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Watch out for Pet Burns during Winter

Belgian Malinois lying down on a rug by the fireplace during Australian winter
After noticing a huge 300% increase in burn related claims, Pet Insurance Australia is issuing a timely reminder to pet owners about the dangers heaters and fireplaces pose to our pets. 

“It’s important for all pet owners to treat heater and fire safety like they would with their children, when it comes to their pets,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “Pets can quickly become burnt and injured when getting too close to hot surfaces.”

During the winter period claims for burn related issues rise by a whopping 300%.

“This big spike in burn related claims can be anything from scolding due to hot drinks or bursting hot water bottles, to backs, bottoms and pads needing medical attention from getting too close to the roaring fireplace,” Crighton warns.

It is advised for all pet owners to consider:

  • Using a fireguard around your heaters and fireplaces to prevent your pet from getting too close.
  • Never leave hot drinks unattended and in reach of wagging tails or curious cats.
  • Train your puppy not to sit on top of the fire place. Have a clear distance and be consistent.
  • Teach your cats not to perch on tables, benchtops and side-tables, where hot drinks are commonly placed.
  • Discourage cats from jumping on heaters.
Ginger and white cat dozing on top of narrow heater by the wall

  • Purchase safe heaters that turn off when knocked over.
  • Never leave electric blankets on when you are not at home.
  • Do not use hot water bottles with pets – consider pet-friendly heat packs.

Pet Insurance Australia also advises against using cheap electric heat pads from overseas.
“These can pose a huge fire risk and injury concern to your pet,” Crighton warns. “If you are wanting to use these products only buy local and speak to your pet shop about the most reliable products, and also never leave them unattended and switch them off when you are not at home.”

Jack Russell Terrier lying on the carpet gazing at floor radiant heater
PIA advises to consider ‘safely warming’ your pet’s environment with the use of heat packs, utilising the sunny warm spots in your home, and safe dog coats.

“Pets are masters at finding the sun and the warm spots in your home,” Crighton smiles. “Adding some warm soft bedding into these areas will ensure your pet is warm throughout the day when you are not at home, without the use of possibly dangerous items.”

For dogs spending days outside consider:

✔️ Picking your dog kennel up off the floor and turning the door away from the weather. 

Also placing the kennel in a warm area and also out of the harsh winter weather. On a sundrenched deck or undercover area is perfect for this.

✔️ Adding warm bedding or straw under your pets bedding inside their kennel.

✔️ Ensuring your pet has ample weather protected areas to keep warm and dry during the day.

✔️ Consider using a kennel with a flap for extra warmth.

MEDIA RELEASE, 24th June 2019

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