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Insect-based Pet Food and Treats on the Rise

Insect-based pet food and treats are expected to take off this year, with more Australian suppliers developing products with insect protein for dogs and cats.

According to Future Market Insights, demand in insect-based pet food will see the global market increase by US $10 billion in the next 10 years, with the market value expected to reach US $17.29 billion by 2031.

Dr Teagan Lever, Head Vet at Pet Circle, Australia’s largest online pet supplies store, said, “We are seeing interest in insect based treats grow amongst pet parents in Australia looking for alternate organic and more sustainable food options. 

Enquiries about insect protein have started to come through our free online vet advice service over the past few months with new insect-based products, including ONE (with everything!)Doggylicious, and TBH, being added to Pet Circle’s product range.”

ONE’s range includes premium grade insect protein made in Australia, Doggylicious’ protein cookies include sustainable Gryllodes Sigillatus crickets, whilst TBH’s range includes certified organic crickets sourced from the USA. All three offer specifically made treats for dogs.

“Early studies suggest that insects such as crickets, cockroaches and fly larvae have a protein content similar to commonly used pet food ingredients like poultry meal and fish meal. 

Due to their efficient use of food and small footprint, insects could be a more sustainable protein source in pet food than meat and fish. 

Alternative protein sources such as chicken feathers are already in use in some commercial pet foods, and provided the diet is complete and balanced, insect protein could be used in the same way,” said Dr Teagan.
“Whilst adding insect based protein treats to your pet’s diet is a great sustainable option, treats should not be used as a complete diet.
Also, it goes without saying that dog and cat owners should not feed their pets off-the-shelf insect products for other animals, like food for reptiles and birds or fish bait, as these are not complete and balanced and could also contain ingredients unsafe for dogs and cats to consume.

“We expect more insect-based pet food, including dry food which is starting to appear overseas, to come into our market over the next few years and strongly advise pet parents to speak to their vet before they change their pet’s diet to make sure that it’s best for them.”

Pet parents that have questions about insect-based treats or their pet’s diet can receive free online vet advice and free vet pet plans tailored to their pet's needs from the Pet Circle Vet Squad.

One With Everything, Doggylicious and TBH’s insect-based dog treats are now available at

About Pet Circle:

Founded in 2011, Pet Circle is Australia’s largest online pet supplies store. Our mission is to help all pet parents pet better by offering the widest range of the highest quality brands and products, a best price guarantee, free access to vet advice, fast and reliable shipping, and customer support 7 days a week.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 10th January 2022

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