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National Pet Day 2022 at Arcare Aged Care

Aged care residents, team members, and families at Arcare residences across Australia celebrated National Pet Day on Monday 11th April.

Pet visits and pet therapy are a regular addition to Arcare lifestyle programs across Australia, with residences connecting with programs like Delta Therapy Dogs and encouraging pets to visit whenever possible.

Here is how some of the residences in Queensland and Victoria celebrated this paw-some day!

Resident Marion loves Marshmallow's visits!
Maria and Marshmallow from Delta Dogs have been visiting Arcare Parkinson (QLD) every fortnight and he is one popular therapy dog. Marshmallow is a 3-year-old Corgi who lives with his mum Maria in Rocklea. 

Prior to his visits, Maria and Marshmallow underwent extended training to ensure he was suitable to handle all types of situations. Even though they are new to Delta Dogs, everyone in the Arcare Parkinson community looks forward to his visits.

At Arcare Parkinson (QLD), you will also find two adorable Cavalier Maltese Shih Tzus racing down the hallways!

3-year-old Mabel (black) and 2.5-year-old-Daisy (white) used to visit quite often, but because of lockdowns, their visits were paused. Lifestyle Coordinator Jodie is now planning to bring the dogs in monthly. Resident Alma was moved when she cuddled with the puppies while Resident Diana recalled always having dogs in her family.

9-year-old Golden Retriever Pete can regularly be seen swaying down the halls of Arcare Surrey Hills (VIC). He visits once a fortnight with Lifestyle Coordinator, Rachel Natoli. Pete’s calm temperament and warm cuddles make him the perfect addition to the community. 

Pete loves to join in the afternoon Book Club, where he listens to their stories and eventually takes a nap beside the residents. Arcare Surrey Hills resident, Rene has a particularly special bond with Pete and always loves to have a cuddle with him in her suite.

“The first time Rachel brought Pete into meet me, I got chills and started to tear up, as my son’s name was also Pete, and I was instantly reminded of him.” Rene shared.

“I always look forward to seeing Pete though as he makes me smile. Sometimes he’ll just come, sit at my feet, and keep me company.”

“The residents look forward to Pete’s fortnightly visit,” Lifestyle Coordinator, Rachel shared. “[Pete] provides excellent emotional support to the residents. I feel like sometimes he just knows, who needs to see him, as he’ll trot towards certain people, he feels needs company or a cuddle; dogs are great like that.”

12-year-old Groodle, Shelby was once known for her acting chops in big-time commercials for Kellogg’s and ANZShe now enjoys visiting the residents at Arcare Knox and The Lodge (VIC) with her owner and Lifestyle Assistant, Bec Quirk. 

On National Pet Day, Shelby made the rounds, visiting residents in their suites and in the lounge rooms for a quick pat and cuddle before she showed off her tricks.

Bonnie, Millie, and Isla were just some of the furry faces that visited Arcare Cheltenham (VIC) for National Pet Day.
Arcare Cheltenham is a pet-friendly community with families and team members regularly bringing in their dogs to visit. 

Personal Support Worker Jo, enjoys bringing in her dog Bonnie into work with her every Tuesday. “Bonnie will sometimes sit and accompany the residents in their rooms, and she even accompanies me to Bingo!” Jo said.

Arcare Cheltenham (VIC) resident Joe enjoys twice weekly visits from his daughter Lisa with their Japanese Spitz, Isla. 

Meanwhile, resident Jim enjoys regular visits from his wife Pam with their family Poodle, Millie.

Although Arcare Castlemaine (VIC) has only recently opened, the community has wasted no time creating some paw-fect moments. Lifestyle Coordinator, Peta Downie currently brings in her dog, Jessie two days a week for pet therapy with the residents.

To round-off this year’s National Pet Day, the Arcare Burnside’s (VIC) community received a visit from a new furry friend, Evee. 

Evee is Residence Manager, Janet Rowley’s 3-year old Border-Collie, and she visited the Burnside residents for the first time this week.

Research has found that people who interact with pets on a regular basis are generally healthier and live longer, compared to non-pet owners or those who do not regularly engage in pet therapy programs. 

Pet therapy for aged care residents has also been proven to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of social isolation, and increase confidence and self-esteem among many other things.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 13th April 2022

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