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Hyatt Centric Melbourne announces partnership with Oscar & Friends pet accessories brand

Hyatt Centric Melbourne in partnership with Australian pet accessories brand Oscar & Friends, is launching an all-new Pet Package so that you can treat yourself and your four-legged friend to a weekend away.

Launching Monday 27th May 2024, a selection of Hyatt Centric’s luxurious King Balcony rooms will be transformed into a pet paradise, with ample space, fresh air and an outdoor area for your fur baby to enjoy. 

The package ensures all your companion’s needs are considered, with a selection of Oscar & Friends toys, Oscar & Friends lead, food, a water bowl, a pet bed, and bathroom facilities supplied. You’ll even be able to take the Oscar & Friends goodies home, so your pet can enjoy them fur-ever.

Hyatt Centric hasn’t spared a thought on its human guests too - with all rooms including a deluxe King Bed, nourishing Mr. Smith haircare products, and a Hyatt Centric plush bathrobe and slippers.

“We are proud to partner with Oscar & Friends in complimenting and enhancing our existing Pet Package offerings, which we know many guests are familiar with and love. The addition of the Oscar & Friends range allows us to further extend our luxury lifestyle experience, ensuring a vibrant, welcoming stay for all. Not to mention the gorgeous pet goodies you and your furry loved one can now take home!” says Hyatt Centric’s General Manager, Mark Foxwel.

Hyatt Centric will also have a range of Oscar & Friends products available for purchase during your stay, including collars and leads, grooming products, toys and more.

Oscar & Friends was created from a notable gap in the market for affordable yet fun pet accessories. The brand emerged with the team focusing on its four-legged friends, keeping up with the latest seasonal trends and unwavering attention to detail, especially in functionality and finishes. The current range is available in a range of sizes to accommodate the smallest of Dachshunds to the largest of Great Danes.

Julia Hemingway, designer of Oscar & Friends, explains, ”We are excited to partner with an award-winning Melbourne-based hotel and introduce our product designs to Pet Package guests. We take our quality very seriously, with every accessory undergoing thorough testing for durability and functionality to ensure our pets receive the finest and most comfortable products.”

Hyatt Centric Melbourne is located on Downie Street in Melbourne’s central business district. It is just minutes from Docklands and Southbank precincts, which are home to world-class entertainment, convention centres, and parks for your furry friends to explore.

The Pet Package offer is open to cats and dogs. Reservations are available from Monday 27th May 2024. Pet Package rooms start at $400.

Visit the Pet Package Reservation Link here

Oscar & Friends Instagram: @oscarandfriendsaustralia

Hyatt Centric Melbourne Instagram: @hyattcentricmelbourne

About Hyatt Centric:

Hyatt Centric is a brand of full-service lifestyle hotels located in prime destinations. Created to connect guests to the heart of the action, Hyatt Centric hotels are thoughtfully designed to enable exploration and discovery so they never miss a moment of adventure. Each hotel offers social spaces to connect with others in the lobby; meanwhile, the bar and restaurant are local hot spots where great conversations, locally inspired food and signature cocktails can be enjoyed. Streamlined modern rooms focus on delivering everything guests want and nothing they don’t. A passionately engaged team is there to provide local expertise on the best food, nightlife and activities in the destination.

About Oscar & Friends:

Oscar & Friends was born from a notable gap in the market for affordable yet fun pet accessories. The new brand emerged as a natural evolution for the Accessory Company Group, with the team focusing their expertise now on our four-legged friends, keeping up with the latest seasonal trends and unwavering attention to detail, especially in functionality and finishes. The current range is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all pets, including collars, leads, harnesses, bandanas and fashionable bow ties which all come in multiple colourways.

MEDIA RELEASE, 16th May 2024

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Survey reveals pet owners don't always recognise excess weight and struggle with pet weight loss

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention
recently shared the findings of their 2023 National Pet Weight and Nutrition Survey conducted from mid-October to December 2023 in the US. 

They researched pet owner attitudes about obesity, treats, and attempts to help their pet lose weight. 

The 2022 U.S. Pet Obesity Prevalence Survey found a staggering 61% of cats and 59% of dogs are overweight or have obesity, indicating a widespread problem with pet health. However, the results of APOP's most recent survey of U.S. dog and cat owners, conducted from October to December 2023, revealed a potential lack of awareness among pet owners regarding the issue of their own pet's weight. 

Only 28% of cat owners and 17% of dog owners reported that their pets were overweight, with 84% of dogs and 70% of cat owners assessing their pets’ body condition as healthy.

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides

“Over the past two decades, we have consistently observed a significant discrepancy between the prevalence of pet obesity and pet owners' recognition of this issue,” observed APOP Founder and President. Dr. Ernie Ward
“Pet owners reporting that ‘pet obesity is a problem, but not for my pet’ continues to be a communication hurdle for veterinary professionals. 
While the causes of obesity in animals are multifactorial, awareness of an unhealthy body condition is the first step in treating the disease.”

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (7)

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (13)

Despite this, many pet owners reported they were trying to address the issue, with 63% of dogs and 45% of cat owners attempting to help their pets lose weight. However, the survey also found that only a small percentage of pets had been put on therapeutic weight loss diets, with 16% of dogs and 24% of cat owners sharing they tried such diets.

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (8)

Further complicating matters, many pet owners reported frequent treat-giving habits. 58% of dog owners and 12% of cat owners reported giving treats more than once a day, while an additional 24% of dogs and 18% of cats received treats at least once daily. 30% of cat owners revealed they gave no treats, with only 4% of dog owners claiming to restrict treats.

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (3)

In the survey, 84% of dog owners and 94% of cat owners believed pet obesity is a significant health issue. Yet only 43% reported that “their veterinarian annually discusses their pet’s optimal weight or body condition," indicating many veterinary professionals are missing an opportunity to discuss a pet’s body condition during its yearly examination.

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (1)

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (11)

One reason veterinary professionals fail to discuss weight issues with pet owners is because they believe they may upset the owner.

The findings are very different from the perspective of surveyed pet owners. Only 12% of pet owners reported they had “ever felt uncomfortable or embarrassed about a veterinary or veterinary staff member saying your pet needs to lose weight or has obesity.”

In fact, 76% of pet owners surveyed revealed their “veterinarian would be comfortable telling you your pet needs to lose weight or has obesity.” with only 4% feeling that their veterinarian would be uncomfortable discussing pet obesity and 14% as “maybe.” These findings are consistent with earlier APOP surveys on this issue.

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (10)

“Pet owners consistently report being interested in their pet’s body condition. Unfortunately, many veterinary professionals continue to worry their clients will be upset if obesity is mentioned. This reveals an opportunity for better communication training, patient support tools, and treatments,” remarked Dr. Ward.

Sharing food with pets is often blamed as a primary cause of pet obesity. Interestingly, many pet owners claim they rarely “share their food or snacks.” 25% of dog owners and 53% of cats stated they “never” shared with their pets, while 33% of dogs and 30% of cats reported “rarely,” and 25% of dogs and 12% of cats received shared food or snacks “sometimes.” 17% of dog owners and 4% of cat owners responded that they “usually” to “always” share food and treats.

Treats are also considered a contributing factor to the increasing pet obesity rates. 82% of dogs and 30% of cats were reported to receive treats at least once daily. The reasons for giving treats to dogs and cats varied by species. For dogs, the most common reason for offering daily treats was as a training tool, followed by “makes my dog happy.” The third most common reason for daily dog treats was to supplement the diet and then as a way to mitigate begging behaviours.

For cats that received regular treats, making their cat happy was the most common reason given, followed by training, dietary supplements, and satisfying begging behaviours.

Final APOP 2023 Survey Slides (4)

For more information about the 2023 Pet Weight and Nutrition survey results, visit here.

During World Pet Obesity Week, October 7-13, 2024, APOP and the World Pet Obesity Association will conduct their biennial pet obesity prevalence survey.

If you are a veterinary professional and want to learn more about participating in the 2024 Pet Obesity Prevalence Survey during World Pet Obesity Week, visit here 

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  • 30 Funniest entries revealed in the Final Shortlist
  • People’s Choice Award open for public vote
The Comedy Pet Photo Awards has published the very best images shortlisted this year and there are some absolute crackers (like our lead shot 'It's behind you' by Philippa Huber / Comedy Pets) to make you smile!

Among the top Finalists there is a cat stuck in a wall, a Kung Fu dog, a headless horse, and a very happy donkey.

©Sylvia Michel / Comedy Pets
Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting!
The funny pet photo competition was created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers to celebrate the positive and vital role that pets have in our lives and to encourage engagement around animal welfare.

The images were chosen for their photographic quality as well as their comedic value and are now subject to some serious scrutiny from the judges who are all expert animal lovers to pick the winner. 

 The panel includes TV presenter, writer, conservationist and animal lover Kate Humble, professional photographer and nature lover Gerrard Gethings and his son Jarvis Gethings, plus Barry the Border Terrier, for balance. 

TV Vet and animal welfare campaigner - Emma Milne and our very own professional pet photographer and former competition winner - Elke Vogelsang.

All the 30 Finalists will be eligible for the People’s Choice Category, where the public get to vote via the website for their favourite funny pet. 

Photo: ©Julia Illig / Comedy Pets - Curls in the wind

The vote is open from 10th May and closes on 2nd June. One lucky voter, chosen at random will win £100 cash prize!

The 2024 Comedy Pet Winners will be announced on 6th June. The Winner received £500 cash and a brilliant camera bag from ThinkTANK (

For further information, please visit:

Photo: ©Luiza Ribeiro de Oliveira / Comedy Pets - Grumpy Dog
You can also follow Comedy Pet on socials:


Photo: Lock Liu / Comedy Pets - It's time to get up!

MEDIA RELEASE, London, 10th May 2024

Economic strain leads to decline in pet healthcare amid escalating living costs

As Australians face mounting financial pressures, recent research has revealed concerning trends in pet healthcare. 

Over 50% of pet owners are adjusting their approach to their pet's well-being due to economic constraints, which raises serious concerns about the health and welfare of our beloved companions.

Nadia Crighton, spokesperson for Pet Insurance Australia, emphasises, "The results of the latest survey* underscore the profound impact of financial strain on pet healthcare decisions nationwide."

The study found that 21.5% of pet guardians are scaling back on regular check-ups and preventive care appointments. Additionally, nearly 13% are forgoing essential treatments for fleas, ticks, and worms. This trend is particularly worrisome given the extended tick season observed recently, which refers to a longer period of the year when ticks are active and can cause health issues in pets. This could lead to a surge in tick-related illnesses, posing significant challenges for veterinary practices nationwide.

Furthermore, data indicates that over 20% of pet owners are delaying seeking veterinary care for minor issues, such as injuries or illnesses. This delay can escalate conditions, leading to higher costs and increased complexity of treatment when eventually addressed by a veterinarian. It's important to note that delayed care can also lead to unnecessary suffering for pets.

"While postponing vet visits for minor concerns might seem financially prudent initially, it can result in exacerbated health issues for pets and higher expenses for owners in the long term," warns Nadia Crighton. 
"Timely veterinary intervention is crucial in preventing minor ailments from developing into more serious and costly conditions."
Pet Insurance Australia strongly advocates for proactive pet healthcare. We urge pet owners to take charge of their pet's health by prioritising regular vet check-ups and preventive treatments.

The Real Costs Unveiled

Adding to the financial burden are the rising costs of treating common dog ailments, which refers to the increasing prices of medications, treatments, and surgeries for these health conditions. Pet Insurance Australia data highlights the average treatment costs for some of the top dog health conditions:

Under One-Year-Old Pups:

During puppyhood, gastrointestinal disturbances frequently occur, often sparked by ingesting unsuitable objects, sudden dietary shifts, or stress induced by environmental changes. Their developing immune systems render them more vulnerable to skin infections, which can be incited during playful exploration.

  • Gastrointestinal Disease: Average cost for treatment - $661, highest cost for treatment - $25,939.
  • Skin Infection/Allergy: Average cost for treatment - $346, highest cost for treatment - $8,414.
  • Ear Infection: Average cost for treatment - $330, Highest cost for treatment - $12,380.

One- to Eight-Year-Old Dogs

As dogs grow older, their inclination to ingest harmful items generally diminishes. Nevertheless, conditions such as ear infections, skin issues, and gastrointestinal problems persist into adulthood, influenced by factors like dietary sensitivities, environmental stimuli, and genetic predispositions.

  • Skin Infection/Allergy: The average cost for treatment is $586, and the Highest cost is $20,622.
  • Ear Infection: Average cost for treatment - $399, Highest cost for treatment - $20,654.
  • Gastrointestinal Disease: Average cost for treatment - $812, Highest cost for treatment - $26,435.

Dogs 8+ Years of Age

As dogs enter their senior phase, they become increasingly susceptible to health ailments such as arthritis and cancer. This heightened vulnerability arises from the cumulative impacts of aging, encompassing cellular transformations, a waning immune system, and the gradual wear and tear on joints over the years.
  • Skin Infection/Allergy: Average cost for treatment - $601, highest cost for treatment - $10,596.
  • Arthritis: Average cost for treatment - $692, Highest cost for treatment - $12,387.
  • Cancer/Tumours: The average cost for treatment is $1,514, and the Highest cost is $37,133.

"Additionally, ingesting toxins and foreign bodies poses significant risks and financial burdens for pet owners," Crighton says. The average costs are $1,064 without surgery and an eyewatering $41,671, on the larger scale, with surgery."

Pet owners are encouraged to prioritise preventive measures, such as regular vet check-ups, pet-proofing their homes, and investigating a savings fund or a pet insurance policy to help ensure their furry companions receive the care they need without undue financial strain.

* PetSure Data 2023

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The David and Goliath Lawsuit: Pet Advocate vs Hills Pet Nutrition

Canine DCM Scandal: $2.6 Billion Lawsuit Says It Was Fraud All Along, claims KetoNatural founder.

In this episode of The Pet Nutrition Show, covering pet nutrition and sustainable pet food, Daniel Schulof, founder of KetoNatural Pet Foods, shares why he launched a $2.6billion USD class action against pet food giant, Hill's Pet Nutrition. Hill's, part of Colgate Palmolive, had revenues $4.29 billion USD in 2023. Daniel's company is somewhat smaller.

The lawsuit centres on the issue of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and the FDA investigation in the US into potential links to certain pet food diets. Daniel explains how the FDA's investigation into DCM and grain-free diets led to widespread controversy, significantly impacting his and other companies. He argues that misleading information and cherry picking of data triggered the FDA's investigation, and that this was part of a wider scheme.

After successfully suing the FDA to get access to their DCM documents under Freedom of Information, Daniel sifted through about 20,000 pages of documents.

"What they show is that the investigation was induced by fraud, that in essence, a couple of specific individuals misled the FDA," he told The Pet Nutrition Show.

In any one year, there might be four to six cases report to the FDA, of DCM, tied to pet foods. But in 2018, they received 28.

"The story is where the 28 cases came from and how they were gathered. And that's what's problematic, and that's what's misconduct here. The FDA made it sound, in its initial release, as if the 28 cases of DCM came from a disconnected group of pet owners from, like, around the country, right? Which would of course, justify an investigation, but that's not what happened here. 

What happened here is that 21 of the 28 cases, or 75 percent of them, came from just two people, and they're now defendants in the lawsuit. They're two veterinarians that work at major U. S. universities and that have long established financial track history or track record ties to Hill's Pet Nutrition." Daniel told the show.

Daniel also claimed that the fraud involved is that the 21 cases that those two ladies submitted were cherrypicked.

"There's specific objective email evidence where they both admit that the cases they submitted were cherrypicked to include grain free diets," he told the show.

Daniel described a protocol the vets claimed they were using when treating dogs that came into their clinic for DCM. When the dog came in, one of the very first things they did was put it into one of two buckets. If the dog was eating a diet being made by what they called a reputable manufacturer, for example, Hill's Pet Nutrition, it went into one bucket and they began this DCM treatment protocol. If it wasn't, if the dog was eating a grain free diet, they were going to report that to the FDA.

"They weren't reporting the cases of the dogs that were eating Hill's diets, but they were reporting the cases of the grain free diets. Obviously, that gave a false impression about what those people were actually encountering in their practice," Daniel said.

However, Daniel also alleged that the DCM controversy is emblematic of and a part of a broader scheme that Hill's Pet Nutrition and other companies like Hill's Pet Nutrition have been engaged in for more than a decade.

"The influence that Hill's currently has on the information ecosystem that veterinarians exist in the United States is like airtight, comprehensive… if you're a veterinarian to step outside of that and see it with a sense of perspective, you have to go really far outside. It begins at veterinary school and carries on through the life of their practice. 

And so that stuff, how that all works, is highlighted in depth in the complaint," he says. "For me to some degree, we can think of how much we win in this case by how much the veterinary community and the lay public ultimately come to understand that dynamic."

The Pet Nutrition Show is a weekly podcast hosted by small animal nutritionist Dr Anna Sutton and Planet A Pet Food CEO Amanda Falconer, that looks at nutrition, food hacks, sustainable pet food and more, with researchers and vets from around the world.

The episode will be published on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, Friday 10th May 2024.

MEDIA RELEASE, 10th May 2024

Celebrating 30 years of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk

The RSPCA is celebrating the 30th annual walk to fight animal cruelty, the Million Paws Walk, on Sunday, 26 May 2024.

Over the past three decades, more than 750,000 people and 400,000 dogs have participated in the RSPCA Million Paws Walk event, helping give over 100,000 animals a second chance at life.

Join a local event near you and participate in Australia's largest doggy day out.

“The RSPCA Million Paws Walk has evolved from a local gathering to a nationwide phenomenon with thousands of people and their pets uniting under one common cause: to improve the lives of animals in need," said RSPCA NSW Community Fundraising Manager Ben Wilheim.

“Thank you to everyone who has been part of the Million Paws Walk journey over the past 30 years. This year, the event will be bigger than ever with food, drinks, various stalls, music, raffles, games, competitions, and much more family fun as we celebrate this milestone together."

Join the Million Paws Walk 30th anniversary Pawty
There are eight local walks across New South Wales from Albury to Coffs Harbour, each promising a family and dog-friendly day of fun.

Each year, 20,000 dogs turn to RSPCA NSW for help and each step taken at Million Paws Walk can help bring that number down.

RSPCA Million Paws Walk locations in NSW:
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Bathurst
  • Dubbo
  • Speers Point
  • Taree
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Burrill Lake
  • Albury

Visit to join the Million Paws Walk 30th anniversary festivities from anywhere in Australia!

New survey finds overwhelming support for pets being allowed on public transport

  • 88 per cent of Australians are not opposed to allowing pets on public transport.
  • Close to 4 in 5 (79 per cent) Australians are comfortable with pets on public transport, including 46 per cent who would like guidelines in place.
  • New ‘Pawtition’ is calling for uniform regulations across all states and territories to allow pets on transport.

Pet Circle, Australia’s largest online pet supplies retailer, is rallying the Australian public to sign their ‘Pawtition’ to place pressure on transport operators and ministers to meet the soaring demand for pets on transport.

The ‘Pawtition’, which is close to 20,000 signatures, is calling for uniform regulations across all states and territories to allow pets on buses, trains, trams, and domestic planes.

Recent research conducted by Pet Circle revealed that 88 per cent of Australians wouldn’t be opposed to having pets on public transport, with 33 per cent completely comfortable, 46 per cent comfortable with guidelines in place, and 9 per cent open to being convinced.

Despite 69 per cent of Australian households owning a pet, in many states and territories, pets are currently not allowed on public transport or all domestic airlines, limiting their mobility and causing distress to both pets and their owners.

Jon Wild, Pet Circle CMO, says, “At Pet Circle, we believe in bettering the lives of pets and their pet parents and feel it's about time that pets are allowed on public transport, with Australia trailing behind other countries. It will alleviate the pressures on pet owners and foster a more connected community.

“In Victoria, small pets are allowed on trains, trams and buses in a carrier, and larger dogs can travel on trains with a lead and muzzle. 

We’re asking parliamentarians and transport operators to update their regulations to be more uniform across the country.”

“Based on our research findings, nearly three out of every ten Australians who own pets face challenges accessing veterinary care without access to public transportation, which means that their pet might not be getting the healthcare that they need. 

We need to do better for our pet parents and pets.”

The Hon. Emma Hurst, from Animal Justice Party, says, “We have quiet carriages on trains, why can't we have animal friendly carriages as well? Companion animals on public transport will mean people without cars can get animals to the vets and dogs to dog parks. Plus, it will get cars off the road. 
Pounds and shelters are at capacity and our animal-UNfriendly state is making matters worse. 
It is time for NSW to catch up with the rest of the world and start allowing animals on public transport.”

Allowing pets on transport not only benefits pet parents but also the wider community. It offers support to pet parents who don’t have access to or can’t drive cars, including those with a disability or the elderly, helping them reach key pet services like vets. It reduces the reliance on cars which is better for our climate, supports return-to-office initiatives, encourages exploration of new regions across Australia boosting the economy, and helps families save on parking, ride-share, car-share, and other relocation services.

This growing movement towards making transport more accessible to pets is evident in initiatives by transport providers like Virgin Australia, which recently announced its intention to permit select pets in cabins on designated domestic routes starting in 2025

“Our petition is also directed to other domestic airlines to follow Virgin Australia in allowing pets in cabins in the next year,” added Mr Wild.

As part of the campaign, a ‘pawtest’ will also be held in mid May at the NSW Parliament House, encouraging changes to regulations following suit of states like Victoria and all pet parents and supporters are welcome to attend.

Australians can sign the ‘Pawtition’ at


Current Public Transport Regulations:

FAQs for common concerns: 

MEDIA RELEASE, 7th May 2024

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The Pet Show, Australia’s first National Pet Expo is coming to Adelaide Showground on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May 2024!

There will be lots of information and goodies about dogs but not only! 
So get your pet fix under one roof, you will be able to cuddle, explore and learn everything you need to know about dogscatsfishbirdsreptiles and small animals.

The Pet Show is all about positive pet ownership, sharing education, entertainment, and products for all pets from tails to scales and everything in between.

With over 120 experts from the pet industry, the popular multi-zone format will give attendees the opportunity to hear from celebrity vets, be entertained with stage shows and activations, interact with pets and breeders and participate in photo opportunities.

The Pet Show Adelaide will feature a range of experts including author, pet expert and director of Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Ben DessenDr Katrina Warren and Kelly Gill along with the Wonderdogs and Debra Millikan from the Pet Professional Guild of Australia

There will also be a large range of exhibitors including Refuresh, Edenhills Pet Cremation, RSPCA South Australia, Canine Connect, DOG by Dr Lisa, The Pet Butcher and more as well as entertainment and activities from face painting and a kids agility course to scent work demonstrations and meet and greets with the famous Bluey and Bingo.

Grab one of these free Family Passes by the tail and don’t miss out!

*** Win 1 of 3 Family Passes (2 adults + 2 children) ***
for Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th May 2024
(Total Prize Pool: $180.00 - Family members must arrive together)

Learn more about The Pet Show at or on socials:
Please click here to visit their Instagram page
Please click here to visit their Facebook page


1) Like our post (03/05/2024) & our Facebook page and/or Instagram Account
2) "Who / What are you looking forward to seeing PLUS which day would you like to attend: Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th May 2024?" on the Australian Dog Lover Facebook page or Instagram page

Terms and Conditions:

1. This Competition will open on Friday 3rd May (12pm) and will close on Saturday 10th May 2024 (11:59pm A.E.S.T.)
Open to Australian residents only. 
2. To Enter, Like our post (03/05/24) + Tell us "Who / What are you looking forward to seeing PLUS which day would you like to attend Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th May 2024?" via the Australian Dog Lover Facebook page or Instagram page.
3. This Promotion is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner.
The entries will be judged by the Australian Dog Lover team. The winning entries will be selected based on the most creative, informative or useful statement.
4. Entrants in the competition can only enter once.
5. Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be redrawn.
* Entry into the competition is deemed acceptance of all terms and conditions.

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Mother's Day 2024 is less than two weeks away on May 12 so if you're looking for a unique gift idea, here are some dog-themed suggestions to treat the dog mum in your life!

Here are our picks to ensure this year's present is one she will treasure for years to come. 

Just in time for (Dog) Mother’s Day, Australian registered charity Paws For Change has released some beautiful new TeesHoodiesCaps as well as Totes / Cushions Candles with your choice of favourite quotes and more in their online store!

Shop for yourself or the dog lover in your life and, as always, 100% of proceeds will support their global dog rescue projects, helping provide our most loved furry friends with the best resources needed.

Shop well, feel good and look great this Dog Mother's Day!

RRP: from $24.95 - $69.95 

The Pawmanity Access Liner is in a league of its own, combining unparalleled style with unbeatable functionality.

Crafted from heavy duty, scratch resistant fabric, it protects your vehicle's interior against fur, dirt and sand. What truly sets it apart though, is our patented Anchor Point Access, a design innovation that provides universal access to rear seat anchor points with precision, while safeguarding your seats. 

Plus, the convenience is unmatched, with split seat compatibility, 2 built-in storage pockets and a handy storage bag that doubles as a travel bag for larger travel essentials.

Elevate your pet travel experience to a whole new level of luxury and practicality with the Pawmanity Access Liner.

RRP: $189.00 at

Cooper and Kids clothing range make the perfect gift not just for a dog mum but the entire family!

If dogs make you and your kids happy, then you are going to love these! You can now get matchy-matchy outfits for both kids and adults. How fun!

Designed in Australia by a dog lover for dog lovers, the entire range is super stylish, comfy and made from 100% cotton. 

Cooper and Kids also specialise in creating safe, happy and positive relationships between babies, kids and dogs. Educating families around the safety of living together with babies, kids and dogs. So make sure to check them out and learn how to make your dogs and families happier and safer.

Use code mums50 to save 50% off the entire Adults & Kids range until May 6.

RRP: $29.95 - $79.95 for Adults & Kids Clothing at 

Wag and Me's Poochette is 5-in-1 walking bag designed to make dog walks easier and a lot more enjoyable! 

This stylish neoprene bag is versatile and convenient. It comes with a lead that converts to a shoulder strap

With easy access to the fully insulated compartment, where you can store your treats and keep them fresher for longer, ideal for our Australian summers. 

The Poochette can also hold your keys, phone and even a ball! It also has a dog waste bag dispenser for quick access. 

Why not get more out of your bag and turn it into a waist bag too! This little gem can do it all! 

RRP: $44.95 at 

Indulge in the pure bliss of unconditional dog love with Pugs and Co's charming themed Tees and Hoodies designed not just for Pug mums but for all dog mums.

Explore their vast collection now and effortlessly showcase your affection by wearing your heart on your sleeve — literally! 

Shop today and let the world see your passion for the unparalleled joy that comes from our canine companions!

RPP: $40.00-$75.00 

Time to get those tails wagging this Mother's Day with these Burbia Dog Lovers & Cat Lovers Tea Towels: the perfect gifts for pet mums.

Australian-made and screen printed onto 100% linen, the Dog Lovers Tea Towel features classic Aussie breeds like Kelpies and Cattle Dogs, Labradors, Retrievers, the beloved Bitza and breeds from all over the world.

Their purrfect Cat Lovers Tea Towel showcases many of Australia's and the world's most popular cat breeds. From the much loved Australian Mist to Abyssinians, Ragdolls, Russian Blues and many more.

RRP: $24.95 

Our fur babies make our home complete and so do cute accessories just like them!

has a large range of Dog Breed Cushions to add that special touch to any home décor for the dog lovers.

Made from a cotton/linen blend, these throw cushions (approx. 45cm x  45cm) are available in a range of dog breeds, designs, colours and even slogans!

DoggyTopia offers a huge range of unique gifts for dog mums so you’ll be sure to find that special gift this Mother's Day. Use the promo code DOGMUM for 30% off!

RRP: $14.95-$19.95 from

Keep your doggo safe and happy these holidays with the Furbo 360° Dog Camera.

With its all-new 360° Rotating Views camera, high-quality 4x Zoom and Colour Night Vision, this is the most parent-friendly model yet! 

Gain peace of mind when you're out with features like adjustable Treat Tossing, Auto Dog Tracking and Realtime 2-Way Audio. Furbo's AI-powered alerts will keep you updated on activity in your home 24/7.

Furbo Dog Nanny (30-day free trial included) is Furbo’s exclusive suite of subscription smart features. The sound-activated Barking Alerts can now detect between a garden variety bark, crying, or more severe howling: a crucial difference to detect possible separation anxiety issues early on.

Normal RRP: $359.00 (Camera only); Special Offer: $139 for Camera + $99.00 Yearly Plan for Furbo Dog Nanny at  

It's Active Dog Month and Adopt a Greyhound Month! Do you and your dog love to hang out together in the great outdoors, hiking or camping? With dog attacks, accidents and injuries, owning a pet first aid kit is essential.

Designed and assembled in Australia by experienced dog parents, all Total Dog 1st Aid Kits contain an abundance of bandages, iodine, activated charcoal, tick card plus their much loved double-sided cards, filled with useful information!

The Standard Kit comes in Pink or Red and includes a total of 57 quality items. The Limited Edition Richard Skipworth Greyhound First Aid Kit in Red or Pink makes the perfect gift for a Greyhound parent! RRP: $69.00.

You'll also love their stunning Greyhound (and other breeds) Vintage Metal Signs, the perfect addition to any dog lover's home. Measuring 30cm by 20cm, all signs are beautifully illustrated perfect to hang on your wall or door. RRP: $15.00.

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Proudly 100% Australian owned and based in Queensland, TopDog Plasma specialises in unique metal artwork designs.

They offer custom metal signs featuring Dog Breeds, Australian Native Animals, Birds, Cats, Horses etc. which make an ideal gift to decorate your home, garden or shed!

Dog enthusiasts will love their popular Welcome Dog Breed Signs, a wonderful addition to any home. With over 50 Dog Breeds to choose from and counting, you will find the perfect sign with your fur baby; the company can also help you custom design your dream sign!

All signs are made with quality 2mm steel and finished in black powder coat. 

Depending on the design, they will vary in size - approx. 400mm wide by 500-550mm high.

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World of Dogs by Pooches at Play's and The Dog Down Under's Lara Shannon and illustrated by 
Wenjia Tang is a fun and quirky gift book perfect for all dog lovers! 

Delving into the evolution, history and legacy of our canine companions, this gorgeous little book celebrates the role of dogs in society, pop culture and our families around the globe.
Since their domestication between 15,000 and 40,000 years ago, dogs have played an important role in the lives of humans. 

In World of Dogs, you’ll discover how certain dogs became some of world’s most popular breeds, as well as some of the most famous canine friends who became household names in popular culture. 

You’ll also be acquainted with an incredible range of world dog breeds, from Africa’s Abyssinian Sand Terrier and the Peruvian Inca Orchid, to the New Guinea Singing Dog and India’s pariah dog.

For anyone that wants to know more about the role of dogs in our lives, World of Dogs is fascinating tribute to dogs near and far.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher: Hardie Grant Explore, 29th September 2021

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No matter your age, a jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way to spend a​ cold rainy day and the whole family can get involved!

​This Omebel 1500-piece Dog Park Jigsaw Puzzle features a busy Dog Park and all its crazy antics!  

​It is eco-friendly - made from 100% recycled materials and non-toxic soy ink and t
he matt finish enhances visibility for a glare-free experience.​ The finished size is 87cm X 57cm​.

It also includes a large poster with detailed instructions to make you finish this puzzle easily.

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A meaningful present for the dog mum (or dog dad) who has lost their furry bestie...

 makes memorial diamonds from the carbon found in the ashes or fur of pets, in a process that replicates natural diamond formation within the Earth’s mantle. These diamonds are physically and chemically identical to natural ones but with a unique backstory.

They are unique keepsakes that immortalise the memory of your loyal companion in a timeless gem — long after they have moved on to the next life. You can pick the diamond’s final colour, cut and carat according to the characteristics that best represent your pet.

LONITÉ produces diamonds of up to 3 carats, in 10 different cuts, and 7 colours including pink, black and purely colourless.

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