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15 Eco-friendly Brands for Dog Lovers in 2022

Australian dog owners have spent $20.5 billion in the last year, while cat owners have spent $10.2 billion! [1] As pet owners, we love spoiling our furry companions and can make a big difference when choosing to purchase biodegradable dog products that are made from recycled or sustainable materials.

Changing some of our daily habits is a small step in the right direction and will encourage pet manufacturers and stores to offer us more environmentally friendly choices in the future.

Healthy dog, greener future. My dog makes me a better human.

Feed For Thought use the power and abundance of insects to convert the food that we don’t use into a natural, sustainable, highly digestible, premium dog food.

But is it any good for our dogs and will they actually like it?

It’s the perfect balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and provides your dog the benefits of a whole protein. Vet-formulated, it’s also good for dogs with allergies to traditional protein. Dogs love it, and even if they don’t know it, they’re helping to save the planet.

So we can all choose to do good – good for our pets, people and the planet. Feed For Thought. Have a think about it! Feed For Thought is a
vailable as a 1kg or 5kg Bag.

RRP: from $34-$125 (single purchase) or $28-$106 (on subscription) online at 

Anipal is an eco-friendly company on a mission to reimagine and recreate pet products to ensure optimal health outcomes for pets and the planet.


There’s lots to love about this vet-founded, local business! Dr Stephanie Stubbe started Anipal after witnessing, as an RSPCA vet, wildlife with preventable morbidities caused by plastic and pollution. She decided to help make the pet industry more sustainable and has launched a tethering range made from recycled plastic.

Anipal has also launched a range of therapeutic, hypoallergenic, natural dog treats. Their treats are either packed with organic Australian seaweed, a great carbon positive source of protein & Omega-3s or nutritious insect protein which is rich in fatty acids and omegas. Additionally incorporating ingredients that target the most common health conditions like joint, coat and skin health, and anxiety while also aiding brain and cardiovascular development.  


RRP: $18.48 (Dog Treats); $35.95-$45.95 (Dog Tethering);  at

Say no to plastic and take one step closer to sustainable living with these eco-friendly Bamboo Fibre Pet Bowls exclusive to Queenie's Pawprints.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable crops. It grows quickly, requiring very few farming efforts and no pesticides. It produces natural and earth-friendly fibre without any nasty chemicals. Being cellulose-based, bamboo fibre can be 100% biodegraded in soil by micro organisms and sunlight.

A great sustainable alternative to plastic, these super-duper Bamboo Fibre Pet Bowls are exceptionally strong and durable.

This slow feeding bowl has a round shape and bone-shaped barriers to stop your munchkin from swallowing his dinner in seconds! A rubber stopper at the base conveniently prevents the bowl from slipping away.

Available in Mint Green, Yellow, Purple and Peach Pink.

The size of this bowl (27 x 23x 7.2cm) makes it suitable for dogs and bigger cats.

RRP: $25.99 from

New to HabitatLogin Poop Bags are here to help eco-conscious dog owners reduce their pet’s environmental pawprint.

A lot of poop bags say they’re biodegradable, but
Login bags are the real deal. These Australian-designed bags are made from compostable corn starch, which breaks down naturally when it’s exposed to the environment – usually within three months. That’s only two dog years!

Even better, there’s no plastic or cardboard core at the centre of each roll, which means less waste and more room for bonus bags! Plus Login’s packaging is 100% recyclable.

Choose from a box of four rolls, or a box of eight rolls. The range also includes two handy roll holders, made from renewable, eco-friendly materials.

When it comes to dealing with number twos, make Login your number one choice!

RRP: from $13.99 (bags), $6.49 (dispensers) from Habitat Pet Supplies

Australian Pet Organics (APO) are committed to a cleaner, greener future and only use ingredients that are certified organic and farmed sustainably.

Sydney-based Australian Pet Organics is the first and only certified organic pet supplement, treat and vitamin range in Australia.

The range was designed by their resident veterinarian who also happens to be an animal nutritionist and conservation scientist. Proudly Aussie-owned, all of APO supplements and treat products are made right here in Australia, using only the best quality natural and organic ingredients in small batch manufacturing practices and 100% post consumer recycled plastic for their packaging.

APO believes in Good Dog Karma, pledging 20% of all their profits to animal causes close to their hearts!

RRP: from $24.95 (Treats); from $49.95 (Supplements) at

Reduce your pawprint with Pupperdog’s sustainable pet essentials.

Shopping for sustainably made, natural pet essentials can feel impossible when most pet stores only sell plastic or synthetic products. But owning a family pet should be joyful and rewarding without leaving a lasting environmental pawprint.

’s range of pet essentials is locally made from sustainably sourced hemp. That means you can still treat your Pup to the best-looking stuff in a sustainable way!

Every time you shop with Pupperdog, you help them reduce the amount of plastic and other synthetic materials ending up in landfill. You’ll never have to choose between loving your pet or the planet, again!

Plus, Pupperdog donates $2 from every order to support the welfare of pups in rescue centres around Australia.

Use the promo code ADL15 and save 15% at checkout.

RRP: $49.99 (Hemp Collars), $49.99-$59.99 (Hemp Leads), $98-108 (Hemp Sets) at

Discover the Holistic Paws range of natural, sustainable dog toys all handmade in Australia with premium hemp rope.

All toys are non-toxic with no plastic, pesticides, dyes or chemicals used! Instead
 toys are made using an environmentally-friendly natural fibre that is biodegradable, compostable and uses less water to produce than cotton.

The natural aroma will intrigue your pooch while the anti-microbial properties will minimise the smell-causing bacteria left after your pup has gotten its toy covered in drool!

The shape of the toy encourages chewing and is perfect for teething, tugging and fetch. Hemp rope floats, making it a great toy for water loving pups!

When it's time to go, just throw it into the garden or on the compost heap. 

RRP: $12.00 from

Your dog will love to sink their teeth into these shreddable Loofah Dog Toys from DoggyTopia!

Not only will your little fluff ball love to chew on these toys, they offer natural dental flossing to improve your dog's teeth cleaning and gum health.

Perfect for puppies going through the chewing stage, helping them relieve the pain associated with teething and soreness during growth. The Loofah Dog Toys are designed to shred which is where the teeth cleaning magic happens.

Made from 100% natural Loofah Plant and natural dye, they're safe for consumption, but intended as a dog's dental toy.

RRP: $9.95-$17.95  from 

A small off-grid hobby farm in the tiny town of Barkly, Victoria is the birthplace of Bear & Kind Apawthecary, a new organic and eco-friendly skin and coat care brand for dogs.

The range features balms, shampoo bars, and spa treatments boasting 100% natural, vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients.

Bear and Kind
’s signature There There Pet soothing range was formulated with irritated skin in mind, and features ingredients such as organic ground oats, organic shea butter, organic carrot seed oil and organic calendula to add nourishment and soothe itchy skin. 

The range includes a shampoo bar, balm and soak for bath time or for sore paws. 

Other products include the Sit Stay Heal Ouchie Balm (or salve) and the Settle Petal calming range including a massage balm and shampoo bar for anxious dogs.

A unique feature of the brand is its strong commitment to remaining plastic-free and sustainable. Ingredients are ethically sourced, and every product is strictly free of palm oil, petrochemicals, and chemical nasties all too common in commercial pet products.

RRP: from $14.95 (Shampoo Bar); $22.95 (Balm) at

Created by Melbourne veterinarian and dog owner 
Dr. Nicole Rous, the Shy Tiger range offers vet-approved, all-natural plant-based health support for dogs through a range of serum and sprays. 

Soothe + Clean Dental is an all-natural polish style toothpaste for pets, which is full of beautiful plant extracts (like CardamomCoriander Seed and Spearmint Essential Oils) with gentle abrasive properties to help maintain your dog's mouth healthy.

Fighting bacteria will help protect against tooth decay, bad breath and also prevents ulcers.

Every application helps and doesn’t rely on you brushing every day to make a difference. Aim for 2-3 times a week to nurture your pet’s health with the help of nature. 

RRP: $35.00 from

Most people wash their dogs too often and most dogs hate being washed. 

Hooray for these wipes
Bamboo Pet Wipes from DOG by Dr Lisa! Made with natural ingredients, they're just like a bath for your dog.

Plant-based, 100% compostable and vegan-friendly, these Pet Wipes are made in New Zealand with natural ingredients.

Wipes are great for cleaning and freshening your dog's skin and coat in between baths. They can be used multiple times a day – after meals, walks, toilet mishaps, or slobbering. Wipes are useful to clean the paws, skin-folds, muzzle, around the rear bits, even the whole body!

RRP: $16.00 (80 wipes / Single Pack) at

Bass Brushes has been designing luxury grade brushes for nearly 40 years with an emphasis on natural and durable materials for long product life and environmental sustainability.

The BIO-FLEX Detangling Pet Brush is an incredible break-through with the handle made from 100% corn starch.

It is durable and will function optimally for years, but when it’s finally discarded the handle organically breaks down to create a natural fertilizer so it is certified 95% biodegradable!

The BIO-FLEX Detangling Pet Brush is used and endorsed by professional groomers all over the world. With a unique fluid design and flexible pins, the BIO-FLEX is perfect for wet or dry detangling. The flexible nylon pins detangle while minimising pull. 

Bass Brushes are also used and endorsed by professional stylists, barbers all over the world so you may want to get two: one for you and one for the dog! 

RRP: $12.95 from

The Paws Room is an Australian-owned small business, producing locally-sourced, artisan-designed and ethically made pet furniture and homewares. 

Their flagship product is Teddy (the Crate), a minimalist and sustainable alternative to the traditional dog crate, designed by Charles Wentworth.

Drawing inspiration from the founder’s Arcke designed home, Teddy utilises a series of fins that act as both visual diffusers and structural members. 

Teddy is manufactured from unique birch plywood that includes a clear melamine coating on both sides. Not only does this make maintenance and cleaning an easy process, it also reduces the need to apply any secondary sprays or finishes to the product, further reducing the number of processes involved with production.

The Paws Room also offers a unique range of pet cushions and accessories for discerning dogs and pet parents.

RRP: from $695.00 (Teddy the Crate) at 

Whether you’re taking your lunch on the road or cooking at home, My Dachshund Online offers a range of eco-friendly options to avoid single use plastics!

The Darling Dachshund Sandwich Wrap is the perfect size for tucking up your sandwiches and keeping them safe in your Lunch Bag. After use, simply fold up closing with the Velcro and it’s small enough to tuck into your pocket!

The Darling Dachshund Lunch Bag is made from organic cotton canvas with certified food-safe 
OEKO-TEX®. Both Wrap & Lunch Bag feature unique printed canvas fabrics and food safe silver lining. 

Add personality to your kitchen area and make cleaning fun with the Dapper Dachshund Compostable Dish Cloths featuring whimsical Scandinavian- inspired designs.

Once wet, this versatile cloth is perfect to wash dishes, wipe down counter tops, clean appliances, clean glass and pick up spills and messes. Made from a specialty sponge cloth made from a mixture of plant-based cellulose and cotton. At the end of their lifespan, the 100% biodegradable dish cloths can be composted or used as a weed mat in the garden.

RRP: $14.50 (Wrap); $28.00 (Lunch Bag); $13.00 (Cloths Set of 2) from

About A Dog is Australia’s latest subscription-based, sustainably produced loo paper brand that is on a mission to support Aussie causes above all else and is here to change our relationship with loo paper.

Being Australian made is a big deal for About A Dog. Every toilet roll, tissue box and paper towel are manufactured in Sydney. 

The best sustainability standards are followed which includes recycling every offcut and trimming, using FSC Certified 100% recycled raw materials, using paper packaging tape, even cleaning their vehicles with recycled rainwater and offering unwrapped roll options to reduce wastage.

Plus 50% of all profits are donated to the RSPCA NSW in support of our pets and wildlife.

For a limited time, you have the chance to be 1 of 5 lucky winners to win a year's supply of 100% Recycled Toilet paper! Don't miss out, enter now!

RRP: from $23.00 (12 Roll Pack); $36.00 (24 Roll Pack); $65.00 (48 Roll Pack) from

[1] Source: Pets and the Pandemic Report 2021 - Animal Medicines Australia

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