be reunited with its owner, and it will also ease pressure on local council pounds.

“Vaccinations at the right time are fundamental to keeping a pet happy and free of serious diseases, and health checks are an excellent way to ensure pets remain healthy.”

The purpose-built B-double trailer is over 25 metres long. It has specially designed areas for animal surgeries, such as desexing, an isolation room, and over 35 recovery cages.

It also features equipment for blood work, fridges, a veterinary scale, extensive storage to hold veterinary supplies and more.

“We encourage any pet owner who has a pet that needs a free check from our professional staff to take advantage of the service,” Mr Albin said. T
his offer is targeted towards low-income earners, pensioners and those experiencing financial hardship.

We hope to see a great turnout next week. For pet owners interested, be aware that dogs must be on lead and cats in carriers. We have previously experienced high demand, so pet owners should come prepared for weather as there could be waiting times.

For the FAQs, please visit

Media Announcement, 5th September 2023

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