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Advice from a Professional Dog Groomer

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog!! You would be surprised how many times we have witnessed sad-looking furry clients with severely matted coats resulting in various skin problems. Most of their well-intentioned owners had no idea that the lack of grooming was actually harmful to their fur children. 

So dear readers, if you haven’t done much research on the subject, you'd better start taking some notes. 

As a responsible dog owner, having a healthy and a happy dog should be up in the very top in your priority pyramid.

Regular grooming will help your dog’s coat and skin stay healthy and you will be surprised to see how happy they are.


#1. When should I start getting my pup groomed?

Grooming should start early in your pup's life. The longer you wait, the harder it is for your dog. Start playing with your puppy’s paws and ears as soon as you can as this feeling is an acquired taste for some dogs! Touch their ears; gently press on their paw pads to examine their puppy nails. Touch the nails and talk soothingly to the dog at the same time.

#2. My dog doesn’t like to be groomed!

Some mobile dog groomers carry hoodies to muffle the noise of the dryer, as some dogs do not like loud noises. All good professional dog groomers know how to soothe your dog while grooming and it may take one to three visits for your dog to actually fall in love with their groomer! 

If your dog hates hopping in the car and going to the groomer, it’s best to try a mobile dog grooming salon that comes to you. With mobile dog groomers you won’t have to stress about your dog being in a kennel for a long time and there’s virtually no chance for your pooch to pick up kennel cough or fleas. Always check that your mobile groomer fully sanitises between washes with a quality sanitiser!

With a mobile unit that comes to you, dogs won’t feel stressed because they are out of their territory and comfort zone. You also won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the traffic with a disagreeable dog that knows you are going to betray him. Not to mention the flying hairs in your car as your dog ‘shakes it off’ all the way home!!

#3. Brushing is important

Get into a habit of brushing your dog daily. This will keep their coat smooth, helps to remove dead hair and dirt. It will also bring out the natural oil in the dogs fur and spread all over the coat to give it a healthy shine.

A brushing session should last no longer than 10 to 15 minutes depending on your dog's breed. Extended brushing may cause brush-burn which can result in skin irritation and hair loss.

#4. What Brush Types should you use?

Just like dogs, grooming brushes comes in many sizes and shapes. They basically fall under two categories:

  • Bristle brushes - these can be used on all coat types
  • Wire-pin brushes  - suitable for medium to long-haired dogs.
  • For short-haired softies you can use a soft to medium bristle brush, with closely spaced bristles. You should also invest in a good quality wide-toothed comb for the fluffy puppies! Invest and keep using it at least every other day! Prevention is the cure for mattings!

#5. How often should I get my pup groomed?

Well, this really depends on your dog's breed but generally we recommend that all dogs be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. There are smooth, medium, long, wavy etc. coat types, and different coat types will require different grooming schedules. So best to speak with your local dog groomer about setting up a grooming schedule for your pooch.

#6. How to tell if your dog is matted?

The easiest way to tell if your dog is matted is by running a comb through the coat. If the comb doesn’t easily go through the coat and gets stuck, then this means there is some matting in the undercoat.

This little fella can see the world much more clearly now ... 

#7. Matted coats and its consequences

Severely matted coats can be extremely painful for your dogs. When you try to brush them, it will cause live hairs to be pulled out of the skin causing serious pain. In addition to discomfort, matted coats can cause bacterial infections because they tend to trap moisture and cause severe damage to the already sensitive skin. Please don’t attempt to remove these at home, as you will be hurting your pup more than you think, always take advice from a professional groomer.

Please remember that if your dog has a severely matted coat, your groomer might have to shave your dog’s coat short, depending on how matted they are. So please start brushing your dog regularly and keep on top of it with regular grooming appointments to make sure your furbaby is healthy and happy.

#8. What services does a Mobile Dog Groomer provide?

Usually mobile grooming services offer a detailed Wash, Clip and Groom which includes nail, eye and ear care. Groomers often use amazing products like whiteners and detanglers that gives your pooch a luxury spa makeover and a snow white finish. And some groomers may even 
- with your permission - sneak in your pup a little treat to make their visit extra special!

Special whitening shampoos can make such a huge difference when it comes to dirty and discoloured coats 

#9. Always check the qualifications of your groomer! 

No groomer should be clipping dogs without the appropriate training! Make sure your groomer is expertly trained and fully insured so that in the rare event of an accident, you all can have the peace of mind of being fully covered. 

Not all groomers are created equal and training is very important as clipping is indeed a skill! We never recommend a do it yourself clip job as there are some very delicate areas of a dog that can be cut very easily! Most professional dog groomers are also experienced to recognise skin issues and other dog related health issues. They are usually the first to feel out a suspicious bump, lump or claw issue!

#10. Clean warm water? You bet!

Also check that your groomer is fully sanitising in-between washes. It is so easy to transfer the likes of parvovirus or fleas without the proper cleaning and sanitisation between washes. A dog likes the water to be slightly above body temperature: not too warm and not too cold… Just right does the job every time! Some dogs like the experience more than others and most groomers will groom in accordance to your dog’s behaviour and use their judgement at all times.

With time, dog grooming becomes less about just making your pooch cute and more about making sure that our furry customers feel and look amazing while bonding with their amazing owners. And it always breaks our hearts to see neglected severely matted dogs in a great deal of pain. So please make sure that you keep on top of brushing and making timely appointments with your dog groomer. After all doesn’t your best friend deserve the best?

This advice is provided by the team at Blue Wheelers, Wash, Clip and Groom

Blue Wheelers mobile groomers operate in nearly 200 locations across Australia and are available to look after the furry members of your family, from head to toe.

For more information or to locate a mobile dog groomer near you, please visit

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