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Australian Pet Organics Hip and Joint Supplement Review

We discovered the Australian Pet Organics range of Certified Organic Supplement Products and Dog Treats just before Christmas and thought we should put a couple of these new products to the test!

Dog supplements are one of the fastest growing segments in the pet industry, both here and worldwide and keeping up with the latest releases is proving difficult for pet parents.

Just like we never used to take any vitamins, we waited until our first dog Conner was 11 years before considering using any joint supplements to assist with his mobility issues.

Maybe it was the enduring skepticism levelled by traditional vets on the efficacy of nutraceuticals that had rubbed off on us or the difficulty in understanding that by the time you notice symptoms, your dog’s osteoarthritis has progressed a lot, but after witnessing Conner's slow decline, we decided that we would not hold off for our Malinois.

Porthos and Aramis, thick as thieves as puppies and still 9 years later!
The white paws belong to their sibling Athos... All 3 rescue pups were recovering from Parvo.

Though they’re still (and forever will be) puppies in our eyes, our “terrible twins” Porthos and Aramis are turning 9 this year and we can hardly believe they are officially senior dogs!

80% of dogs over the age of 8 will show signs of arthritis but did you know that 20% of dogs over the age of 1 could be affected? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a silent disease that steals mobility, independence and freedom.

Things to look out for in your dog include:

✔️ Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, play and jump
✔️ Lameness, limping and a slow cautious gait
✔️ Limb weakness or stiffness after laying down
✔️ Unexpected aggression or guarding behaviour due to pain

There are many factors that can lead to arthritis in dogs such as their breed*, age, weight (weight over 20% BMI), and prior health issues such as bone fractures and dislocations, hip or elbow dysplasia, and joint surgery.

* Breeds found to have a predisposition and therefore at a very high risk of osteoarthritis include: the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Labrador and Rottweiler.

Aramis with her trademark sloppy sitting
Despite being siblings, our Malinois could not be more different in build, gait and temperament! Porthos loves tearing off the lawn with zoomies that would make a Greyhound pale with envy whilst Aramis needs to be convinced to even break into a trot!

Even when she was under two, we noticed that she was often sitting with her legs sideways, rather than under the hips which is called slopping sitting but sitting this way (past the puppy stage) can indicate numerous problems.
  • Hip problems – This includes potential items such as hip dysplasia, hip arthritis, or anything else that causes an inflammatory response in the joint.
  • Knee pain – This could be the result of something as serious as a torn cruciate ligament or something more chronic in nature as a luxating patella.
  • Back pain – Back pain may be the result of altered biomechanics, which would affect the joints involved in sitting
We knew we should keep an eye out on this as she is a likely candidate for early arthritis.

During the second half of 2021, we noticed that her general “laziness” was increasing with less interest in jumping on/off the bed, couch and making her way slowly up and down stairs but she was also very stiff in one hind leg so it was time to act!

A bit of background about Australian Pet Organics

APO’s Founder Todd Graham invested a lot of time learning about dog's health after his best mate Tank the Bulldog was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at the age of 7, after suddenly losing the use of his back legs. 

Numerous vet specialists advised that the only option for Tank would be surgery on his spine. In an effort for Tank to avoid surgery, Todd began researching the benefits of natural and organic supplements and started trialling them on Tank with immediate success. With daily supplements added to Tank's meals, he was back to running and chasing his baby sister Scout around the house – like he always had.

After realising that the human grade natural and organic products did not exist in the pet market Todd sought out specialist advice from vet nutritionists and conservation scientists to develop specific supplements tailored to the needs of all dogs.

Introducing the Australian Pet Organics Range

APO offers a comprehensive range of Australian-made certified organic supplements, treats (and bundles) and now even accessories for pet parents (tote bags)! 
Their comprehensive range of supplements includes:

✔️ Hip and Joint
✔️ Digestive Health
✔️ Calm Support
✔️ Sustained Energy
✔️ Skin, Coat and Nail
✔️ Daily Wellbeing & Vitamin Chew

If you have dogs presenting with a range of issues or a multi-pet household, their sample pack of 8 will enable you to try a little bit of everything for a low price. For the purpose of this review, we decided to take a closer look at Hip and Joint and Skin, Coat and Nail.

What is in the Hip and Joint pet supplement?

✔️ Rosehip Powder: a potent antioxidant which is important for healthy joints.

✔️ Coconut Flour: rich in MCTs to support joint function.

✔️ Parsley Powder: a natural source of Vitamin K1 which
has a role in the maintenance of calcium-binding proteins.

✔️ Spinach Powder: rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin C - which has a role in maintaining healthy cartilage, tendons and bone and Vitamin K - which has a role in maintaining normal blood flow, function and processes.

✔️ Almond Meal: a natural source of Vitamin E - an antioxidant which assists in supporting joint health.

✔️ Green-lipped Mussel Powder: naturally rich in EPAs, DHAs & ETAs – which all play a supportive role in the normal function of joints.

✔️ Turmeric: rich in Curcumin to maintain healthy mobility in joints.

✔️ Bone Broth Powder: a natural source of Collagen Gelatine and Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides to support movement and overall joint health.

Every single ingredient is certified organic to the ACO standardThat means that every ingredient used is farmed in a more natural and sustainable way.

What is not in this Supaw ™ Potent Blend are wheat or soy (an issue for dogs suffering from allergens), nor are there any artificial colours or preservatives!

What is in the Skin, Coat and Nail pet supplement?

When we read that Skin, Coat and Nail with vitamins (available as a liquid supplement or small bone-shaped treats) was for good-looking doggos at any age, we immediately thought of our boy Porthos!  

Rich in Alpha-lipoic acid
 and Omega fatty acids, this organic pet supplement has been specially formulated to help achieve a shiny coat, healthy skin and strong nails.

Porthos has never suffered from any skin conditions (itchy, red or dry skin, seasonal alopecia) and his coat is usually shimmering however cracked nails are an ongoing issue because this naughty boy loves chewing his own nails, preferably late at night or at dawn on our bed so anything that potentially stops this behaviour would be welcome!

Packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Omega 3, and rich in ALA and Omega fatty acids, together with APO's trademarked Supaw™ blend, these Certified Organic treats are also very low in phosphorus (0.55 g per 100 kcal ME), copper and animal-derived protein - making them a good option for dogs with liver disease as well as chronic kidney disease.

Our Experience with Australian Pet Organics Hip and Joint Supplement

Our dogs focused on relaxing and enjoyed a wealth of treats (as did we...) over the festive season but as soon as the New Year beckoned, it was time to “get our fit back on”!

The best way to describe the Hip and Joint Supplement is a green / yellow powder whilst its smell (not unpleasant) is harder to describe because of the sheer number of ingredients.

It comes in a supersized tub (480g) which will delight owners of large dogs as it will last for a couple of months. 

For our dog's size (over 26kg), you only need to feed 1 ½ scoop (15g), twice per dayA little scoop is provided which holds 10g. If your dog is small (up to 10kg), it will last even longer!

We simply mixed the Hip and Joint Powder with water and added to Aramis' food this month. She happily slurped this right to the bottom of her bowl (we don't make it easy for her using a slow food bowl so it must taste good!).

We're finding Aramis is smiling a lot more (often actually grinning from ear to ear) and her movements are a lot more fluid - no more noticeable limping - so we can only put it down to the Hip and Joint Powder helping her regain additional mobility. It could well be that she was experiencing some degree of pain but being stoic like most dogs, she was putting up with that silent pain. Professional dog massages would no doubt help but being a Malinois, she does not have the "best table manners" with complete strangers!

Something that immediately stood out when we first reviewed the company’s website, collaterals and the packaging was the attention to detail, which contributes to building trust even though APO is reasonably new in the market.

We had absolutely no hesitation trialling these products with our dogs and after using this Hip and Joint supplement for around 4 weeks, Aramis is definitely going to finish it all and incorporate this as part of her regular diet as an ongoing preventative treatment. If things were to deteriorate (supplements can only do so much and eventually age catches up with us all), we will consider complementary injections from our vet.

The team at Australian Pet Organics firmly believe that doing good for dogs has got to be good for your karma. To keep that cycle of good going around, they have pledged 20% of their profits to animal causes that are closest to their hearts, supporting Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia, Bull Terrier Rescue Australia, Australian Working Dog Rescue.

So if you're ready to boost your dog's immune system with Australian-made and owned certified organic products whilst helping rescue dogs in the process, look no further than Australian Pet Organics!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $99.95 for Hip and Joint supplement (480g); $79.95 (500ml) for Skin, Coat and Nail supplement
RRP: $24.95 (150g) for Certified Organic Treats from

You can save 15% with a subscription (frequency of your choice) plus free shipping on all orders over $50.

Australian Pet Organics is on Facebook at
and on Instagram. 

Disclaimer: Hip and Joint and Skin, Coat and Nail dog supplements were supplied by Australian Pet Organics in order to test the products and complete this review.

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