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Camping with Dogs - Safety Tips & Essentials

The arrival of Spring heralds long week-ends and a school holiday break around the corner and it's always a popular time for a family camping trip! However if you're planning to take along your canine friend(s), PETstock resident vet Dr Rod Sharpin urges you to be prepared.

The first step is to ensure you check your dog's microchipping and ID tag details are up-to-date. 
Make sure your pet is current on all recommended vaccinations (take records with you) as well as flea, tick, and heartworm medication(s).

"Unfamiliar surroundings increase the risk of your dog getting injured whether bitten by a snake, an insect (ticks love dense bush and long grass) or eating a poisonous substance."Maybe consider the benefits taking out of pet insurance before your travel. A recent survey of 905 pet parents about their largest vet bill found that the average was $1649, with two respondents quoting figures in excess of $12,000! comments Dr. Sharpin.
Rupert the Cavoodle enjoys long hikes in the forest - Photo Credit: PETstock Australia
Ensure your dog avoids drinking stagnant water or saltwater is important as is keeping them away from toxic plantsHazards such as fish hooks, kebab sticks and firelighters are also dangerous so always make sure these items are stored of disposed of carefully.

There's nothing like cuddling up with your pal in front of a roaring fire, but keep your dog far enough from the flames that he doesn't get burnt by a random spark and position yourselves upwind from the smoke!"

Basically, think of your dog as a kid. They need you to feed them and provide water for them as well as proper shelter overnight. Consider packing a few essential items so that your canine bestie is safe and has all the creature comforts required to enjoy their trip away from home. There's no need to "ruff" it!

Provision of first aid can be beneficial in a huge variety of situations, from minor scrapes and wounds through to heat stroke or road traffic accidents.

The Creature Clinic Pet First Aid Kit was designed by a veterinarian and contains the key items essential for canine and feline emergencies. 

The kit includes a pet first aid manual which provides simple, step-by-step instructions for how (and when) to perform pet CPR and for management of common pet emergencies

RRP: $69.95 at

The Grip Trex dog boots by Ruffwear are not just for working dogs but will provide stability and great protection for your dogs' feet on rough or unstable terrain.

The ventilating mesh upper provides breathability and drains quickly. The reflective trim provides visibility in low-light conditions.

The expansion gusset makes these boots easy to put on and the Sure Cinch closure strap provides secure fit, ensuring boots stay on paws. The non-marking sole is also safe for indoor and nautical use.

RRP: $134.95 (set of 4) at

The Poochette is a lightweight machine washable neoprene bag designed to handle the smelly stuff! 

The fully insulated compartment discreetly holds your dog waste so you can relax and continue with your hike, until for the nearest drop point. It comes with its own poop bag dispenser at the front for easy access. 

The other 3 separate compartments come in handy to store keys, phone or treats. The unique lead can convert into a sporty shoulder straps so it also works in a city setting.

RRP: $44.95

Don’t leave anything behind on your walks, thanks to this cute Earth Rated® Poop Bag dispenser. This durable convenient holder will hold up to 15 lavender or unscented dog waste bags. 

These waste bags are bio-degradable, thick and tough as well as leak proof!

The dispenser has an adjustable strap you can easily attach to any size leash. The screw-on top keeps bags secure and the unique hook on the back holds your used bag for hands-free transport until it can be properly disposed of.

RRP: $7.95 (includes 15 lavender-scented bags) at

This extremely versatile, 2.44m double-ended dog leash can be used in a variety of ways. 

With 2 snap hooks and three D-Rings it can be used short or long. The premium nylon provides maximum comfort for the handler.

A double-ended lead is great for training your dog to walk properly on the lead. The lead length is adjustable and means it can also be used as a temporary tether around the campsite. 

Available in Black only.

RRP: $25.95 at

The EzyDog Summit Backpack is a dog pack incorporating the award-winning Chest Plate Harness, meaning that it will form to your dog's chest for a secure and comfortable fit.

Made from a super-tough RipStop fabric with a breathable mesh on the inside. there are two roomy compartments, all with zips that are fully waterproof and fitted with a reflective trim for night time walking.

There is a convenient grab handle on the top for when you need control over your dog. 

Available in Black only and 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

RRP: from $69.95 at

Not everyone lives with a canine athlete! Depending on your pooch's size, age or medical conditions, they may not enjoy a long hike as much as you do but this does not mean you can’t go on an adventure together...

Meet the Casual Ultimate Backpack Carrier which allows you to carry your pet in style and comfort and leaves your hands free. 

The zip-down, optional mesh tent area gives your dog more space if you stop for a rest. There's a mesh side door for added ventilation and side storage pocket. The easy-clean Berber mat is removable. This backpack will suit a pooch up to 9kg.

RRP: $100.00 (free shipping in Australia) at

This Popware double elevated platform feeder is perfect for dogs on the go or at home. It features two removable and portable bowls that make dinnertime a breeze no matter where you happen to be. It will make it harder for the creepy crawlies to reach your dog’s food and water! 

For easy storage and portability, the entire set collapses to a mere 1.5 inches. Perfect for camping and use in RVs, boats, cars etc. this feeder can hold up to 2.5 cups and is dishwasher safe.

This feeder comes in 4 bright colours: Blue, Pink, Green or Purple.

RRP: $47.95 at

Basecamp is where adventurers go to refresh and refuel between expeditions. The Ruffwear Basecamp™ Bowl keeps your canine companion fueled and hydrated whether home or away.

This stainless steel food and water bowl stays put with a no-slip silicone base. Multiple bowls stack together for easy storage, and the bottom of the bowl is shaped so that food or water collects in the middle and is easy to reach.

Available in 3 colours: Blue Dusk, Fern Green or Obsidian Black

RRP: $69.95 at

This PetLife Throw Mat is made from a special material that traps and reflects your dog's body heat back towards them.

With a fleece cover and a soft filling for superior snuggling, your top dog will be a hot dog all year round! 

It has non-slip beads on the base and is also perfect for throwing in the back of the car to keep your pooch warm when accompanying you on road trips! Available in Red or Blue.

RRP: $99.99 from

The K&H Breezy Bunk is a simple, comfortable and portable dog bed that will provide comfort on your camping trips.

The Breezy Bunk features an easy-to-fold frame (it comes in a drawstring storage bag) and a durable removable cover that acts like a hammock and supports your pet’s weight comfortably. Since this travel-friendly dog bed folds away easily, you can store it in your car and always have a bed ready for your dog. Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.

RRP: from $36.95 at

This is a great solution for drying your dog when you're out and about. The convenient hand pockets make it easy for you to dry your dog quickly and easily. 

The microfibre chenille blend soaks up water and dirt like a sponge and the Super Shammy can hold up to 7 times its weight in water! 

One size dries all – bring it with you on your travels or keep a spare in your car for those beach runs or unexpected puddles on your hike. Its size is 80cm long x 35cm wide and it comes in four colours: Blue, Grey, Beige and Chocolate. 

RRP: $23.95 at

So where can you go now to try all your new dog gear? Why not check our "25 dog-friendly campsites around Australia" for some inspiration?

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