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The Poochette Dog Walking Pouch - Review

The Poochette is a new lightweight, neoprene dog walking pouch which discreetly stores dog poo bags in an insulated compartment until a bin can be found.

A little bit of background

We first came upon this innovation by Wag and Me at the 2016 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show where we had a quick chat with founder, Danni. Like so many new pet entrepreneurs, this small family-owned business came about to solve a problem she had in common with many dog lovers…

How do you keep enjoying your walk after Fido’s done his smelly business and left you dangling a bag of smelly dog waste until you either get back home or find a conveniently positioned bin where you can drop the unsightly bag?

Wag and Me conducted extensive research with dog owners which confirmed that there was both a need and want in the market for such a convenient and multi-purpose accessory as the Poochette. Fast forward to Spring 2017 and after many prototypes and improvements to their original concept, the Poochette is now ready to hit the Australian market.

What are the Poochette's unique features?

Porthos proudly carrying the Poochette himself
The Poochette is a multi-purpose squarish dog walking pouch rather than a dog walking bag because of its compact dimensions (17 cm high x 17cm wide x 5cm deep).

It provides lots of storage compartments though its primary function is to both dispense dog waste bags (easily accessed from the front) and dispose of your dog waste by hiding it within the insulated compartment (reducing smells) so that you can enjoy your walk!
The main advantage compared to other dog walking bags  is that the Poochette converts to a sporty shoulder strap. 

The clips on either end of the lead allow you to tether your dog to a pole or fence if necessary – e.g. when you need to pick up your dog’s waste or you may want to sit down at the local park or beach to relax for a while but your dog may not have the perfect recall! 

This will also give you peace of mind… The exclusively designed carabiners (at both ends) allow you to attach the Poochette to most leads (with the exception of retractable leashes). 

Even if you’re not using it as your dog walking leash, it’s always good to have a back-up. 

One good example is if an off-leash dog comes towards you with their owner nowhere in sight, you can temporarily tether that dog (if  safe) so that both him and yours remain out of trouble.

The pouch is so nicely designed that no one would ever suspect what’s hiding inside. People will think it’s a cute casual walking bag…

What we really really liked

We love the Poochette’s super light weight, the bright and cheerful cherry red colour and the compact design - because dog walking pouches are a lot like handbags: the bigger they are, the more you try to fit in! 

In addition t
o the insulated dog waste compartment, there are another three. The expandable mesh pocket at the back is a good place to store your mobile phone: this allows easy access if you're into taking happy snaps during your walks or you could fit a tennis ball if you’re heading to the dog park. There's another zippered pocket behind it perfect to carry a (small) purse/wallet and keys.

Another option is to use the main insulated compartment underneath the flap ensuring your phone or wallet are fully protected from prying eyes and the elements. Last but not least, the lead comes off completely so you could attach the bag around your normal belt loops to create an insulated treat bag.

What we liked less...

We were slightly disappointed that the Poochette did not come pre-loaded with its own dog waste bags, ready-for-use in the front pocket. However there are many brands of biodegradable dog waste bags so buy in bulk to save time and money and keep your pouch filled!

If you’re in the habit of carrying a small bottle of water and a collapsible bowl on your walks, the compact size makes these hard to fit as the main insulated compartment is really designed to only carry your dog waste and we wouldn’t put anything else in there! Again, you could use the expandable mesh pocket at the back for this but it's not ideal.

Our Verdict

Wag and Me have created an environmentally friendly and versatile solution towards encouraging more dog walkers to pick up after their dog!

We use our Poochette for short daily walks or popping to our local shop, when we only take the basics with us like keys, a mobile phone and some loose change.

For longer hike where you need to carry your wallet, a bottle of water/bowl, maybe a bag of treats for rewards etc. it is hard to fit it all in!

The Poochette is currently available in three colours: Red, Blue and Black.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $44.95 at and 
from selected retailers.

Disclaimer: product supplied by Wag and Me for editorial consideration

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