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ZamiPet launches new range of dog treats

Treat your dog to the good stuff, without the junk

Leading pet supplement brand, ZamiPet, launches a new range of dog treats that support positive reinforcement and improve your dog’s overall health and wellbeing

With more Australians owning dogs than ever before, and many of those dogs overweight and anxious, a new treat brand has launched to help owners reward their pets while supporting their health.

The Australian-owned (ZamiPet) HappiTreats, made in Melbourne, are packed with vitamins and minerals to improve treat time, enabling dog owners to give rewards without the guilt.

ZamiPet Head Vet Dr Andrew McKay said with 40 per cent of dogs in Australia experiencing obesity and up to 70 per cent displaying signs of anxiety, pets needed healthier options for treats, as treating is an important part of the human-dog relationship.

“Treats help us humans train our dogs via positive reinforcement, particularly as we return to work from lockdown and need to incentivise the right behaviour during this adjustment period,” he said.

“Treats can also help us bond with our dogs. With so many dogs experiencing weight problems and signs of anxiety we knew there needed to be a guilt-free treat for owners and dogs so they can continue to develop this bond without contributing to potential health conditions.”

HappiTreats consist of a five-product range, made from delicious, high quality Australian chicken and salmon and formulated by leading Australian veterinarians. With no hidden nasties, HappiTreats are a tasty and nutritious snack for dogs with an added health and functional benefit, perfect for training purposes or simply spoiling your beloved pooch. 

The unique clover-shape chews can be broken into smaller pieces as required for a nutritious reward.

“Treating your pet is an important step in training them as well as developing that special bond between animal and owner. With HappiTreats, you can treat your dog without the junk and know that they’re benefitting in other ways at the same time,” said Dr McKay.

HappiTreats, with their functional benefits, work in tandem with the current ZamiPet supplements range, and so by incorporating a combination of both into your dog’s daily diet, you will see improvements to their gut and overall health.

“Just like everything though, moderation is key. HappiTreats contain a limited amount of calories, are healthy, tasty and will fill nutritional gaps via ingredients such as Omega 3s, prebiotics and turmeric. They also have an added functional benefit, unlike the other treats out there that contain ‘empty’ calories,” added Dr McKay.

5 Tips for the Best Treat Etiquette:

Tip #1 - The best time to treat your pet is determined by the reason you are treating your dog. 
✔️ If you are using the treats to reward good behaviour during training, provide them immediately after they have behaved correctly after your command. 
✔️ If you are treating to improve or nurture the bond between yourself and your dog, then provide these treats between meals.

Tip #2
- Don’t fall into the habit of rewarding bad behaviour. For instance, if your dog is chewing your shoe, don’t remove the shoe and then provide a treat as they will see it as a reward for chewing your shoes!

Tip #3 - Spoiling your dog with treats too often can potentially have negative long-term impacts. If you are providing a number of treats throughout the day, reduce the size of the dog's main meal slightly.

Tip #4 - Refrain from feeding them table scraps as they often contain a large number of hidden calories.

Tip #5 - Consult your local vet to determine the appropriate number of main meals per day (usually 1- 2) for your dog.

“Treating animals is an important part of pet ownership, and when it’s done with the right ingredients it can be a completely positive experience.
“If we treat too often and with unhealthy ingredients, then it’s the dog who suffers,” added Dr McKay.
Pet ownership has soared in the last two years, with over 2 million Australian households owning at least one pet. But so too has the amount of pet health issues, as demonstrated below:
  • 40% of Australian dogs are obese
  • 70% of Australian dogs display anxiety
  • 1 in 5 Australian dogs suffer from osteoarthritis at some point during their lives.
Price & Where to Buy from:

The range is made from delicious Australian chicken and salmon with an irresistible roast chicken aroma. The five-product range includes Joints, Relax & Calm, Puppy, Skin & Coat and Digestion.

It’s recommended to combine ZamiPet Premium Supplements with ZamiPet HappiTreats for optimum health.

RRP: $16.95 (ZamiPet HappiTreats - any variety) from

About ZamiPet

With a shared belief that just like humans, our much-loved pets deserve a happy, active and healthy life, ZamiPet, from Zamira Australia, was born in 2020. Zamira is an Australian animal health business with a mission to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals across the world.

Leveraging the expertise of former Swisse Vitamins senior executive Michael Howard, and veterinarian and experienced GM, Dr Andrew McKay, Zamira recognised the strong parallels with the health and wellbeing movement to develop its first pet supplement range.

"Having spent over a decade focussing on animal health in the farming sector, it was a natural progression for Zamira to help improve the lives of the animals we have at home, too," Stewart Cairns, CEO & Co-founder.

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th April 2022

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