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TBH Plant & Insect-Based Dog Treats

The arrival of TBH (To Be Honest) plant-based and alternative protein dog treats has caused health and environmentally aware pet parents to pause and reflect upon what they’re feeding their precious pooch.

Did you know that a fifth of the world’s meat production goes towards feeding our pets? Instead, TBH uses sustainably raised crickets that have up to 3.8 times the protein of beef, contain less fat and have a tiny footprint in terms of land and water usage. 

With TBH co-founder, Leslie Moyan adding, “Not to mention none of that horrible methane gas being released into the atmosphere nor the needless slaughter of cows”.

Founders Blair Triplett and Leslie Moyan are on a mission to change the way we love, feed and look after our pets. With Blair stating, “Increasingly, humans are projecting our own health, wellness and environmental values onto our pets, and it seems our pets are also thankful for the opportunity to get back to a sustainable, healthy and natural diet”.

Baked in a human-certified HACCP bakery right here in Australia, TBH dog treats use nutritious and sustainable, locally grown plant-based food such as vegetables, 
seaweed and hemp, along with USDA certified organic cricket protein

All 10 essential amino acids are guaranteed. 

Whilst humans can eat TBH’s treats (yes, you read right!), TBH is nutritionally formulated for dogs.

“Dogs are omnivores”, registered vet and plant-based pet nutrition enthusiast, Dr Peter Theron confirms. 

TBH shows that it is indeed possible to feed your dog consciously and sustainably with plant and insect-based ingredients. Knowing that our beloved pets can have their nutritional needs met whilst also helping the environment ticks all my boxes”.

Vets aren’t the only ones getting in on the plant-based and alternative insect food movement that is likely to see meat phased out of commercially produced pet food. 

The RSPCA (Victoria) has given their nod to the introduction of high quality, nutritious, sustainable dog treats, now stocking the TBH dog treat range as it also represents an ethical choice for an increasingly conscious consumer.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $12.00 (100g) from

Also available from Pet Circle, RSPCA (Victoria), Wholefood retailers, Nourished Life, Pet Culture, Quality cafes, Habitat Pet Supplies, Mega Pet Warehouse, St. Ali.

You can follow @tbhpets on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

About TBH Pets

TBH Pets was founded by Blair Triplett and Leslie Moyan in Australia in 2020, both of whom are pet lovers and have a genuine desire to help bring about a more nutritious, sustainable and ethical way of loving our pets.

MEDIA RELEASE, September 2021

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