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Lyka Pet Food acquires Happy Tales Kitchen

Kicking off 2022 with a bang and consolidating their position as a leader in fresh dog food and pet wellness, Lyka Pet Food just acquired Happy Tales Kitchen

Lyka, a direct-to-consumer fresh pet food company has today announced its acquisition of Happy Tales Kitchen, a Sydney-based competitor. 

Following on from their acquisition of The Wholesome Dog in April 2021, this latest merger confirms Lyka’s strong positioning in the fresh pet food space, with the pet wellness company serving over 4 million bowls of healthy, human-grade meals to thousands of happy puppers across Australia since its inception in 2018.

Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) recently released their ‘Pets and the Pandemic’ report
[1], which estimates that the Australian pet market grew to $30B in 2021, with $13B spent on food alone. Due to the Covid-19 puppy boom, a whopping 69% of households now have a pet, with pet parents stating that taste preferences and the quality of food are the most relevant deciding factors when selecting food.

With fresh food becoming a sought-after option amongst pet parents, the acquisition allows Lyka to expand their mission and continue to challenge the world of traditional, highly processed dog food options that are available to consumers. It also allows them to educate pet owners on the benefits of fresh food and make it easier for them to experience the difference that a fresh food diet can make on a dog’s life, health and happiness.

“With our shared passion for dog nutrition and pet wellness, we are so excited to be welcoming the Happy Tales Kitchen customers to the Lyka pack. 

For over two years now, Happy Tales Kitchen has been delivering fresh, high-quality, nutritionist-crafted meals to hungry pups around Australia, and we are so proud to be able to continue offering their passionate pet parents a varied selection of vet-formulated recipes that have been meticulously tried and tested. 

2022 is shaping up to be a huge year for Lyka and we can’t wait to extend our offering to the Happy Tales customers and help them to continue on their fresh food journey!”, says Anna Podolsky, founder of Lyka Pet Food.

“We have also developed a Mergers & Acquisitions toolkit that makes us desirable partners to businesses looking to be acquired. The toolkit allows us to move faster and more efficiently during the acquisition, ensuring an easy and seamless process for businesses and customers alike.”

Founded by Johnny Gam, whose family has been in the food industry for over 30 years; he worked alongside Robbie Brender and Nicole Katzman to bring Happy Tales Kitchen to life. Just like Lyka, this dog food subscription service has been built on a passion for pets and nutritious, wholesome food, so this partnership just makes sense.

Gam says, “We are pet-loving foodies, and are so pleased to be merging with Lyka. They are game changers and market leaders in what is an ever-growing space, and our shared values and mission to bring awareness and change to the dog food industry is so closely aligned. I am extremely confident that our customers and their dogs are going to feel right at home with the Lyka pack!”.

Proudly Australian made and owned, Lyka is on a mission to shake up the Australian pet food industry by flipping the status quo and putting nutrition first. 

Lyka provides fresh lightly cooked recipes that have been formulated by Integrative Vet and Lyka co-founder, Dr. Matthew Muir, alongside veterinary nutritionists. 

Each recipe contains a hand-selected mix of all-natural, human-grade, whole food ingredients that offer real benefits to dogs. Lyka’s use of a proprietary algorithm gives them the opportunity to customise meal plans for each individual dog based on their age, breed, weight, activity level and sensitivities, to deliver pre-portioned, ready-to-serve meals direct to their customers’ doors.

“Without a doubt, dogs are at the heart of the family. With Covid puppies growing up and many Australians re-prioritising their lives post-lockdown, pet parents are changing their lifestyles as they re-socialise. And this means making healthier and more convenient choices when it comes to feeding their pups and keeping them happy and in tip-top shape. 

Thankfully, pet parents are continuing to go above and beyond since returning to their pre-pandemic lives, and are still thinking carefully about the food their pets eat and what’s going into their bowls”, said Anna Podolsky, founder of Lyka.

"In the same way that we care about what we consume, pet owners are scrutinising ingredient lists and cooking processes more than ever, all whilst juggling full-time jobs, families and extra-curricular activities, resulting in a huge rise in demand for nutritious, convenient food and transparency with a brand they can trust,” Podolsky emphasised.

As well as being much healthier and happier, studies have shown that dogs live 3 years longer on average [2] when consuming a fresh food diet, compared to that of a processed commercial diet with many unknown ingredients.

Founded on passion for dog nutrition and a desire to help Aussie dogs, Lyka is doing just that. Big things are happening – watch this fresh food space!


[1] Animal Medicines Australia, 2021 - Report21_v1.4_WEB.pdf
[2] Lippert, G. & Sapy, B., Prince Laurent Foundation Price, 2003;

About Lyka Pet Food:

Lyka Pet Food follows international Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards while sourcing locally produced, farm fresh ingredients including grass-fed beef, lamb, turkey, wild-caught kangaroo and free-range chicken, vegetables and superfoods. Lyka currently employs over 40 staff and is based in Sydney, servicing thousands of customers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, ACT and South Australia.

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