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Dog Lovers Book Club - July 2022

With the winter school holidays upon us, it's time to stock up on a new pile of great reads for yourself and the kids.. You know, just in case that Internet connection or the power grid went down... Thankfully, books will always be there for us!

You also can't beat snuggling under a warm blanket with your dog for company so grab your favourite cuppa and enjoy this July 2022 selection of the Dog Lovers Book Club.

by Victoria Schade

What do you do when you discover your four-legged best friend might belong to someone else? From the acclaimed author of Who Rescued Who comes the charming story of a custody battle between two pet parents who would do anything for the dog they both adore.

Justine Becker could not be more in love with her rescue dog, Spencer. He's her best friend and "colleague" at her dog supply store, Tricks & Biscuits, in upstate New York. When she discovers a heart-breaking social media post trying to locate a dog that looks suspiciously like Spencer, Justine realizes that her beloved pup might actually belong to someone else.

Her worst fears are realized when she and Spencer meet up with Brooklyn-based Griffin McCabe, and he wants Spencer back. He claims he is the dog's rightful owner, and has the paperwork to prove it. But Justine refuses to roll over and let him take Spencer without a fight.

It’s not easy juggling Spencer's burgeoning new career as a dog actor, along with the demands of her life upstate, all while constantly trying to prove she's a better pet parent than Griffin. Their not-so-friendly competition teeters on the edge of flat-out hate, so when romantic feelings for Griffin catch Justine off guard, she needs to determine if it's all part of his plot to win the pup back, or if the guy who was good enough for Spencer might also be good enough for her.

Publisher: Penguin Books; Imprint: Jove, 4 May 2021
Paperback, 352 pages

RRP: $29.99. For stockists, visit

Dog Breeds and Their Spirit Wines

by Michele Gargiulo

Ever wonder what wine to pair with something you had no intention of eating? As a professional sommelier, Michele Gargiulo has taken the time to pair something unusual, and inedible (hopefully, anyway), with a favourite beverage-wine. 

This book explores how to pair the personality and soul of different wines with well-known dog breeds.

Dogs have distinctive personalities-they vary based on breed and even by individual, just as wines vary year to year, location to location. Wine is often taken too seriously, and many people still expect sommeliers to be older gentlemen who forgot how to smile sometime in the eighties! 

To make wine what it is truly about, happiness and fun, the author has expertly paired her picks with the creatures who are among the happiest and most fun in the world. Cheers!

Hardcover, 132 pages
Publisher: Sommelier Stories Press, 21st June 2022

RRP: $73.60 from

by Linda Ledbeter

I was Ernie's last stop before a final decision was made to end his life. He had been shuffled around between shelters, rescues and foster homes and I was his sixth stop before he had reached his first birthday. When Ernie arrived, I questioned my decision to take him on; his energy level and behaviours were nothing I had witnessed before.

For the next year we forged ahead, unravelling and revealing the causes for his erratic behaviours. Ernie was teaching me while he was softening my husband's heart. Within the pages of this story, you will laugh and cry, and have your beliefs challenged. And in the end hopefully you will have grown just as we did and celebrate the challenges presented to us.

Ernie Ernie Ernie...what are we going to do with you?

Paperback: ‏ 170pages
Publisher: ‎Moonbow Publications & Productions, 12th April, 2022

RRP: $48.27 from

A Memoir of Dogs, Dance and Devotion

by Joyce A Miller

In Joyce A. Miller's memoir, Look! You're Dancing, she enters two worlds when she adopts a retired racing Greyhound and decides to do canine freestyle, or dog dancing.

Miller had a less than ideal childhood and felt she was an imposter for most of her life, not fitting in anywhere. When she worked with the Greyhound adoption group and helped the sleek racers find their forever homes, she felt fulfilled.

And when she started dancing, first with her Greyhound and then tap dancing with a group of friends, she felt she finally found true friendship and a safe place that brought out the best in her. Look! You're Dancing explores the unique bond between a hound and a human and how something as simple as a dance enriches both lives.

Joyce A. Miller adopted six Greyhounds over the past twenty years and danced with several of them.

Paperback, 220 pages
Publisher: Joyce A. Miller, 15th May 2022

Price: $22.25 from

Year Four: A dog's reports from the front lines of hooman rescue

by Gwen Romack

The fourth book in the multi-award winning series is here!

Training hoomans is a ruff job, but somedoggy has to do it. The Finn Chronicles is a unique story told by an extraordinary dog. 
Join Finn as he shares his third year of weekly reports about his struggles to train and protect his rescued hoomans. With sarcastic wit, he observes the curious world around him, heroically saves his hoomans from danger, and vents about his lackluster servants. 

With bonus content like links to Finn's social media and videos, you'll get to see this vocal and opinionated dog in action. You're sure to fall in love with Finn, his hilarious facial expressions, his tantrums, and even his dim-witted hoomans. 

This is the light-hearted and funny read we need in these not so light-hearted times.

Paperback, 168 pages
Publisher: Gwen K. Romack, 14th June 2022

RRP: $46.83 from


by Gabrielle Wang

A heart-warming story set in post-war Melbourne about courage, friendship, the magic of stories and one girl’s unwavering love for her dog.

Zadie Ma has a special talent for telling stories . . . and it seems that some of Zadie’s stories come true. Zadie’s dearest wish is to have a dog of her own and so she starts to write the story of a poor unwanted dog called Jupiter, who’s just waiting to be rescued by a loving girl like Zadie.

One morning when she’s supposed to be minding the family shop for her mother, Zadie sets off to look for Jupiter. The scene that unfolds isn’t quite the same as in her story but she does find a real dog, and his name is Jupiter. Once Zadie has rescued him, she realises she can’t just take Jupiter home because her mother won’t let her keep a dog. Luckily her bold new friend Sparrow lets Zadie keep Jupiter at her house till Zadie can work things out.

But a series of unlucky events means that Zadie can’t write the happy ending she dreams of for her story, and now she may lose her beloved Jupiter forever.

Can Zadie’s most important story of all finally come true?

Gabrielle Wang is the Australian Children’s Laureate for 2022–23

Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Penguin Australia, Imprint: Puffin, 31st May 2022 

Price: $12.00 from

by David Sidorov, Rachel Wenitsky

The dogs take on movie stardom in this fourth book in the middle-grade series that feels like
The Secret Life of Pets meets Toy Story.

Quiet on set! The Good Dogs have arrived!

When the Good Dogs doggy day care closes temporarily, the dogs join the other pets on Jasmine's new movie set. And while trying to explore the new place and sniff out the best snacks, Hugo somehow snags a movie role instead of Lulu!

Can Lulu get over her disappointment? Will King do a good job watching out for Waffles while Hugo is working? And can the dogs escape whatever the mysterious pen of guinea pigs is planning behind their backs?

These Good Dogs are lucky they can count on each other wherever they go!

Paperback, 192 pages
Publisher: Penguin Group, Imprint: Putnam, 28th June 2022
For Ages: 7 - 10 years old

RRP: $14.99. For stockists, visit

by Ian Falconer

Here comes a dashingly delightful picture book about two unforgettable Dachshunds and their search for fun!

Dachshund brothers Perry and Augie are home alone and desperately want to get outside and have a good time. Augie is the cautious one, the worrier; Perry is pure joy and excitement. 

When they finally manage to open the back door, mischievous adventures begin! Soon they're diving into the swimming pool, digging an enormous hole, and more! Will all return to normal before their owners come home?

This witty and utterly heart-warming story plays perfectly off the exquisite illustrations. Two Dogs is sure to capture the hearts of readers everywhere.

Perfect for fans of imaginative dog books like Bark, George and A Ball for Daisy!

Hardcover, 40 pages
Publisher: Harper Collins, 28th June 2022

For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

RRP: $24.95. For stockists, visit

by Helen Haraldsen, illustrated by Steve Hutton

Petra is a special dog. She's fast, determined and a master at moving without being seen.

When two local dogs are stolen, Petra knows she's the one to go to their rescue, but there's a problem - she doesn't know where the thieves have taken the dogs. Before she can save them, she needs to find them. It's a mission that isn't as straightforward as she thinks.

Can she find the missing dogs and bring them home safely, or will she end up getting caught herself? Petra might move like a ghost, but she's a real dog and she's heading into terrible danger.

The action-packed sequel to The Dalmatian that Lost its Spots.

Paperback, 192 pages
Series: Daley's Dog Tales, Published: 20th August 2021
For Ages: 7 - 9 years old

RRP: $15.39 via


by Natalie K. McCurry, Cadie McCurry, Chris Schwink (Illustrator)

Awesome Adventures With Cadie the Rescue Dog
is a book for children to experience how wonderful it is to rescue a dog in need and to be able to show it love, affection and a very happy life.

Follow Cadie as she goes on adventures and meets other dogs, children, dog owners and family all while enjoying many adventures with her family. 

Since she was rescued, Cadie will now live out her life happy and will explore on her many adventures, which she is sharing with you.

Paperback, 44 pages
Publisher: Bookbaby, 13th June 2022

RRP: $23.54 from

by Rob Biddulph

A brand-new, wonderfully waggy story of one dog day afternoon, from the genius behind the #DrawWithRob phenomenon and the bestselling and award-winning Blown Away!

Every dog has his Dave (or otherwise-named human)… but on a walk in the park, the adorable Teddy the pug, loses his!

And when Teddy finds himself at the shed of the TERRIBLE TROLL in the woods, he might find more than he bargained for… a new friend.

Packed with delight, dogs, and even a Dave, this hilariously funny and exquisitely illustrated new book from the incredible Rob Biddulph, the creative star behind the viral and phenomenal #DrawWithRob, will have you panting for more!

This is the perfect story for boys and girls of 3+, and dog lovers everywhere, to share with their families! 

Roll around in the rhymes and enjoy Rob Biddulph’s trademark warm-hearted humour.

Format: Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 24th June 2022
For Ages: 3+ years old

RRP: $14.99. For stockists, visit

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We put together a bumper selection to help you survive the dismal weather during these winter school holidays!

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