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Australian Dog Lover 4th Birthday Bonanza Competition

It's party time for Australian Dog Lover fans with our annual Birthday Giveaway ($2,800 in prizes) to spoil all your furry friends!

This October, Australian Dog Lover is officially celebrating its 4th Birthday and we could not have done it without you: our loyal readers, magazine subscribers (it's free!) and pet industry supporters so we want to thank you all because you're the reason why we keep on going day after day!

As many of you may not know, there's only one person behind the Australian Dog Lover and now Australian Cat Lover websites (plus a supportive crew of 3 Belgian Shepherds and one cat!).
We work tirelessly to bring you over 25-30 stories each month plus free digital monthly magazines containing our top stories, the latest of everything dog-related in Australia plus special offers and competitions for your pets. 

Contrary to other platforms, we do not charge a fee to read our stories however we do need your love and support... Please take the time to read, like and share our stories and tell your pet loving friends about us so that we can keep delivering this free service to all pet lovers across Australia and grow the amazing community we have created together!

This year again, we teamed up with 9 pawsome Aussie pet brands and online pet stores (Aussie Dog Products, Dog Pools, Houndztooth, Indie Boho, Modern PetsPet Obsessed, PetSafe Australia, Vetnex and Wolf & I Co.), for your chance to win some amazing pet products to spoil your pooches (or kitties, we don't judge!)
So please take the time to find out more about them and give them a like on their Facebook/ Instagram pages to thank them for their generosity.

This competition officially opens on Friday 18th October 2019 (4pm) and runs till Sunday 10th November 2019 (4pm).

*** WIN 1 of 33 separate prizes with a total prize pool of $2,800!! *** 
To Enter:

✔️ Like & Share our Post (18/10/19) + Comment on Facebook or Instagram:"which prize would you like to win and why your pooch / you would love this prize the most?"

✔️ As with all our competitions, you MUST FIRST LIKE our Facebook or Instagram account to be eligible for any prize in this competition! 

✔️ You can ONLY enter ONE prize category (so please take the time to read each prize description and choose wisely because you'll need to get those creative juices flowing to stand out from the pack! P
hoto and video entries are welcome (Closing Sunday 10/11/19).

Choose from 1 of 9 amazing Prize Packs:

#1. Aussie Dog Products: - 10 x Dog Wet Vests

Now that the weather’s heating up, this brand new Aussie Dog Wet Vest would be perfect to help your dog survive the summer heatweave and keep their exercise up. 

This Wet Vest features a light and flexible material that conserves energy so your pooch can play for longer. The vest can also double as a compression vest during storms if you have a pooch suffering from thunderstorm phobia.

To use on a warm day, simply wet the jacket with cool water and place on your dog to cool him/her off!

The Wet Vest comes in 4 sizes, ranging from $29.95-$44.95.

We have 10 x Wet Vests (3 Small, 3 Medium, 2 Large, 2 Extra Large) with a total prize pool of $364.50.

Please specify which size you'd like to win in your entry! 

#2. Dog Pools Australia: 3 x Foldable Dog Pools

"Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath!" will become your dog's favourite song this summer and he can even invite all his pals over for a pool party!

From Dog Pools Australia - who brought the famous  One Dog One Bone dog pools to our shores - comes a new practical and lightweight solution to keep your pooch happy on those sticky hot days!

The Foldable Dog Pool is easy to set up (no inflation required) and simple to use. 
It comes with in-built drains which makes filling or draining a breeze.

These large pools (165cm x 30cm high) are portable and durable (made from tough PVC to withstand playful dogs). They're also safe for your pooches as they feature an anti-slip bottom. 

Aimed at Large / Extra Large Dogs or the super-sized dog family, we have 3 Foldable Dog Pools (valued at $149 each) for you to win.
Total Prize Pool of $447.

Learn more by visiting

#3. PetSafe: Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy & + Automatic Ball Launcher
We have the ultimate entertainment combo for your active dogs this summer with options for both fun indoors and outdoors.

Brand new to Australia, the PetSafe® Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy will give your dog a new type of challenge!

These two electronically paired toys offer an irresistible squeak which alternates between toys. The sounds bounce between each toy, which stimulates your dog’s hunting instinct. The game continues as long as your dog plays with the toys. This is literally a game of hide and squeak and will entertain your dog endlessly. Dogs will love to chase the squeak between the toys, and you’ll love knowing your dog is staying active.

While not a chew toy, the Ricochet is durable enough for intense play. When your dog is done for the day, it will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of non-interaction to conserve the battery life. 
The PetSafe® Ricochet is the perfect addition to your dog’s toy box! Valued at $79.95.

An absolute classic, your dog will have a great time playing fetch with the PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher

The water-resistant system features 6 angle settings and 9 distance settings to launch standard tennis balls across the yard or house! The adjustable settings launch tennis balls between 2.5 and 9 metres in distance, and up to a 45-degree angle.
A safety sensor is featured at the front of the Ball Launcher. This postpones the release of the ball until your dog is at least 2 metres away. Valued at $199.95.

One lucky winner will walk away with both prizes (total prize pool $280). 

Learn more about PetSafe Australia's range at

#4. Houndztooth: 2 x Marble Dog Bowls (Medium/Large)

You'll no longer have to hide the dog’s bowls when guests come over because your pooch’s accessories can become a statement piece for your home.

The Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowl is Australian-designed and made using White Carrara Marble with grey veins. These timelessly beautiful bowls are finished with a water proofing sealant, and not only do they look sleek, but they will also help keep your best friend’s water cool.

Photo Credit: @bailey.thelabradoodle

The sturdy design will stop even the nosiest pups from pushing the bowl around and spilling water or food everywhere, minimising the mess in your home.

As marble is a natural stone, each bowl is manufactured with its own natural finish and colours making it as unique as your beloved pet. 

The Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls are available in three generous sizes and we have both a Small (800ml) and a Medium size (1.7 litres) to give away with a total prize pool of $270.

Please specify which size you'd like to win in your entry!

Learn more about Houndztooth's range of dog grooming, dog treats and pet accessories at

#5. Indie Boho: Pet Bed + Pet Blanket + Dog Bowl Set (Cactus design)

This Indie Boho Cactus Fusion - Designer Pet Blanket blends together 3 popular bed designs: Cactus Garden, Desert Cacti and Succulent Medley

The colours are vibrant and the cacti clusters make for a unique pattern that is once again, unique to Indie Boho. The fabric used is ultra plush, almost velvet-like that will keep your pets sleeping soundly.

Suitable for cats and dogs alike plus it's big enough (130 x 120cm) to share! Valued at $49.95.

This Cactus Fusion Blanket complements the Cactus Garden, Desert Cacti and Succulent Medley pet beds and couch throws.

This Mega Prize Pack also includes an Indie Boho Pet Bed - Cactus Garden in the Extra Large size (100 x 85 x 9 cm).

This statement piece pet bed will light up any bohemian inspired home or outdoor area. With many varieties of cacti depicted, the desert garden is exquisite, contemporary yet fun all in one. Plus the dark colour will hide dirt marks, in-between washes. Valued at $138.95.

It also matches the Cactus Garden Dog Food & Water Bowls. This prize includes a matching set with a Medium size bowl (15cm diameter) and Large size bowl (19cm). Valued at $50.95.

One lucky winner will receive ALL these items (total prize pool $240)!

Discover Indie Boho's range of pet accessories at

#6. Modern Pets: Dogness Smart Automatic Pet Feeder & Pet Camera

This prize is for the pet tech lover in your house or those who can't bear to be parted from their beloved pooches! 

The Dogness Smart Automatic Pet Feeder exclusive to Modern Pets is a convenient pet feeding solution for the modern pet parent. 
Connecting to your phone via the Dogness App, this Wi-Fi enabled feeder allows you to feed your pet on scheduled meal times or on demand, all at your fingertips whilst seeing your pet and home through the camera (in-built night vision). 

With portion control and a consistent feeding routine, it's easy to manage your pet's weight or help with weight loss for your overweight pet. Customise your pet's meals with flexible portions from 5g – 600 grams and up to 6 meals per day. 

Now you can monitor your pets from anywhere, anytime
If you’re constantly worried your dog is eating too much or not enough, or are looking for an easy feeding solution when your boss asks you to work back late or when taking those short trips away, then this smart feeder could be the right choice!

One lucky winner will receive a Dogness Smart Automatic Pet Feeder (valued at $299.95).

To learn more and discover Modern Pets' range of stylish and high-quality products for both dogs and cats, visit

#7. Pet Obsessed: 6 x Dog Subscription Boxes (6 Winners)

Sydney-based Pet Obsessed work with you to create a personalised box that’s just right for you and your furry friend.

They include quality treats to keep your pup healthy, premium dog toys to keep them entertained, not forgetting chewers to make sure their teeth aren’t busy chewing something they’re not supposed to!

Your Pet Obsessed Dog Subscription Box comes with different items each month and shipping is included.

Available in Small (from $44), Medium (from $55) or Large (from $66) as a regular subscription, Pet Obsessed also offer boxes for special occasions: Birthday Box, Puppy Pack, Travel Pack etc. and even offer a Cat Box!

We have 6 x Dog Subscription Boxes (2 Smalls, 2 Medium and 2 Large) to give away! That's a massive prize pool of $330 to share between 6 separate winners.

* Choose the box size that is best suited to your dog size / breed in your entry.

Find out what's included in each box at

#8. Vetnex: 3 x Dental Care + 3 Bone & Joint Care Prizes

Vetnex is an Australian brand of natural animal care products with a mission to help our beloved pets live healthier and happier.

All Vetnex nutraceutical products are manufactured or derived from premium natural ingredients developed by a team of veterinarians, pharmacologists, nutritionist and naturopaths with in-depth industry experience.

Their range is designed to assist your dogs and cats with their Oral & Dental, Bone & Joint Care, Nutrition Care and Skin & Coat Care.

Vetnex Natural Dental Care Plaque Control Soft Chews for Dogs & Cats is a natural product to help reduce dental plaque, tartar and bad breath. 

The product is 100% natural with added real Australian beef liver to make it palatable and enjoyable for both dogs and cats. 

The product is orally ingested and offers a natural solution for pets to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, and fresh breath. We have 3 to give away, valued at $42.99 each.

Vetnex Seaweed Calcium with Vitamin D Soft Chews for Dogs is a natural formula with added vitamin D, which is specially formulated for dogs. 

The product contains a plant based highly bioavailable natural seaweed calcium, with added vitamin D to help calcium absorption. Good quality and adequate amount of calcium intake is important for the growth and many other physiological functions of your dogs.

The product provides a good source of calcium and vitamin D with added real Australian beef liver, in a convenient and palatable soft chew form, to support the nutrition needs of your dogs. We have 3 to give away, valued at $42.99 each.

Discover the entire Vetnex Natural Animal Care range at

#9. Wolf & I Co.: 3 x $100 Vouchers for Climbing Rope Dog Accessories 

Wolf & I Co. are a Noosa-based company who design their own range of lightweight, weatherproof, climbing rope dog leashes, collars and dog accessories.

Their range of dog leashes are designed with the thickest 12mm climbing grade rope - creating less sag than 9mm or even 10mm rope when not under tension - meaning the leash stays away from your dogs legs where they often get tangled up.

The Wolf & I Co. leashes withstand so much more chewing as they're made with reinforced stitching; a protective sleeve makes it super strong, ensuring the rope can withstand the sharpest of teeth!

Reflective weave features in select designs, handy for those that love night walks or adventures in low light.

Their matching collar range replicates these robust design principles offering thicker nylon than many products on the market, reflective weave and secure double D rings for your dog's security and safety.

To allow you to select your favourite design and accessories, they are giving away 3 x $100 Vouchers to be used on their online shop.
 (Total Prize Pool $300).

Go. Explore. Discover their website at

Well, that's our line-up for 2019 so if you've made it this far, the hardest part is now for you to decide what would make your dog really happy! Thank you for entering and good luck every-pawdy!


1. This Competition opened on Friday 18th October 2019 (4pm) and CLOSED Sunday 10th November 2019 (4pm). This competition is open to Australian residents only. 

The winners will be announced on this post and our Competitions page once all 33 winners have been contacted
  • Dog Pools (3): Al Nicola, Sandy Fielding & Cassie McKinless 
  • PetSafe Australia toys (1): Tammy Garner
  • Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls (2): Sarah Blackaby, @elkie.thetherapypup
  • Indie Boho (1): @floody_06
  • Modern Pets Dogness Smart Feeder & Camera (1): Samantha Jane
  • Pet Obsessed Boxes (6): Cecylka Grajewska, Annika Gustavsson, Tracey Fitzsimmons, Julie McNeilly, Crissy Rayner @hackey_quack
  • Wolf & I Co (3): Sharon Lo, Todd Monaghan, @timmy9mill
  • Vetnex (6): Debra Maclean, Tracy Koeberle, Kirsty Nola, Carrie Field, Samantha Farthing, @95puppyplay
  • Aussie Dog Wet Vests (9): 1 M: Melissa McFall, 2 L: Tamara Piffl, Tara Devonport; 3 XL: Ryan Salvesen, Tracy Zhu, Debbie Mackay (12/11); plus 3 S: Jacki Burton, Sue Thornhill, Josie Portelli (21/11).
Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your prizes directly from each company. 
2. To enter, like and share our post and tell us "which product you'd like and why your pooch deserves to win this fantastic prize?". The entries judged most creative will win!
3. Please note you MUST Like our Facebook page or Follow our Instagram page @australiandoglover to be eligible.
4. You can only enter once (choose one product category) or you will be disqualified from the draw.
5. Each extra person tagged in the Comments will earn the entrant an additional entry!
6. Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be redrawn.
* Entry into the competition is deemed acceptance of all terms and conditions.

Australian Dog Lover would like to thank the nine amazing sponsors of our Competition this year: Aussie Dog ProductsDog PoolsHoundztoothIndie BohoModern PetsPet Obsessed, PetSafe AustraliaVetnex and Wolf & I Co.


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