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Crafty Paws launches Luxury Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Dog bed expert Crafty Paws launches its brand in Australia to bring pawsitivity in a dog's life with a good night's sleep

The brand introduces its innovative orthopaedic dog bed to give dogs sweet dreams.

The pandemic has seen a substantial rise in pet ownership in the country, thanks to the working from home arrangement.

As the new pet parents are learning ways to provide the best to their furry babies, dog bed company, Crafty Paws, is all set to launch its brand and enable pet owners to access its state-of-the-art orthopaedic dog bed to uphold the ultimate comfort and security for dogs.

Crafty Paws – whose mission is to provide the cosiest, comfiest, and yet most affordable dog beds in the market – engineered the orthopaedic dog bed to ensure dogs always have a comfortable place to rest on. 

As sleep calms the nervous system of dogs and keeps them happy, Crafty Paws’ orthopaedic dog bed offers luxury comfort and extensive support to enable dogs to get the best sleep they deserve after playtime. 

The beds are crafted to conform to a dog’s bodily contours, relieve muscle tension and ease joint pressure with orthopaedic support, which reduces the risk of any potential health issues for dogs in the future.

Crafty Paws’ orthopaedic, anti-anxiety dog bed is made from durable microfiber material with a two-layer construction foam – the bottom layer implements strong, slow-bounce support and a cooling upper layer for warm days. 

To avoid accidents, potential water spills or hazards, the dog bed has a waterproof inner liner that prevents damage to the foam. The beds are machine-washable and easy to clean. In addition, the bed is scratch-resistant, and the zipper is hidden so that dogs won’t be able to chew it. 

Moreover, the uber-chic and stylish design of the dog bed makes it a stunning addition to a modern apartment. 

“Seeing your pup uncomfortable makes every pet parent’s heart weep, and they would go to any length to make their dog happy. You will find plenty of cheap memory foam dog beds in the market that provide utter discomfort and very little support to dogs,” says Danny, Director at Crafty Paws

“We, at Crafty Paws, used the best technology and finest foam materials to create our orthopaedic dog bed that will truly become the best companion for your four-legged best friend’s sleep,” he adds.

The beds come in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $220.00 (free shipping Australia-wide).
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About Craft Paws:

Founded during the pandemic in 2021, Crafty Paws is a Melbourne-based company that specialises in dog beds. With a goal to ensure that dogs sleep at the greatest degree of comfort possible, Crafty Paws luxury dog beds are designed in neutral colours to ensure that they will suit the interior of most modern homes.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 18th February 2022

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