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Dog Lovers Book Club - April 2020

Now more than ever, home is where our dog is. With all our regular activities coming to a standstill, why not use this time to read a few more books and disconnect from the world?

We put together our top picks of inspirational and educational book releases for dog lovers of all ages. So grab a cuppa of your favourite beverage and settle in to discover our latest selection...

How one extraordinary dog changed my world 

by Amit Patel 

‘I live an ordinary life thanks to one extraordinary dog. Kika opened up the world to me again. She’s made what once seemed impossible possible.'

In 2013 Amit Patel is working as a trauma doctor when a rare condition causes him to lose his sight within thirty-six hours. Totally dependent on others and terrified of stepping outside with a white cane after a horrifying assault, he hits rock bottom. He refuses to leave home on his own for three months. With the support of his wife Seema he slowly begins to adapt to his new situation, but how could life ever be the way it was? Then his guide dog Kika comes into their lives...

But Kika’s stubbornness almost puts her guide dog training in jeopardy – could her larger-than-life personality be a perfect match for someone? Meanwhile Amit has reservations – could he trust a dog with his life? Paired together in 2015, they start on a journey, learning to trust each other before taking to the streets of London and beyond. 

The partnership not only gives Amit a renewed lease of life but a new best friend. Then, after a video of an irate commuter rudely asking Amit to step aside on an escalator goes viral, he sets out with Kika by his side to spread a message of positivity and inclusivity, showing that nothing will hold them back.

From the challenges of travelling when blind to becoming a parent for the first time, Kika & Me is the moving, heart-warming and inspirational story of Amit’s sight-loss journey and how one guide dog changed his world.

Paperback, 320 pages
Published: Pan MacMillan Australia, 25th February 2020

Price: $26.90 from

by Victoria Schade

A few rough breaks lead a woman at the end of her leash to journey across the pond to fetch a surprise inheritance - but the dogs she rescues along the way have other ideas. 

The plan was simple: Elizabeth would suffer through a quick trip to her late father's family homestead in the English countryside, try not to think about how she was unjustly fired from her dream job, claim her inheritance, and hop on the next flight back to Silicon Valley where she can get her life back on track.

The plan does not include rescuing an abandoned black and white puppy. Or bonding with her long-lost aunt and uncle, their Border Collie, and their two very opinionated sheep. Or falling for the handsome local who runs the town's craft brewery. As Elizabeth's brief visit to Fargrove turns into an extended stay, she discovers that she has more in common with the new puppy than she realized.

Paperback, 336 pages

Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc, 24th March 2020

Price: $26.40 at 

The little dog that had to learn to bark

by Barby Keel

A moving, heart-warming and redemptive true story that celebrates the healing power of love between humans and animals.

In the 54 years she has run the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary, deep in the Kent countryside, Barby has taken in all manner of animals in need of love, care and a second chance at life. She thinks she's seen it all until Gabby, a scruffy, golden-haired Terrier, arrives on her doorstep.

Trembling, her eyes wide with fear, Gabby is unable to play with other dogs and is completely mute. When Barby discovers that Gabby has been kept locked indoors her whole life, all becomes clear - Gabby has never learnt to be a dog.

Soon Barby has fallen in love with this strange little mutt and is determined to help her connect with her true nature. But when tragedy befalls Barby, it is not only Gabby but the entire animal sanctuary that's at stake...

Paperback, 256 pages

Publisher: Hachette Australia, Imprint: Trapeze, 11 September 2018

RRP: $19.99 at

Dogs in the Movies

by Wendy Mitchell

This charming and adorable collection of the best cinematic dogs is sure to delight dog lovers and movie-goers alike.

The Citizen Canine pack includes sixty of the bravest, cutest and furriest pooches ever to grace the silver screen. From top-billed hounds like Lassie and Benji to comedic scene-stealers like Asta from Bringing Up Baby and Puffy from There’s Something About Mary, all your favourite furry friends are here.

Whether you have a canine companion or just wish you did, Citizen Canine is your perfect guide to dogs, movies and the magical moments when they come together.

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing, 10th February 2020

Price: $19.95 at 


A Home for Goddesses and Dogs
by Leslie Connor

A unique masterpiece about loss, love, and the world's best bad dog, from award winner Leslie Connor. This novel sings about loss and love and finding joy in new friendships and a loving family, along with the world's best bad dog. 

It's a life-altering New Year for thirteen-year-old Lydia when she uproots to a Connecticut farm to live with her aunt following her mother's death.

Aunt Brat and her jovial wife, Eileen, and their ancient live-in landlord, Elloroy, are welcoming-and a little quirky. Lydia's struggle for a sense of belonging in her new family is highlighted when the women adopt a big yellow dog just days after the girl's arrival.

Wasn't one rescue enough?

Lydia is not a dog person-and this one is trouble! He is mistrustful and slinky. He pees in the house, escapes into the woods, and barks at things unseen. His new owners begin to guess about his unknown past.

Meanwhile, Lydia doesn't want to be difficult-and she does not mean to keep secrets-but there are things she's not telling...

Like why the box of “paper stuff” she keeps under her bed is so important... And why that hole in the wall behind a poster in her room is getting bigger... And why something she took from the big yellow dog just might be the key to unraveling his mysterious past-but at what cost?

Hardcover, 400 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 25th February 2020
For Ages: 10+ years old

Price: $27.35 at

How to Train, Care for, and Play and Communicate with Your Amazing Pet!

by Arden Moore

This lively dog care book, specially written for kids aged 8 and up, is packed with photos and colourful illustrations that teach training, care, health and safety, along with hands-on activities promoting play and bonding with canine companions.

Paperback, 144 pages

Publisher: Storey Pub, 17th March 2020

For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

Price: $28.80 at

Seaman and the Great Northern Adventure

by Helen Moss, illustrated by Misa Saburi 

In this second adventure, Baxter, Trevor, Newton, and Maia - the Time Dogs! - find themselves transported through time and space to 1805 on the Missouri River. 

There, deep in the wilderness, the puppies must help Seaman, the dog of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark.

Paperback, 160 pages

Publisher: Pan MacMillan Australia, Imprint: Square Fish, 10th March 2020

For Ages: 5+ years old

RRP: $12.99 from all good bookstores and online. 

For details, visit

by National Geographic Kids

If you’re stuck for ideas to keep kids entertained at home during the school holidays, this is it!

Kids will have double the fun with 2,000 stickers and cool content about cats and dogs.

This bind-up of Cats and Dogs combines two super-cute, fun-filled sticker books in one It's chock-full of information about kids' favourite furry friends: kittens, puppies, different breeds of cats and dogs, behaviours, pet care, and much more.

With a colourful design and loaded with tons of games and activities--such as mazes, matching, drawing, and counting--kids are sure to love these pages of 2,000 stickers.

Paperback, 112 pages
Publisher: Penguin Random House, Imprint: National Geographic Kids, 24th March 2020
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

Price: $25.90 at

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