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ZamiPet survey finds link between human happiness and animal health

New animal health brand ZamiPet unearths the impact our dogs have on our health and happiness

It’s no secret that a wagging tail can put a smile on just about anyone’s face, but little has been known until now about how truly impactful the state of our dogs’ wellbeing is on our own health and happiness.

A study by new Australian dog supplement brand ZamiPet, finally uncovers an undeniable link between the health of our dogs and our own mental health, finding that when our furry friends aren’t feeling well, we feel out of sorts ourselves, and we want to help.

In research that polled 1,000 Australians, dog owners spoke of how they see their pets as family members and get great comfort from their presence in their lives. Almost all respondents said their dog makes them happier (95 per cent) and healthier (93 per cent), while 94 per cent said their dog supports their overall mental health.

Nine out of 10 said they’d be devastated if anything happened to their dog, with the same amount of people also commenting that their heart breaks when their dog is unwell. Only eight per cent of people said they weren’t emotionally impacted if their dog was sick.

Dr Andrew McKay
, Australian veterinary surgeon and Head Vet at ZamiPet, said there is no denying that happy pets meant happy humans, but that few pet owners understood the link between happiness and health when it came to their pets.

“Many of us have experienced the stress and upset of a sick or injured pet – it impacts our mood, our mental health and our happiness. 

This research confirms what pet lovers have always known – our health and happiness are heavily influenced by our pet’s own health and happiness,” he said.

“What was surprising though, is that although most dog owners want to proactively care for their pets, and already treat them like family members, the average Australian isn’t actively supplementing their pet’s diet for optimum health. It seems there is confusion about the efficacy of supplements in the pet space and uncertainty about which ones are right for their dog.”

It has led the Australian-based ZamiPet team to create a new premium quality range of Australian- made dog supplements that will be available nationally through pet specialty stores.

ZamiPet supplements are formulated by local veterinarians from leading animal health group Zamira Australia, featuring high quality ingredients including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Manuka Honey, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Tryptophan, Omega-3 and Natural Antioxidants that are science-backed to optimise animal wellbeing.

Dr McKay said the initial range aimed to address the most common health concerns in dogs including joint health, senior support, stress and anxiety and skin, coat and nails. New products will become available in the coming months to target a broader range of needs.

He said most pet owners should consider supplements for their dogs as a preventative measure, particularly if they suffer visible health issues.

“Just like us, preventative health measures such as nutraceutical supplementation provide our dogs with a great opportunity to avoid more serious health challenges as they age,” he said.

“People should really be considering supplements for their pets before they get sick, however supplements can also be a great way to get pets back on track after a health setback.”

ZamiPet is a great-tasting, chewable and breakable supplement that has been manufactured in Australia. The unique clover-shape chews can be broken into smaller pieces for feeding.

Dr McKay said he hoped ZamiPet would help more Australians embrace pet supplementation and make it much easier to understand the benefits.

“We know that Australians are passionate about their dog’s health and wellbeing - the research showed us that Australian dog owners are relying on the advice from their regular vet, buying the best quality dog food they can afford, and that good nutrition is important for their dog’s quality of life,” said Dr McKay.

“There is a knowledge gap though – we think this opens up an exciting opportunity for ZamiPet to build on Australians’ strong and established attitudes towards health and nutrition.
With over 30 million pets in Australian households, it is so important to educate the wider community about the benefits that high quality pet supplements have on supporting the long-term health and wellbeing of our beloved canines,” he added.

The ZamiPet study delved into attitudes towards dog ownership:

✔️ 93% of Australian dog owners view their pet as a member of their family and almost all treat their dogs as though they are a close friend. 
✔️ 98% talk to their dogs
✔️ 97% take pictures with their dogs and
✔️ 94% purchase items like toys and treats for their dogs.

Australian dog owners have also used a video monitor to track the movement of their dogs when they’re not at home (79 per cent), celebrated their dog’s birthday (65 per cent) and more than half have purchased fashion accessories for their dog (53 per cent) – confirming the utter joy our much- loved companions add to our livelihoods and the unconditional love we have for our pets.

For more information on the ZamiPet supplements range, visit

About ZamiPet

With a shared belief that just like humans, our much-loved pets deserve a happy, active and healthy life, ZamiPet was born in 2020. Leveraging the expertise of former Swisse Vitamins senior executive Michael Howard, and veterinarian and experienced GM, Dr Andrew McKay, Zamira recognised the strong parallels with the health and wellbeing movement to develop its first pet supplement range.

“Having spent over a decade focussing on animal health in the farming sector, it was a natural progression for Zamira to help improve the lives of the animals we have at home, too.” Stewart Cairns, CEO & Co-founder.

Animals can’t always get all the nutrients they need from food alone. Through the combination of the best experts, best ingredients and best science, ZamiPet is a new range of premium pet supplements, developed to support the main health challenges facing dogs.

Owners may recognise the usual symptoms – when it’s hard to jump into the back of the car, or there is a loss of appetite, or when their coat is lacking its lustre – when these tell-tale signs appear, or to prevent the symptoms, ZamiPet supplements can assist. ZamiPet products are designed for dog owners who are actively invested and in tune with their dog’s health, seek premium products backed by science, and understand the power of nature combined with 
scientific expertise in promoting overall health and wellbeing.

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