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VetShopAustralia Surfing Dog Spectacular - March 5

Back to when it all began in 2012, the first ever Surfing Dogs started as a playful workshop in the still waters of Noosa Dog Beach. 

Fast forward to six years later and the Surfing Dog Spectacular is now known as the famous event in the Noosa Festival of Surfing, attracting a crowd of thousands. 

This year's line-up is the biggest yet, with eight official "hydro hounds" in the running for the "Best Wave" title and it is anticipated that there won't be an inch of shoreline to spare!

The newly-releasted Seresto flea and tick collar (Bayer) will be the co-sponsor of the 2017 Surfing Dog Spectacular.

Leading the pack for another year running is none other than surfing dog trainer extraordinaire and former world tandem surfing champion, Chris De Aboitiz

But along with the cuteness and popularity, De Aboitiz brings the strong message that every dog deserves a loving home. All of his surfing team are rescue dogs, abandoned or strays, adopted from shelters and trained as part of his pack. “Any dog can be trained,” insists De Aboitiz, and his troupe of strays and rescue dogs is testament to this message. “There are ways to bond and understand your dog which are quick and easy.”


Chris De Aboitiz, Milly (on shoulders) and Rama (on board) - Photo Credit: Keith Hamlyn

Before this year's big event, surfing dog trainer extraordinaire and former world tandem surfing champion, Chris De Aboitiz and the VetShopAustralia team will be running a FREE workshop on Saturday 4th of March, from 7:30am at Noosa Dog Beach. Come on down and learn how easy it is to teach your dog how to surf, plus how exercising with your pet can be a whole lot of fun! 

When: Sunday 5th March 2017, from 4:30pm

Where: Noosa First Point

For more details, please visit

Plus, join VetShopAustralia on social media to learn more about the surfing dog competitors, gain access to exclusive competitions and giveaways, and receive real time updates and livestreaming of this event.


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