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Train Like a Super Pet Campaign

VitaPet and Warner Bros' "DC League of Super Pets" join forces for "Train like a Super Pet Campaign"

Let your pup discover their inner super hero!

Pet treat and snack experts VitaPet Australia, has joined forces with Warner Bros.ʼ “DC League of Super-Pets” to help Australian pets and pet owners Train Like A Super Pet. 

With excitement building ahead of the release of “DC League of Super-Pets” only in cinemas September 15, VitaPetʼs Train Like A Super Pet videos and training treats will have your pet mastering tricks from ʻSuper Shakeʼ to ʻBack to Baseʼ, to discover their inner superhero.

Starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Kevin Hart and John Krasinski, “DC League of Super-Pets” Krypto and Superman fight crime and master newfound powers to make rescues across Metropolis. Being one to watch with your pups in hand, the new film will make you cosy up to your furry friend and give a newfound love for your trusty companion.

VitaPet believes that every pet has the strength and power inside them to unleash their inner superhero, but every Super Pet needs a human side kick and it is our responsibility to provide them with the support and training they need to unlock their full potential.

Photographing and recording Super Pets in their element is no easy feat, however, VitaPet with the help of dog trainer, behaviourist and tv personality Lara Shannon, Divina Reyes from The Brilliant Boys and Jen and Ryan Tate from Tate Animal Training, have captured video content of tricks and stunts tailored for every pupʼs skill set.

“The key to positive reinforcement dog training and behaviour modification is finding what motivates your dog the most to follow your instructions or perform a behaviour you want for them to be faster, better and stronger,” says Lara.

“While many dogs can be motivated by affection or toys, more often than not our pups are motivated by treats. For this reason, itʼs good to have a few different varieties of treats in your trusty training go-bag - an essential item for every human side kick.”

Lara explains that dogs place different value on treats, so using everyday treats such as VitaPetʼs Pocket Trainers are great for repetitive positive reinforcement throughout the session, but once your dog has mastered a really challenging trick or stunt, reward them with a ʻjackpotʼ that is higher value, like VitaPetʼs Chicken Tenders to end the training session on a high or celebrate milestone progress.

“Itʼs also important to master the basics before moving on to more advanced training. VitaPetʼs Train Like A Super Pet videos have been carefully designed and broken down into manageable steps, to set your dog up for superhero success,” Lara adds.

“Additionally, depending on whether youʼre training a puppy or an older dog, you'll need to adjust your training repertoire so that it is suitable for their shorter attention span, physical capabilities or limits. It is as easy as doing a short burst of 5-10 minute training sessions, a couple of times a day.

“For healthy adult dogs, extend it for as long as their concentration and skills allow for and always end on a high.”

To take that next step to ʻSuper Petʼ level, Lara recommends having a bullet-proof recall with your dog, so that you can move on from your distraction-free environment at home into higher distraction settings where you can really challenge their focus and your bond.

“Itʼs crucial to always start training with low distances and distractions. Be clear, consistent and concise with your cues and, most importantly, be patient. Only move on to the next stage of training once your dog is reliably demonstrating they understand what is being asked of them” encourages Lara. 

“If they are struggling, give them an easy command they know and finish the session there.
From older pets to young pups, VitaPet always encourages owners to keep building on their fur-babies skills for further enhancing the companion relationship.

Human sidekicks can find VitaPetʼs Train Like A Super Pet training videos on the VitaPet Central website and on the front of pack of VitaPetʼs treat range, which is available at IGA, Big W, PETstock and independent pet speciality stores around Australia. 
For more information on stockists head to VitaPetʼs website

As part of the Train Like A Super Pet campaign, VitaPet is also giving away 5 Fur-Friendly Home Cinema Packages, head to VitaPetʼs website to find out more.

About VitaPet

Life is better with a pet, but they canʼt take care of themselves and thatʼs why VitaPet exists. For over 90 years VitaPet Australia has been developing 100% natural treats and snacks for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, fish and birds. As the pet treat and snack experts, VitaPet helps make training easier and provides tips and tricks for supporting the relationship between pet and human.


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