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Guide Dogs - Beau's Personalised Pet Hotel

Guide Dogs SA is building a state-of-the-art purpose built pet hotel at the Adelaide Airport.

An artist’s impression of how the pet hotel will look inside

Located on the airport’s western edge, adjacent to Tapleys Hill Road, the hotel will provide a range of accommodation options for dogs, cats and other pets. 

“Its strategic location close to the airport, adjacent to our glorious metropolitan beaches and Adelaide Shores will be so convenient for inbound and outbound travellers,” said former Chief Executive Kate Thiele. All profits from the pet hotel will help us fund more services to help change the lives of people living with disability."

Guide Dogs SA will run the hotel which was designed by Walter Brooke Architects. It was officially named named Beau’s Personalised Pet Hotel after the first guide dog officially trained in Australia.

A little black Kelpie x Fox Terrier of unknown heritage, Beau was matched to Mrs Elsie Mead in August 1952, and provided Elsie with 13 years of faithful service as her Guide Dog. 

As Elsie’s loyal companion, Beau provided independence and safety and, according to Mrs Mead, “opened the portals of a new life for me and bridged the gulf that normally separates the sighted and the sightless”.
You can read more about his story here

What does Beau's provide as standard?

The hotel will offer “companion boarding”, where dogs and cats that are used to being together can be housed in pairs.There will be three choices of accommodation for pooches: Classic, Deluxe or Premier room and two options for cats: Loft or Penthouse Condo.
  • Standard and luxury accommodation for cats and dogs
  • Mesh-free and concrete-free suites
  • Climate control for year-round comfort
  • 24 hour surveillance (you will have the option to Skype your pets)
  • Breakfast and dinner service with quality pet food and the option for owner-prepared meals
  • Alternative menu options for fussy eaters
  • Clean comfortable orthopaedic beds
  • Luxury suites with TV
  • Luxury suites with enclosed courtyards
  • 24-hour on-call vet
  • Regular toilet breaks
The site is the size of four Olympic-size swimming pools

What does Beau's provide that you won't get elsewhere?
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Bushfire risk-free location
  • Constant auto fresh water
  • Indoor/outdoor play areas
  • Fully enclosed outdoor/indoor cat suite
  • Convenient location at Adelaide Airport
  • Pamper packages, grooming packages and enrichment packages are available for furry guests
  • High hygiene standards with Aqua-vac Wet/Dry vacuum system throughout
  • A water play park with sprinklers 
  • Staff trained to Guide Dogs' highest standards. The hotel will employ around 65 staff, including kennel attendants, groomers and trainers.

Best of all, Beau’s Personalised Pet Hotel is a social enterprise which aims to provide an additional, reliable income stream to help grow and support Guide Dogs client services.

Beau’s will officially open from Monday 28 August 2017 so if you’re planning a holiday later this year, you can start planning now as bookings are already open.

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