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DOGTV offers hours of entertainment for Aussie pooches

While you’re at the office or busy in a video meeting, your dog will be entertained for hours on end with DOGTV.

As we continue to shift between working from home or at the office, we can’t forget the impact this has on our dog’s emotional wellbeing and the potential destruction they can cause when they’re bored, anxious or stressed.

DOGTV, a scientifically designed canine streaming nirvana, has been developed to enrich our pets’ lives and support the loneliness and isolation they face while at home alone through tailored videos to stimulate your dog’s mind.

Photo (supplied): @itsbaileytheboston
Dogs are highly social animals who enjoy companionship and working from home has provided pet parents with a unique opportunity to bond with their dog more than ever.

While working from home provides your pet with comfort knowing you’re nearby, once we start back at our workplace, or are occupied with back-to-back video meetings at home, we need to be clever about keeping their minds enriched and occupied, to help reduce feelings of boredom or anxiety.

PETstock’s State Trainer, Mandi Wright, reminds us that before we head back to the office or are pre-occupied at home, DOGTV is a great tool to utilise. Anxiety can be characterised with signs of distress including destruction to the home, pacing, excessive barking, digging, or even attempting to escape.

Photo (supplied): @bellagoldenmd
“Dogs can experience anxiety when they’re separated from their human family for long periods of time and not getting the attention they’re used to receiving. 

It can be highly stressful for your dog when they’re used to having you at home all day and then when you transition to leaving them alone for long periods of time.” says Mandi.

“Introducing DOGTV and establishing alone time should initially be undertaken in small doses, working your way up to full days to ensure they’re feeling safe and comfortable while left alone”.
“Ahead of leaving for the office, exercise your dog or play with them before you depart to help them relax and rest.”
“While you are gone, leaving DOGTV on and providing treats and enriching toys like puzzles, lick mats and treat dispensing toys will set your dog up for success and support their overall happiness.” says Mandi.

While dogs won’t sit in front of the TV like humans do, it provides background sounds and visuals for your dog to feel a presence when left at home alone.

DOGTV programs are divided into three categories:
 exposure, stimulation and relaxation, to meet a dog’s typical daily cycle, enriching their environment by exposing them to new stimuli in the form of images and sound.

Monthly* and annual* subscriptions to DOGTV are available exclusively at PETstock stores or online via

*PETstock Rewards members can receive one month of DOGTV for free via the PETstock website.

MEDIA RELEASE, 20th August 2021

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