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Pet Lovers Club online subscription service for parasite protection

Pet Boom Prompts Innovative Pet Health Start-up

Managing our pets’ health has just become simpler, thanks to an innovative new tech start-up, Pet Lovers’ Club, which offers an online subscription service for flea, worm and tick prevention.

Pet Lovers Club was founded after a casual conversation between pet product industry veteran Andrew Gleeson and a friend about flea and worm protection for their dogs, Ralph, Molly and Coco. 

That chat led to the launch of Pet Lovers Club with co-joint founder Campbell Sallabank, a savvy, digital-tech executive behind some of Australia’s leading digital start-ups.

This innovative, highly relevant business start-up taps into the boom in pet ownership, as owners work from home during the current pandemic. 

Over 11 million dogs and cats are now registered in Australia and the pet products and services industry is worth $13bn and growing in excess of 4% pa. 

Pet Lovers Club will initially focus on the $850m parasite protection market prior to expanding to other competitive, quality pet products and services.

Pet Lovers’ Club’s new online subscription service delivers high quality, well-priced flea, worm, heartworm and tick protection straight to the door of dog and cat owners around Australia every month, ensuring year-round protection.

Says Pet Lovers Club CEO and co-founder Andrew Gleeson, “Research conducted amongst Australian pet owners on the topic of tick, flea and worm products indicates they are confused by the choice of flea and worming products, and many forget to treat their pets when they are due, leaving millions of pets unprotected from preventable health issues and life-threatening parasites.”

One in three dogs and half of all cats are not fully protected from parasites, leaving much-loved pets susceptible to fleas, itchy flea allergies, lethargy and stomach issues caused by worms, and unprotected from deadly heartworm and ticks, which cause thousands of pet deaths each year. 

In addition, an estimated 10,000 dogs suffer paralysis tick poisoning each year, with a 5 per cent mortality rate, meaning that every year, some 500 dogs will die from a completely preventable health issue, with the survivors undergoing terrible discomfort and suffering.

After discovering over 500,000 Google searches each month are related to dog and cat parasites, the founders of Pet Lovers Club are meeting the obvious demand for a simple, reliable and cost- effective service that keeps our pets safe and healthy.

To date, the business has raised close to $500,000 and has brought together a digital ‘A-Team’ including social media agency experts Crowd Media Group, digital agency 2 Dam Creative and expert vets Dr Lydia Matheson and Dr Christian Borg. After proving-up the initial business hypotheses, it is anticipated that more capital will be required to accelerate growth.

Price & Where to Buy:

Subscription Pricing: $5 for the first month, from $14.90/month (for cats 0-2.5kg) and from $16.90/month (for dogs 0-10kg) after that.

* ongoing 10% discount for each additional pet

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