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Top 10 Cold Weather Dog Breeds

As many of us snuggle up under blankets in front of a roaring fireplace, Pet Insurance Australia takes a look at the top dog breeds that relish the cold weather and winter days.

“Many of us across Australia will be busily purchasing winter dog coats to keep our short-coated breeds warm and cozy this chilly season,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “We thought it was time to highlight some of the winter-loving dog breeds from around the country.”

But don’t be fooled. Many of these breeds, regardless of their super warm coats will still enjoy getting too close to the fire or heater during a wintry blast!

“We have heard of many Alaskan Malamutes refusing to budge outside during the cold weather, so I think it’s all about conditioning. However, it’s very clear, that even though these breeds can tolerate the cold very well, compared to others, they also certainly feel the sting of the heat come summer.”

Winter breeds tend to have double coats consisting of a dense undercoat and a harsh outer coat. This can make for some challenging grooming sessions during a seasonal change but is the reason why they are so tolerant of the cold weather.

Siberian Husky lying in the snow - Photo by Ugur Arpaci on Unsplash
“Many of these breeds were also originally bred in very cold climates for a particular reason, be it herding or sledding,” Crighton says. “When choosing a dog breed it’s important to match your needs with their historic development, understanding that many sledding and herding breeds do require a good dose of exercise and coat care.”

Top 10 Cold Weather Dog Breeds

1. Alaskan Malamute – a strong and powerful breed built for strength and stamina. They are very intelligent and high energy breed suited to an experienced dog handler. Be prepared for loads of love, and hair to match!

2. German Shepherd – a very smart and powerful breed used for many working dog activities including police work and security. A very loving and loyal breed who loves to run and play.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog – certainly a head-turner at the local off-leash park. These dogs love the cold and are super strong and quick. Known for their gentle and loving nature, they are certainly a larger than life pup.

Chow Chow - Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash
4. Chow Chow – with their super woolly coats they are perfect contenders for enjoying the cold weather. They love simply adore human contact and cuddles and are very loyal and loving dogs.

5. Newfoundland – These large dogs are the giant teddy-bears of the dog world. These Canadian dogs are still used in water rescues for their incredible swimming capabilities. Their double coats are perfect from protecting against the cold and the wet!

6. Saint Bernard – probably one of the most recognisable winter breeds. These pups are more docile than many, preferring a big slobbery cuddle than a huge off-leash adventure. But they are perfectly built for the cold weather and have a wonderful willingness to work and please.

7. Samoyed – the smiling Sammy is built for the cold weather with their lovely warm coats. A super snuggly breed who is loads of fun. They do require a good dose of exercise coming from a reindeer herding, hauling, and hunting background.

8. Siberian Husky – A very popular breed amongst dog lovers with a long and interesting history in dog sledding. Like some of their cold weather-loving cousins, they do require a good amount of exercise and training to keep healthy and happy.

9. Tibetan Mastiff – This stunning breed looks more like a loveable lion than a domestic dog. Their large double coats are perfect at keeping them snug and warm during the winter season.

10. Keeshond – a super friendly, quick learning, cold weather-loving breed. The Keeshond is the perfect mix of loving a good run, while also enjoying a good cuddle and a day of relaxation.

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th June 2020

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