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15 Top Boredom Busters for your Dog

Is your dog spending long hours home alone? Dogs will happily sleep 12-14 hours per day (a lot more for puppies and seniors) however if you don't provide both physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis, be prepared for them to create their own fun! This could mean anything from rearranging your home cor to pulling clothes off the line or impressive landscaping efforts!

Common signs of boredom can include:
  • Digging
  • Chewing or other destructive behaviours
  • Excessive Barking / Whining
  • Following you around when you are at home

Most professional dog trainers and behaviourists advise that dogs should not be left alone for more than 4-6 hours but if you're working full-time, this is unachievable ...

Cue the dog toy box because one easy solution to enrich their environment is to provide a great selection of tough toys and boredom busters, best rotated daily!

Bored dogs will have a ball with the Rogz Tumbler… literally! 

Fill this durable, transparent ball with your dog’s favourite treats or dry food and let them play. Your dog will spend hours rolling this ball all over the place, trying to get to the treats they can see (and smell!) inside. In fact, they'll be so busy having an amazing time, they won’t even realise you’re gone. 

When the Tumbler is at the right angle, a treat or two will pop out the side. As your dog plays, the Tumbler wobbles and rolls erratically to stimulate your dog’s natural hunting instincts. It encourages exercise, helps develop their problem-solving skills…and banishes boredom for good!

Once your dog gets the hang of the Tumbler, you can adjust the difficulty level for a whole new challenge. Available in five fun colours, it's
 even dishwasher safe. 

RRP: $29.99 from

K9 Connectables are a uniquely designed range of toys to keep your dog occupied by providing mental stimulation and engaging their senses. K9 Connectables come in 3 designs that click together to connect; The Original, The Dentist and Tech-Bone.

When filled with treats you’ll love watching your dog become engaged and entertained as they figure out how to get at their tasty reward. 

They are also great as fetch toys for exercise and will float in water. All toys in the range promote dental hygiene through specially designed features that aid plaque removal when your dog bites down. 

K9 Connectables are made from non-toxic food grade material, they are easy to clean, freezer and dishwasher safe. 

RRP: from $24 to $28 at 

The Buster Food Cube is a dry food dispensing toy with a difference!

Your pooch will excitedly use their nose and paws to move the cube around and dispense their kibble and treats. Not simply a hollow cube, the food must move through the internal compartments, like navigating a maze, to reach the exit.

The dice-shaped toy is simple to use and can fit a whole meal. It will roll erratically and not dispense food at every rotation, making for longer play than similar hollow food ball or wobble designs!

While the Buster Food Cube is made from hard plastic and not designed for chewing, the shape also makes it difficult for 
dogs to get their mouth around to pick up and chew.

Available in 2 sizes (Mini and Regular) and 4 colours: Purple, Pink, Lime or Black.

RRP: $23- $39.50 at where you’ll find many other enrichment products and puzzles.

The Lifesaver is a durable slow feeder toy that combines the best in chewability and will stop those pups from wolfing down their meals.

Designed specifically for raw feeders, this toy fits on average 220grams of raw - perfectly pushed in the grooves, making your dog’s mind stimulated and kept working for their food.

Suitable for freezing and putting in the dishwasher for any bits not gotten out, this toy is a favourite amongst raw feeders!

The Lifesaver is biodegradable, sustainable and made from non-toxic natural rubber.

RRP: $23.95 from

Do away with the boring old dog bowl and make meal time more fun your dog!

The Starmark Bob-a-lot Mini is a self-motivating, treat dispensing toy ideal for smaller pets and holds cups of dry food well, making it ideal for when pets are being served their meals. Choose from two dispensing points, with adjustable opening holes, to vary the challenge of accessing the food.

The Bob-a-lot is made of durable materials that are also non-toxic and dishwasher safe, making the toy more convenient to use. The weighted base allows the toy to wobble, tumble and roll as the pet plays with it. This encourages greater interaction from the pet while they try to release the food inside the Bob-a-lot.

RRP: $23.95 (Mini) or $30.95 (Large) from

Founded by Arianne, a Melbourne girl, in love with her dog and an advocate for health, Bell & Bone is the solution to a lack of convenient, healthy dog treats in the Australian market today so you now you can spoil your dog naturally with their range of Superfood Dog Treats.

Bell & Bone believes that health and happiness go paw in paw. Dogs love to eat almost everything, so why not feed them healthy food, right?

There are 3 Superfood Dog Treats, packed with ingredients to benefit the health of your pup. 

All treats are grain-free, human grade, 100% natural, Australian-made, preservative free. 
  • Flaxseed & Turmeric for active dogs
  • Carob & Ginger for happy bellies 
  • Coconut & Chia for beautiful coats 

RRP: $17.95 (150g bag with over 100 treats) at

An Active Box subscription from Waggly Club is the perfect way to curb bored and destructive behaviour in your active dog.

Each month you will receive one durable, road-tested toy designed to stimulate and engage your dog. This could be a chew toy, a treat dispensing toy or something interactive. Your pup will also receive 3 different treats and chews.

Dogs can grow tired of toys, so new ones each month can be very effective in maintaining excitement for healthy play (rather than chewing the couch!). With the toys are shipped with healthy, Aussie-made Waggly Snacks, dogs start to get excited with each delivery, increasing their interest in the toy inside.

RRP: from $45 per month (includes free shipping). 

Get your first box half price by signing up at

The Magnum Can Toy is designed for the toughest power chewers. 

It’s a durable chew toy, treat and meal dispenser that can be frozen, put in the dishwasher and left for your power chewer to much on! 

This toy comes with a 6 month replacement guarantee - and is made with a blend of proprietary natural latex - it’s a level of toughness that is unmatched by other toys. Made from biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic natural material.

Choose from 3 sizes: Medium (up to 14kg), Large (15-24kg) and XL (25+kg).

RRP: $24.95 - $39.95 at

This clever vending machine dispenses toys and treats you know your dog loves to play with or eat, each item is dispensed at pre-set times you choose, with a voice message from you!

Tricky Treats is the world’s first automatic toy and treat dispenser delivering fun and positive play throughout the day.

It also has a voice recorder, so it’s your voice your dog will hear calling it to come and fetch their surprise.

Say good-bye to guilty feelings knowing your dog is happily occupied when you can’t be there.

RRP: $199.95 at

The Snuffler Mat provides great mental stimulation for your dogs as they will need to work for their treats!
The mats are all handmade using a thick safety rubber mat as a base and quality fleece tied in knots as a cover.

This creates a sea of plush tangles which are easy for your dog to lift or push around with his/her nose as they try to find the hidden treats.

The Snuffler Mat provides amazing enrichment for puppies, calming for anxious pets and a wonderful treat for elderly pets. Also very effective at slowing down a fast eater. Available in Small, Medium or Large.

At least 15% of each sale goes toward helping rescues find their forever home.

RRP: from $35.00 at 

This Tug-a-Jug™ interactive toy from PetSafe® will keep your dog engaged and motivated to play. 

The unique design lets dogs see, smell and hear the food or treats as they roll around in the jug. The attached rope is perfect for dogs who like to grab and shake their toys. The rope acts as a barrier to meter the amount of food that is dispensed.

The Tug-a-Jug™ is perfect for obedience training or slowing down meal times! 

Available in 3 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium/Large.

RRP: from $16.99 at

The Home Alone range from Aussie Dog Products is designed to entertain your dog whilst at home alone.

The Hanging Bungee Ball toy provides hours of tug-of-war fun in the backyard and may help prevent boredom, barking, separation anxiety and the destruction of your garden

This toy is made up of a sturdy plastic ball with an internal rattle and a durable loop for pulling. This is mounted onto a thick rope and bungee strap that springs back when pulled and released. 

Simply hang in a sturdy/safe place, place dry food in the ball (optional) which will rattle around and be dispensed during play.

Available in 5 sizes from Mini to Extra Large. 

RRP: from $57.40 at and from online resellers.

If you’re an ace at DIY you could try to replicate this concept  but this is not an option for us … 

This soda bottle treat dispenser is an amazing toy for one dog or two! This is great stimulation for any dog and tons of fun. Simply fill the bottle up with your dog's favourite treats and watch them work out how to get these. 

The treat dispenser is a fantastic toy to keep dogs busy when left on their own as it is a toy that they can use when nobody is around. The treat dispenser can be purchased with or without the Snuffler Mat.

At least 15% of each sale goes toward helping rescues find their forever home.

RRP: $50.00 from

For home alone pets, boredom and separation anxiety can be challenging behaviours for dog owners to resolve. 

Pet Tunes is science-based music composed just for the dogs’ hearing sensitivity. A recent study showed what dogs hear triggers their behaviour and music composed just for canine hearing sensitivity can quickly calm anxiety and noise phobic behaviour.

Pet Tunes has already been adopted by many vets, animal shelters, groomers and behaviourists as a natural method to calm anxious dogs.

The Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker is pre-loaded with dog-specific music both you and your dogs can hear. A compact hand size unit powered by rechargeable battery or USB cable, makes the music portable for home, travel, even calming your dog on the way to vet visits.

RRP: $129.00 (free shipping Australia & NZ) at  

The aim of Dog Sudoku is to find hidden treats by moving pieces of the game board. 

One of 3 available sizes, Dog Sudoku Medium Expert Rainbow (best seller), has 9 possible hiding places and 8 sliding pieces which give a number of possibilities to find the hidden reward.

Dog Sudoku
 is one of My Intelligent Dogs® innovative, interactive puzzle games developed to boost your dog’s natural instincts of curiosity, foraging and drive to play. The puzzles promote necessary mental exercise for your dog’s health balance as they train your dog’s concentration, skill levels and dexterity. Customisable challenges to suit a beginner to advanced player. 

All My Intelligent Dogs® games are made from natural, non-toxic, and high quality materials. 
Visit the webshop below to see the extended range.

RRP: from $65 at

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