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The Original Pet-Mat

The Original Pet-Mat is a heating pad designed to keep your canine companions warm and cosy this winter.

Pet-Mats are designed in Australia and are the latest in heating pads for pets, utilising carbon fibre technology. This results in a more economical heating device for keeping your pet warm. This is particularly beneficial if your animal is sick or suffers from canine arthritis.


This compact, flexible, durable heating pad operates on a low voltage (12 volt) system which is entirely safe as it is designed to attain a maximum of 40°C (104°F) whether it is covered or not. The manufacturer recommends that a cover (provided) is used to ensure maximum comfort. 

The Pet-Mats™ has been designed to meet the stringent electrical standards (AS/NZ 335.2.81) written for human contact heating mats. It is waterproof - you only need to keep the transformer and cords away from water or wee - but it won’t catch on fire or even give an electric shock if it comes in contact as it is based on DC.


We found that our Pet-Mat™ pet heating pad maintained a temperature only slightly warm-to-the-touch, until body contact was made by one of our dogs. At first, we thought that it was not working properly but after seeing our dogs taking turns on cold winter mornings, we realised that the area covered only starts warming up after our dog lay on his heating pad. 

One of our Malinois usually lies on our feet under the desk whilst we work but he decided this new option was much more appealing on chilly winter mornings! The latest model includes a thermal cut-off so you can simply switch on your Pet-Mat™, and leave it on. If it gets too hot it will cut off, and turn itself back on when it has cooled appropriately.

There is added insulation at the bottom of the pad so the heat is not drawn out from the floor or surface, ensuring more economical heating.

Instructions state the 
Pet-Mat™ should be placed on “an even surface” but it is flexible so it just needs to be supported. 

The manufacturer's advice is to place it on firm surfaces such as trampoline beds or firm couch cushions. However we used ours on top of the cushion at the bottom of a dog bed which was a very even surface but and it still worked fine.

Cleaning your mat is easy: you can wash it under running water (avoiding the electrical connection) or wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The Pet-Mat™ pet heating pad 
comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty.


Each Pet-Mat™ comes with a standard yellow cover which tended to slip off the pad's edges very easily when our (large) dog readjusted himself on his bed. It is also quite thin so we are unsure what the wear and tear will be like with two large dogs using this heated mat throughout winter.

On a positive note, additional covers can be purchased separately from many retailers.

Safety Warning: ALWAYS place your 
Pet-Mat™ on top of any bedding, mattress or cushion – never underneath.

The Original Pet-Mat is available in Medium and Large.


RRP: $109.50-$129.50 at (shipping anywhere in the world)

Trade enquiries are also welcome via the Pet-Mat website.

Disclaimer: Product gifted by Pet-Mat for editorial consideration.

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