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Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet Book Release

Healthy fresh foods and recipes you can share with your furry best friend

Good health starts with good food and that also applies to your furry best friend. Australia’s hungriest Labrador, Bowie, has been trying, testing and drooling over his human mama’s wholesome home cooking and enjoying the health benefits, too!

Now, pooches across the country can enjoy the same delicious recipes shared in the book Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet: A to Z Fresh Foods You Can Share With Your Dog, Complete With Nutrient Guidelines and Over 30 Dog Friendly Recipes to Try. Whether you are new to fresh food feeding or a seasoned fresh food feeder, there is something for everyone and every paw!

Bowie’s pawrent Riesa Renata is an avid home chef who combined her passion for cooking and love for dogs and their nutritional health to create the Bowie Drools series, publishing her first book – a paperback and digital copy –
Bowie Drools over Dumplings in 2021.

“I know Bowie loves a recipe more than others by the amount of drool he produces. That’s why the series is titled Bowie Drools. It’s his unique feature!” laughed Riesa.

In Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet, dog lovers can find an alphabetical list of healthy fresh produce and everyday foods you can safely feed their dog with the nutrient guidelines showing which foods are rich in different nutrients.

Having studied raw dog food nutrition, Riesa also explains in the book dogs’ physiology and the nutrients they need to thrive. 

She provides useful guidelines with practical advice and tips to ensure your dog has a nutritionally complete and balanced diet and a successful transition to a fresh food diet if you’d like to feed your dog fresh foods.

The book also includes recommendations of dog supplements that can help support your dog’s health and wellbeing and plenty more resources about dog nutrition and making food for your dog.

PLUS, there are more than 30 dog-friendly recipes to inspire you to become your dog’s personal Master Chef – all of which have been tested and approved by Bowie! 

The recipes range from supplemental foods to formulated complete meals, both raw and cooked options to accommodate dogs with different types of diet.

Why feed fresh foods to your dog?

Research shows that eating lots of highly processed food is linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer in humans.

“This should offer more reasons to limit intake of ultra-processed foods and instead consume more real foods,” said Riesa.

The same goes with our furry best friends. They will benefit from consuming a variety of fresh foods and less highly processed, inflammatory and refined foods which drive chronic disease, she added.

The concept of raw food feeding has become more popular nowadays due to its health benefits, but it may also turn some dog parents off, said Riesa.

“That’s why I call it ‘fresh food feeding’ or ‘feeding whole foods’ because it’s not just raw, it can be gently cooked depending on which suits the dog. It’s more about feeding a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods with minimal processing and no or less processed, highly inflammatory foods,” she said.

“Food can nourish, heal and make our dogs thrive, but it can also make them unwell. Every time your dog eats is an opportunity to nourish their body and it is never too late to improve their diet and support their body and protect it against chronic disease through providing nutritious real food.
“I hope to inspire people and their dogs to eat and live healthfully. No longer does my dog eat better than I do, and vice versa!”

Price & Where to Buy:

Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet

Author: Riesa Renata

Format: Digital ebook PDF, 254 pages

File size: 60MB

RRP: $34.95 from

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About Riesa and Bowie

Riesa Renata is a trained graphic designer and an avid home cook who loves creating Master Chef meals for her Labrador, Bowie. Their fresh food journey began over 5 years ago when Bowie suffered from multiple digestive issues, and the medications and a vet-recommended prescription kibble diet did not resolve his symptoms.

Riesa then investigated a fresh food diet for Bowie, and after feeding him whole foods, his symptoms gradually subsided and never returned. This experience, combined with her love and strong desire to see Bowie live the healthiest, longest and best life possible, encouraged her to study more about whole foods and dog nutrition.

Riesa completed her Raw Dog Food Nutrition course with Dogs Naturally in April 2020. She believes in the healing power of nutritious whole foods and the holistic approach to supporting our dogs' health and wellbeing. She combines her love for dogs with her creative energy and passion for cooking and nutrition to create inspiring dog-friendly recipes. She is also a dog blogger and content creator
 for Riesa and Bowie live in Melbourne, Australia. 

MEDIA RELEASE, 4th October 2022

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