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Pet Food Australia New Grain-free Dog Food

Hemp Oil Dog Food is an Australian First ...

Pet Food Australia is proud to announce their 'first of a kind' hemp oil containing dog food into the Australian marketplace. 

Owners of Pet Food Australia, Lee and Fiona Amiti are excited about their new venture and what it could mean for the health and wellbeing of many Australian pets.

“The potential benefits of hemp are impressive,” says Lee, “It’s a first of its kind in Australia and once again Pet Food Australia are making the next big movement in pet nutrition and helping everyday Australians raise healthy pets.”

Hemp oil has been known to help pets with an array of conditions this is due to Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) – a super Omega 6 fat that can help with inflammation and support many body functions. Hemp oil also contains Omega 3 with the ideal ratio to work together to manage inflammation.

“Having these super Omegas working together can potentially help control chronic inflammation in your pet’s body,” says Fiona, “This alone can theoretically help prevent many health problems from occurring in the first place such as liver and kidney problems, heart disease, allergies and even cancer.”

Adding hemp oil to your pet’s food could potentially help with a range of conditions including;

  • Arthritis pain
  • Inflammation 
  • Skin allergies [1
  • Can potentially inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer [2
  • Can help with weight management 

“All dogs can benefit,” Lee says. “Prevention is far better than cure and many studies are now revealing the full benefits possibly hidden in hemp oil for both humans and pets.”

The new hemp oil dog food is set to hit shelves March 2019, with a range for felines being launched later in the year. 

“This is one of the biggest health movements coming out of the pet food world right now and we are super excited to be the very first to offer this to Australian pet owners,” says Lee. “This food will really offer pet owners another dimension of affordable and supreme pet nutrition.”

Fiona agrees that the possible benefits of utilising hemp oil in our pet’s diets is exciting and are currently rippling globally. 

Plus this food is 100% Australian owned, operated and made and the hemp oil is also 100% Australian.

“This is starting in Australia,” she says. “Plus everything is made in Australia, every ingredient is Australian made.”

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