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Dog Lovers Book Club - October 2021

The October 2021 selection of the Dog Lovers Book Club is out with our top picks of releases for dog lovers of all ages. With expected shipping delays, it is never too early to start planning this year's Christmas presents for dog lovers!

Around AUSTRALIA at 80ks
written, photographed by Meredith Schofield

Meredith, her husband Sean, their rescue pup, Bandit, and their beloved yellow kombi, Etta, are on a Great Australian Road Trip. And they’re taking you with them.

With international travel on the back-burner and half the country keenly anticipating the end of lockdowns as we come into summer, there has never been a better time for Aussies to explore our own backyard.

Around Australia At 80ks follows this motley quartet’s adventures and misadventures as they make their way around our great southern land. Bursting with inspiration, insider tips, dog-friendly travel advice and stunning photography, this book is the holiday we all need.

Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: Affirm Press, 28th September 2021

RRP: $35.00. For more details and to order, visit

by Rebecca Spyker

In a profound, funny and beautifully rendered portrait of a furry soul mate, first-time writer Rebecca Spyker recalls the adventures of her rescue dog, Bu, who not only changed her life but became the rescuer, leading her back to the Buddhist wisdom she forgets from time to time.

Bu's life is captured in a series of all true tails (tales), where he illustrates the absurdities and wonders of human life as this remarkably determined creature bounces from misadventures, strange encounters, life-threatening illnesses and peculiar antics to share his endearing habits.

Rebecca in turn offers the reader some reflections on Zen wisdom, thoughtful insights and very human lessons on life, death and all the delightfully messy bits in between. 

In getting to know Bu's poignant, joyful and love-filled journey, it's guaranteed that you will be begging for a box of tissues one minute and laughing out loud the next.
Written with warmth, grace and good humour, The Book of Bu - Tails of a Zen Dog provides a gentle nudge to learn something about yourself and that laughing and crying are very close companions.

Paperback, 176 pages
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd., 30th September 2021

RRP: $.23.99 from

A Book for Dog Lovers All Over the Globe

by Lara Shannon, illustrated by Wenjia Tang

World of Dogs is a fun and quirky gift book perfect for all dog lovers! Delving into the evolution, history and legacy of our canine companions, this gorgeous little book celebrates the role of dogs in society, pop culture and our families around the globe.

Since their domestication between 15,000 and 40,000 years ago, dogs have played an important role in the lives of humans. 

In World of Dogs, you’ll discover how certain dogs became some of world’s most popular breeds, as well as some of the most famous canine friends who became household names in popular culture. 

You’ll also be acquainted with an incredible range of world dog breeds, from Africa’s Abyssinian Sand Terrier and the Peruvian Inca Orchid, to the New Guinea Singing Dog and India’s pariah dog.
For anyone that wants to know more about the role of dogs in our lives, World of Dogs is fascinating tribute to dogs near and far.

Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher: Hardie Grant Explore, 29th September 2021

Price: $17.95 at


by Robert Kingsley Hawes

Kuma is a juvenile Bullmastiff, born to be a show dog, but a deformed ear sees him dumped in the street. He becomes homeless, a scavenger in an unfriendly world, where loyalty to a friend is the key to survival.

Kuma is kind hearted and wants people to like him, but his size and strength has him treated as dangerous. He wanders into a country town where a price is put on his head. People think he is the leader of a pack of dogs that are attacking the sheep. Kuma hides in the town's rubbish dump and meets a stray cat called Kitty.

Kuma and Kitty form an unbreakable friendship, and the story tells how they save the sheep despite being the ones who are being hunted.

Paperback, 118 pages
Published: Smile Time, 21st September 2021
For Ages: 13 - 18 years old

RRP: $14.66 from

How Dogs Work for the Environment

by Isabelle Groc, foreword by Anjelica Huston

With their precise sense of smell, their hardworking temperament and their ability to bond with humans, dogs increasingly lend their paws and noses to fixing some of the most complex environmental problems on the planet. What kinds of dogs does it take to help wildlife? What kind of training do they go through? Who are the people who work with these special dogs? What do those people do and what difference do they make for wildlife?

Author Isabelle Groc shares stories of dog encounters in the field and examples of canines working to conserve wildlife. Meet brave Anatolian shepherd dogs protecting farmers' livestock against cheetah attacks and Maremma dogs guarding penguins from foxes. 

Learn how rescue dogs sniff out orca poop in the ocean and how highly focused canines can detect rare frogs hiding in wetland tunnels. The story of these conservation canines celebrates the profound and ancestral human-animal bond and gives hope and inspiration for finding new ways for people to successfully co-exist with wildlife.

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers, 14th September 2021
For Ages: 9 - 12 years old

RRP: $44.75 at

Fat Dogs Series – Part 1

by Beth Haslam

Buying a country estate in France seemed such a simple thing to accomplish. When Beth, her irascible husband Jack, and their two fat dogs set off, little do they know that it will become such an extraordinary adventure. 

Surviving near-death experiences, they drive thousands of kilometres around French estates steeped in history and crazy aristocrats.

Will they find their dream home, or return to Britain defeated?

This is the hilarious first instalment in the Fat Dogs series.

Paperback, 236 pages
Publisher: Ant Press UK, 1st October 2021

RRP: $31.65 at

A Canine Pop-Up Treat
by Janet Lawler, Renee Jablow, Kathryn Selbert (Illustrator)

Bow Wow Wow! Costumed dogs tote goodie bags through the neighbourhood as they do tricks to earn treats on Halloween. 

How are the pups and dogs dressed? As a bee, a hot dog, a vampire, a mummy, and more!

Dog lovers will howl with delight as they join in the Howloween fun, with pop-ups, pull tabs, and moving parts on every crazy canine spread.

Hardcover, 5 Double Pages
Publisher: Jumping Jack Press, 25th November 2019
For Ages: 3+ years old

Price: $28.25 at

by Sophie Beer

There are so many reasons why we love dogs! From their unwavering loyalty to their infectious sense of adventure, life is always better with a dog by your side.

Inclusive, vibrant and uplifting, Why We Love Dogs explores the many ways that dogs can enrich the lives of their humans.

Board Book, 24 pages
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing, 15th September 2021

For Ages: 1+ years old

Price: $10.00 from BIG W Online at

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