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Promise Pet Treats Organic Freeze-Dried Raw Treats

Promise Pet Treats care about the health and wellbeing of your furry friend and know how much they mean to our lives and family.

To reward and keep them healthy they have created organic freeze-dried raw treats, made from delicious Australian made food, with unique provenance. Promise Pet Treats are natural, holistic, grain free and gluten free. From no more than three ingredients, your best friend has the perfect blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes and prebiotics, sourced from wholefoods, to help counter health problems.

Promise are big advocates of ‘raw’ nutrition that is 100% freeze-dried and also ethically and sustainably sourced

All Promise Pet Treats are organic, grain-free and high-protein (>60%) featuring:
  • human-grade beef liver sourced from the Channel Country of Central Queensland
  • lamb liver from the Riverina region of NSW
  • hemp oil and hemp protein from Victoria and 
  • chamomile from Tasmania.
The provenance of Promise ingredients is what sets them apart and what drives them to provide pet owners with premium nutritious and delicious treats that are environmentally friendly, humanely raised and sustainably sourced.

All Promise products are made in small batches with love and attention and strict quality control. Freeze drying is a way of maintaining fresh raw food flavours and can provide up to three times more nutritional value than kibble, air dried or baked treats, weight for weight.

When you buy Promise Treats you are not only buying Aussie made food and treats your dog will love, you are also helping give back to drought affected farmers.
30% of their profits go back to the Buy A Bale program to help farmers and their animals. You don’t pay any extra for the added benefit of buying Promise Treats and will find them incredible value for money.

Each 50 gram pack of Promise treats is made from more than 200 grams of raw, organic, human grade, wholefood, GMO free, no chemicals, no hormones, no artificial flavours, no preservatives, no colouring or salt.

Recently launched is the Promise Hemp range of premium dog treats:

PROMISE Hemp Sprinkles are made from Australian organic beef liver and hemp protein with Tasmanian chamomile to naturally calm and settle pets before travelling, or to reduce separation anxiety when leaving your pet for work. 

Hemp treats are completely safe to use and legal to buy in Australia. 

PROMISE Hemp Tempters with beef liver are packed full of Omega 6 and 9, with nutrition and aromas that air dried treats cannot achieve. Developed to reduce itchiness, for improving digestion, to support the immune system, improve cognitive health, assist body and brain function, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and joint health support.

Hemp is an environmentally friendly plant and food with high levels of fibre and protein. Hemp crops are environmentally friendly and use much less water than other plants, making hemp ideal for food production.

The Promise Pet Treats range includes:

PROMISE Bites are used for obedience training or rewards. Three varieties are available:

✔️ Lamb Liver Bites - Tasty Reward
✔️ Beef Liver Bites - Tasty Trainers
✔️ Hemp Treats - Tempters

PROMISE Sprinkles are designed as a topper for daily meals or as a powdered treat. Two varieties are available:

✔️ Beef Liver Sprinkles - Energy Booster
✔️ Hemp Sprinkles -Relax & Soothe

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $14.95 for freeze-dried treats (50g).

Until December 31st 2019, use your special code XMAS 35 and save 35% off Beef Hemp Sprinkles.

For more information, please visit

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MEDIA RELEASE, 14th October 2019

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