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10 Dog Easter Basket Gift Ideas in 2023

When you're planning your Easter festivities, don't leave out your furry best friend! 

From adorable Easter-themed dog toys, drool-worthy dog treats and stylish dogwear, here's what we are putting in our dogs' Easter Basket this year. Hop to our selection to make this year's celebrations eggs-tra!

Encourage your dogs' foraging instincts and nosework skills by starting your Easter day with an Easter Hunt with their very own Easter Harvest Mix from Snoofle Paws!

Options include Easter Eggs, Chonky Carrots and Hot-x-buns.

Simply fill them with your dogs' favourite yummy snacks and scatter them in tricky places. With the Hot-x-buns, you can fill the front four pockets with bite-size snack and the back two pockets with larger snacks to get those brains ticking!

These are made to order in Melbourne so you can choose 3 of your favourite colours.

RRP:$49.95-$94.95 from 

Zippy Paws Burrow Toys are seriously cute and they’re clever too! 

Each of these adorable soft toys has a trio of smaller squeaky toys hidden away inside.

Encourage your dog to use their paws and nose to get the smaller toys out, one by one. It's rewarding, stimulating fun that will keep your dog occupied and happy for hours.

The cute soft fabric encourages your dog to use their paws and nose to get to the smaller toys inside. The smaller rabbit toys inside the giant carrot burrow squeak, which encourages your dog to play with them once they’ve been retrieved!

RRP: $24.99 at 

These adorable and uniquely shaped Bunny and Duck make it easy to stack on the fun this Easter!

The squeezable soft plush cubes are great for cuddling and gentle play.

These plush dog toys are also equipped with a blaster squeaker for added enjoyment during playtime. 

Measuring approx. 11cm x 11cm x 11cm, both Squeakie Blocks - Bunny and Duck toys best suit small to medium-sized dogs.

Get egg-cited for Easter and spoil your furry friend with a stylish accessory from LOVEPUP!

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia choose from accessories including bandanas, bow ties, sailor bows and neck ties.

These accessories are not only totally adorable and easy to wear, but also made with super soft materials to ensure your pup will love wearing them time after time.

Sizes range from XS - XL and they also take custom sizing/design requests. 
So no matter what size your pooch, LOVEPUP’s Egg-cellent Easter dog accessories will make sure your pup is looking their cutest!

Receive 20% off your first order with the code DOGLOVER20.

RRP: $10 - $24 at

LOVEPUP also donates a portion of every sale to Second Chance Animal Rescue

Australian and made entirely in-house, Rottwear's Easter Range covers treats and fashion. It is i
nspired by the owner's Rottweilers but made for all dogs big and small.

Easter Gift Boxes come with a selection of carob and yoghurt dog choccies, organic coconut Easter bunny biscuits and their famous pupcorn. 

Handmade Easter Bandanas come in a range of Easter prints with large sizing that actually fits large dogs. 

Use your promo code rottwear10 at checkout to save 10%!

RRP: from $8.50 (Easter range) from the Rottwear Website. 

​​The Bespoke Creation Co. is a hobby turned business passion, created from the love of pets.​ A Cottontail ​Bandana is the perfect accessory for your furry friend this Easter season!

Made from high-quality, soft fabric, this bandana is gentle on your pet's skin and comfortable to wear all day long.

Featuring a delightful pattern of a cottontail bunny, this bandana captures the joy and whimsy of the season. The light and breezy fabric makes it perfect for warmer weather, allowing your pet to stay cool while still looking stylish.

The Cottontail Bandana is easy to use​ and with its high-quality soft fabric ​and​ rounded neckline, comfortable to wear all day long​​.

Whether you're taking your dog to an Easter egg hunt, a family gathering, or just a walk in the park, this bandana will make them the centre of attention.

RRP: $15.00 - $22.50 at 

For pet parents looking for great value, BIG W has launched a new Easter range for pets in store and online.

With a selection of affordable plush dog toys, treats and dog fashion including bandanas, Easter-themed pet sweaters, hoodies to elaborate dog costumes.

If your dog is happy wearing outfits and the weather's cool enough, you could transform your dog into a Giant Easter Bunny or Chick for your Easter Hunt. Move over Big Bird! 

Both Tails Easter Dog Costumes best suit small to medium-sized dogs.

RRP: $11.00-$13.00 at 

From personalised dog biscuits to basket stuffers for your fur-friends, give the gift that every pup wants this Easter, thanks to Golden BARKery!

There are so many new dog biscuit designs that you can personalise with your pup's name as well as fan favourites like “Easter pup biscuits” and the “WOOF Easter Egg” biscuit.

And let's not forget the iconic 12 pack “Egg Hunt” full of fun treats to make your Easter egg hunt for your pooch special!

Every item is lovingly handmade in Melbourne from all natural, human grade ingredients that are grain free of course.

Use your promo code DOGLOVER to save 10% at checkout!

RRP: $19.50 - $22.00 from

The Easter season is the perfect time to show our dogs how much we love them!

Photo Credit (and lead): DK Imagery
The Treatery
is a small business based in South East Queensland, passionate about creating healthy and fun treats made with superfood ingredients. 

The Limited Edition Easter Goodies is a mix of cute baked cookie treats with various shapes and flavours for the perfect Easter treat. Those bright beautiful colours come from superfood ingredients with absolutely no nasties.

With the Limited Edition Easter Egg Trio, your pooch will enjoy a mix of Fruit & Nut, Coconut Rough, and Doggie-Friendly Choco Mint!

Use your code EASTERDL and save 15% off all Easter products!

RRP: $14.50 from 

Jojo and Lola's have gorgeous Easter Noodle Gift Boxes plus a delicious Easter Treat flavour!

Perfect to bring as a present for the Easter week-end, these are decorated with beautiful satin bunny ribbon and topped with a fluffy chick in your choice of pink, yellow or blue. They are filled with a tissue-wrapped packet of the delicious Limited Edition Carrot Cake Chompers.

Gift boxes for the kittycat in your life 
are also available!

These are a great gift idea and are perfect for pets of all ages. Why not add unique flavours of Jerky Chompers or Gourmet Chompers to your order?

All orders over $55 will receive a 20% discount using the promo code DOGLOVER until April 9!

RRP: $12.00 at

It's almost Easter. Which for us humans at least, means chocolate. 
Everyone knows chocolate isn't good for dogs?

But with Pooch Treats' cute new Easter range, your dog doesn't have to miss out on all the delicious fun!

Made in Melbourne by a team of skilled pastry chefs, these amazing Easter treats are made from dog-safe ingredients like carob and yoghurt. Your dog will have their best Easter ever!

Treat your best friend to some delicious, freshly baked Hot Cross Buns this Easter, Australian-made from dog safe ingredients (wheat flour, bran, carob, beef liver, eggs etc).

RRP: $12.95 at

Easter Safety Tips for Pets

#1. Do not feed your pets toxic foods and drinks including chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. Don’t forget to remind your children and guests.

Organising a Doggy Easter Egg Hunt is fantastic way to include your pet in the celebrations and now you know exactly what to put in their Easter Baskets to scatter around the yard!
Do not use plastic Easter eggs to hide treats IN because your dog will not be able to smell them and if they do, the plastic can break and harm them.

#2. Keep chocolate out of reach and avoid hiding Easter eggs close to the ground if your dog or cat is on the prowl!
If you have kids, do your dog hunt first to ensure your dog does not pick up any chocolate left behind... 

#3. Keep your pet away from Easter lilies - which are highly poisonous (especially to cats) and can even cause severe kidney failure.

#4. Keep your pet away from Easter grass – the fake grass that often accompanies Easter baskets – as when ingested it can become anchored around the base of the tongue or stomach, often requiring expensive abdominal surgery.

#5. Easter ornaments, while they aren't technically a food, can also pose a health hazard. Always keep an eye on your pets around the Easter decorations and try placing pet-alluring décor in high places, safely out of reach.

Our Mals Porthos, Aramis and our cat Arya are wishing you all a happy and safe Easter!


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