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EzyDog Summit Backpack for Dogs - Review

Aramis Malinois wears EzyDog Summit Dog Backpack - turning her head left
As we decided to hit the local trails with our dogs this Spring, what better time to trial the EzyDog Summit Backpack?

With its rugged look and practical design we thought this dog gear would give us the extra incentive to go out and explore more. Being of similar size and built, our Malinois could even share the load with one carrying the backpack on the way in and the other one on the way out!


We have used EzyDog's award winning EVA Chest Plate Harness – which forms to our dog’s chest for a secure and custom fit - with our dogs for 3 years now and it is still our preferred harness for longer walks.

EzyDog Summit Backpack for Dogs - Using the Leash Caddy
The EzyDog Summit Backpack combines the chest plate with a double-sided pack, which offers two large waterproof compartments as well as two outer pockets for easy access.

This backpack is made from a super-tough RipStop fabric with a breathable mesh on the inside for comfort against your dog. As it can get hot pretty quickly where we live, this is an essential feature and we found that our dog Aramis was more than happy to carry her (light) load for a couple of hours without getting sweaty.

As I'd never put anything on her back before, I was half expecting our strong-willed girl to shake it off but she took to wearing her own pack with surprising ease.
It certainly did not restrict her movements or deter her in her bush explorations!
Aramis walks towards camera wearing EzyDog Summit Dog Backpack
The Summit Backpack has a convenient grab handle on the top of the spine for when you need extra control over your dog. Having a reactive dog, this comes in extremely handy when we encounter other walkers with a dog during our hikes.

On the back of the handle, there is also a D-Ring which we used to clip our leash to on our walks.

If your dog has the 'perfect recall' and is allowed to roam free during your walks, the Leash Caddy will hold your dog lead until you’re ready to resume control!

The Summit Backpack also features reflective trims for increased visibility in low light conditions.
EzyDog Summit Dog Backpack - Aramis Malinois standing on old tree trunk

The Medium Summit Backpack is a neat compact size for our 30kg dog with the roomy compartments providing more than enough capacity for a day hike. We did easily fit a couple of small water bottles, a collapsible bowl, extra poop bags, treats etc. with plenty of space left.

The sizing is quite generous so our advice is to select your size based on the girth of your dog and not their weight. We opted for the Medium for our Malinois but there was still a bit of adjustment with the straps for it to fit properly.

It was easy to put on (once your dog co-operates!) as it slides over the head and then you simply snap it under the belly.
The one issue we encountered is that the backpack tended to slide forward when Aramis bent down so we may end up sewing the straps in place once adjusted.

The EzyDog Summit Backpack is available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
EzyDog Summit Dog Backpack worn by Malinois Aramis on a bushwalk


RRP: $69.95-$109.95 from

Disclaimer: product gifted by EzyDog for editorial consideration

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