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Anipal launches organic seaweed & insect-based dog treats

Anipal launches a range of nutritious, calming and organic Australian seaweed and insect-based functional treats

After the success of their 100% recycled plastic collar and leash range, AniPal decided to take on another challenge in the pet space: to create sustainable AND healthy treat options.

“Dog owners are seeking sustainable, hypoallergenic and novel protein treats which deliver vital health benefits to our pets”, says RSPCA Vet Steph Stubbe, AniPal’s founder. 

“After 2 years of development we are excited to provide this unique and delicious range with formulas to help calm and restore.’

AniPal’s Melbourne-made dental chews and hand-baked bites’ use seaweed and insects, both complete hypoallergenic proteins - an increasingly important factor when meat proteins are the number one cause of dog food allergens.

‘Interestingly, the most common food allergens in dogs are from proteins, especially those from dairy products, beef, lamb, chicken meat and eggs, soy or gluten (from wheat), so our treats and chews offer relief from these allergies,’ says Steph. The British Veterinary Association has recommended insect protein for customers looking for an eco-friendly option for their pets or as part of a novel protein hypoallergenic diet.
‘Seaweed and insects are incredibly powerful proteins to work with – both environmentally and nutritionally’, says Steph.
Globally, it is estimated that pet cats and dogs consume up to 12-20% of meat and fish. AniPal incorporates local, low carbon proteins, creating an opportunity to reduce the carbon paw-print by switching out livestock meats in daily foods.

The buzz on insects

Amazingly, AniPal Earth Bites’ insect - the Black Soldier Flies (BSF) - are just as nutritious as the finest free range chicken or line caught cod. Earth Bites' benefits include:

✔️  A rich source of essential fatty acids including lauric acid and Omega 3 & 6, important for your pet’s cardiovascular, brain, joint and skin health.

✔️  Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals including calcium, zinc and phosphorus for bone and eye health.

✔️ Environmentally, the BSF relies on less resources than traditional livestock - in fact only 2% of land, 4% of the water and less energy, while also producing significantly less waste.

✔️ Insects are 12-25 more efficient than cattle in converting their feed, to produce the same amount of protein.

Plant-powered Dogs?

Marine Ecologist, Dr Pia Winberg, is an entrepreneur at the global forefront of producing unique, traceable, premium quality marine biomass from the pristine waters of the Tasman Sea

AniPal’s seaweed is sourced from Australia's only organic, human-grade farm on the south coast of New South Wales. Some of the amazing benefits of the seaweed found in the Sea Chews, Sea Dreams and Sea Horses include:

✔️ Seaweed contains all the essential amino acids dog's require which are important in growth and maintenance of muscle, coat and nails, transporting nutrients around the body, immune system function and production of hormones.

✔️ A sustainable and plant-based source of Omega 3s which are essential for healthy cardiovascular, brain and joint function. Omega 3 is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and great for coat health.

✔️ Bursting with micronutrients, vitamins and fibre - including iron, iodine, magnesium, and selenium to name a few - all essential for gut, bone and immune system health.

✔️ Each kg of seaweed has captured 1.5kg of CO2, and some coastal marine systems can absorb carbon up to 50 x more than land based forests.

✔️ 50 times more seaweed can be produced in a hectare than wheat and 10 times more protein per hectare than cattle farms.

Healthy, calming and nurturing ingredients

Steph, along with a pet specialty nutritionist, spent 2 years developing the recipes to ensure each treat was not only carbon positive, but also delicious and packed full of vital health benefits. All ingredients are natural and sourced locally where possible, with formulas to help relieve the most common health conditions specific for puppy and adult dogs, including allergies, anxiety, obesity, joint pain and arthritis.

Their hypoallergenic, grain and gluten free treat recipes deliver functional health benefits, such as:

● Native Kakadu plum, manuka honey & chai seeds in the Earth Bites provide anti-inflammatory benefits & probiotics for great gut health.

Valerian root & chamomile in the Sea Dreams assist with relaxation & anxiety.

Adult Sea Chews - a dental stick to clean teeth - contain chondroitin, turmeric & chamomile for nurturing minds, muscles & joints.

Puppy Sea Chew, formulated to be soft on gums and teeth whilst providing calcium and Omega 3 & 6 for bone and brain development.

Earth Bites' Omega 3 & 6, ginseng & antioxidants boost brain health & memory.

AniPal’s seaweed based dog treats are great for your dog AND the planet!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $18.48 via

Also available from Pet Circle and other pet and vet retailers. For a full list of stockists, visit the AniPal website.

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th January 2022

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