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Top 15 Dog Boredom Busters in 2023

Is your dog spending long hours home alone? Dogs will happily sleep 12-14 hours per day (even more for puppies and seniors) however if you don't provide both physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis, be prepared for them to create their own fun! This could mean anything from rearranging your home cor to pulling clothes off the line or impressive landscaping efforts!

Common signs of boredom can include:

Most professional dog trainers and behaviourists advise that dogs should not be left alone for more than 4-6 hours but when you're working full-time, this is unachievable...
Cue the dog toy box because one easy solution to enrich their environment is to provide a great selection of tough toys and boredom busters, best rotated daily!

When the weather's heating up, it is great to know you can keep your fur babies cool and enriched, especially whilst you're at work.

Photo: @ruby_and_bailey_the_lowchens
Introducing the Frosty Cone Freezer Toy and Chilly Penguin from PetSafe®.

These two nifty boredom busters will have your pets entertained and hydrated in no time! Simply fill these toys with peanut butter, chicken broth or whatever your dog enjoys snacking on and place into the freezer.

Once frozen, serve up and watch your pup enjoy. They're not only cute but also functional to keep your dog's brain active and engaged plus they're stackable for the freezer.

These treat dispensing toys come in 2 sizes.


RRP: from $10.79 at 

If you really want to reward your trusted companion with a tasty treat, then ZamiPet has created the ultimate guilt-free snack with added health benefits.

Formulated by Australian vets, ZamiPet HappiTreats® provide an extra-healthy boost to your pet’s treating or training regime, which not only delivers on big flavour but also supports the specific health needs of dogs.

Credit: @wombrat.tribe

Made from high-quality Australian chicken and salmon, ZamiPet HappiTreats® are packed full of natural flavour with a delicious roast chicken aroma your dog will find irresistible. 

Save 20% with the exclusive ZamiPet HappiTreats® Taster Bundle:

✔️ 1 x  HappiTreats® Relax & Calm

✔️ 1 x HappiTreats® Joints

✔️ 1 x HappiTreats® Skin & Coat

✔️ 1 x HappiTreats® Digestion

RRP$16.95 per pack or $54.24 for the Taster Bundle with free shipping on all orders over $49 at  

Enter our competition here for a chance to Win 1 of 3 ZamiPet Dental Sticks Bundles!

Chew out boredom and clean those teefies while you’re at it!

Your dog will love chewing on these natural, non-toxic chew toys smeared with a little peanut butter or yoghurt to encourage licking and chewing.  

The soft and pliable nubs and ribs massage the gums and tongue while the multi-layered spikes brush away plaque and bacteria.

They come in three types: Medium, Large and Cactus. The cactus (shown) is suitable for dogs of all sizes, even the littlies will enjoy chewing the spiky branches, it also features a loud squeaker to ensure they never get bored brushing their teeth.

All three chew toys come with a handy cleaning brush.

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A strong core is what helps your dog sit up, stand up, run, turn, twist, jump and play! When it’s too hot (or cold) to walk and train your dog outside, you can exercise your dog indoors using a FitPAWS® playground!

The FitPAWS® TRAX™ Donut Ball is a uniquely-shaped inflatable fitness ball designed specifically for dogs. Its flattened base offers more stability than other inflatables. With your assistance, your dog will learn to stand, sit, lay, sidestep and perform other beneficial exercises.

Subtle movement of the Donut under your dog’s weight causes a shift in your dog’s centre of gravity. Your dog will naturally try and maintain balance, causing the muscles to engage and strengthen.

This NEW Trax™ Donut was engineered to be a bit smaller than the previous donut to increase the challenge and the improved surface prevents slipping and provides neurosensory stimulation.

Great all round to improve fitness, build confidence and focus attention!

From March 1 - 31, 2023, use code ADL2023 to save 10% off all products. 

RRP: $190.00 from   

The Kibble Connector takes slow feeding to a whole new level.  

It will not only help prevent GI issues caused by eating too fast, but the Kibble Connector will make feeding fun, entertaining and at the same time mentally stimulating. 

It features an adjustable internal dispenser that can be filled with your dog's food or favourite treat. The outer shell has 10 connection points and 4 dispensing holes that can be blocked by adding the other Connectables (sold separately) for added challenge. 

The Kibble Connector is the ultimate interactive puzzle feeder that will teach your dog problem-solving skills & keep them engaged and playing for hours. 

Available in Small, medium, large.

Use code ADL25%OFF to save 25% off the entire K9 Connectables range until 30 April 2023.

RRP: from $42.00 at

This Snuffle Mat is an exciting, unique and interactive new way to feed your dog.

Not only does it inspire playfulness and movement in your pooch, it's also the perfect boredom buster. Simply sprinkle your pups treats or kibble around the gorgeous ‘petals’, hiding them under all the fabric, and let your pooch snuffle their nose in and search for all the tasty goodness! 

The gorgeous Forget-Me-Nots Snuffle Mat is a lovely blend of blues, greens and whites, also featuring wide snuffly gaps.

All Snuffle Mats are made from recycled fabrics from waste and offcuts, repurposed to create high quality and durable pieces, which promote slow eating, mental stimulation and excitement.

RRP: $59.99 from

Exclusive to Pet Circle, the Playology range of scented toys come in a variety of irresistible scents, including beef, chicken, pork sausage and peanut butter, and offer up to seven times more engagement than regular unscented toys! 

From crinkly, textured soft toys to tough chew toys there are options to suit the needs of all dogs, no matter their age. 

Playology’s Plush Squeaky Bone, Plush Squeaky Ball and Plush Crinkle Ring are all made from durable polyester designed to prolong your dog’s playtime, and release scented particles as they chew to keep them engaged and satisfy their olfactory desires.

Playology’s Dri Tech Rope is designed with durable fibre technology to prevent tearing and withstand even the toughest of chewers. The unique Dri Tech also wicks away slobber to make fetch time with your pet more enjoyable!

RRP: $12.99 - $25.99 from

Not only are puppies super cute - they’re also full of energy! Just keeping them occupied can be a challenge.

The team at Habitat recommend Nina Ottosson’s new range of Puzzle Feeder Toys for Puppies. Fill the compartments with your pup’s favourite treats and they’ll spend hours using their nose and paws to solve the puzzle!

As you can see, Habitat’s littlest team member, Georgie, is fascinated by her Puppy Tornado. Also available from Habitat is the Hide and Slide Interactive Puppy Toy.

Once your puppy’s all grown up, it’s time for them to graduate to the next level. Don’t worry – Habitat has a huge selection of Nina Ottosson toys designed for adult dogs! The range has everything you and your dog need for a lifetime of enrichment.

Habitat has taken 30% off all Nina Ottosson toys in-store and online until the end of March

Sale prices start from $19.59click here to shop.

The Nylon Maple Leaf from Soda Pup is a conversation starter and power chewer toy all in one. 

Veterinarian-approved in the USA (where the products are made), the Maple Leaf Chew Toy is designed to be tantalising and fun, keeping your dog entertained and active.

This dog chew toy can be used as a power chewer toy or for enrichment. It is built to withstand even the strongest of power chewers with a universal size that suits all adult dogs. Remember to always supervise your pooch!

RRP: $29.95 from

Imagine a quiet evening at home with your furry friend sleeping at your feet, tuckered out from playing with their Squishy Face Flirt Pole.

A lack of mental stimulation and training-based exercise, is a leading cause of hyperactive and destructive behaviour. A flirt pole can help! Dogs love to chase and tug, but it’s better when it’s not your cat or your pants!

Meet their need for play, while building their ability to make calm choices. And what better way to incorporate a reinforcer like play, into your training sessions?

✔️ Perfect for people with limited mobility and it is lighweight
✔️ Soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap
✔️ Bungee cord to prevent “whiplash” when lure is caught

Available in two Pole & Cord lengths.

RRP: $49.00 from 

Are you tired of seeing your dog gulp down their food in seconds, leaving you worried about their digestion and health? Experience the evolution of slow feeding with Super Feedy, the ultimate, versatile 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl.

Upgrade your furry friend's mealtime with Super Feedy's innovative 4-in-1 Slow Feeder Bowl and/or Reversible Lick Mat. This vet-approved solution is designed by dog lovers in Australia to promote healthy eating habits and prevent boredom during mealtime.

With its suction cup base, 10-cup capacity, and reversible lick mat that doubles as a lid for food prep and storage, Super Feedy is the perfect addition to your dog's feeding routine. Take it on the go for a happy and healthy mealtime, no matter where you are.

Say hello to a happier, healthier pup and get peace of mind with Super Feedy
To receive 10% off at checkout, use the code ADL10.

RRP: $49.00

The Lexi & Me Strawberry Treat & Chew Toppler is the ideal dog chew toy, made to be durable and suitable for strong chewers. 

Great for stuffing and positive enrichment, this chew toy features an opening on top where you can fill with kibble or treats and dispenser holes at the sides.

Not only does this chew toy satisfy your dog’s instinctual needs and encourages sensory play with a scented feature, but it keeps them entertained and away from destructive chewing. 

The design also features nubs and grooves on its surface that help support teeth and gum health.

RRP: $19.83 from

If you are back in the office, the transition will be hard for most dogs but especially those acquired during the pandemic, who have had their loving family on tap 24/7!

Whether they’re cooped up inside all day or have a large backyard to enjoy, dogs left alone will often lack stimulation

If you need a pet carer, Floofers is an Australian, trusted and reliable pet sitting service.

As pet owners, it’s normal to get anxious about leaving our beloved pets with a pet carer. With manual vetting, competitive rates, and a team that understands just how important good pet care is, Floofers aims to connect you with the most reliable pet carers in Australia.

Use code FLOOF10 to get $10 off when you book your first pet care service *for bookings of minimum $25 only* with Floofers at 

You don’t need a big backyard or a big budget but you do need to design that garden with your own pet in mind.

Start with observing your dog's natural behaviours, where they go to capture the sun, enjoy the shade and the places they like to sniff and explore.

 Shale Hills Dog Park with Canine Sensory Garden - Credit: Western Sydney Parklands 

Provide lots of opportunities for your dog to run around. For example, you could have formal paths and informal trails around the garden creating a circuit to explore. You could also experiment with different objects and surfaces.

For some inspiration on design ideas and what you could include, read how to create a sensory garden for your dogs.

For ideas on plants to include for a low maintenance pet-friendly garden, read these tips from Plants in a Box.

If your dog could choose a book for you to read it would surely be this one.

Behaviourist Shay Kelly shows you how to become your dog’s best friend by providing simple, fun activities to spark their mind and enrich their life. A lack of mental stimulation is a leading contributory factor in dog behavioural problems. 

Ensuring that our dog's needs are met is the first step in avoiding and rectifying problematic behaviour. 

Shay's Buddhist values and behaviour knowledge combine to deliver practical, kind, and scientific advice.
This is a book about giving your dog an interesting and enjoyable life. Isn’t that the very least they deserve?

Paperback, 97 pages
Independently published, 21st August 2019

RRP: $25.00 from 

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